Do-it-yourself basket

October 29, 2010
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Do-it-yourself basketThis basket is not made from the usual weaving material - vines, but from ordinary newspapers. At the same time, it has all the advantages of wicker products - it keeps its shape well, light and durable, and brown paint, a layer of varnish and decorative trim give this basket an elegant look. Such a product can be woven in various sizes and shapes and used in many places - for storing hand-made trifles or threads, in the kitchen such baskets can be used for storing spices, and in the bathroom you can store laundry in large baskets.

The technique of weaving from newspapers, as well as traditional weaving from a vine, requires some skill, but after several experimental models, the products will be even and beautiful.

Materials and tools

To make a woven basket, we need newspapers (in this example, they need 7-8 pieces), a pencil, a ruler, scissors, a base box, thick cardboard, PVA glue and a brush, paper wrap skins, wood stain or paint in the color of wood, acrylic varnish

Do-it-yourself basket

  1. laundry basket do it yourself
  2. We mark the sheets of paper into strips 7 cm wide and cut them.For speed, you can cut multiple sheets of newspapers.
  3. We twist newspaper strips onto a skewer, starting from the corner and adding a little glue to the process for durability.
  4. The remaining edge of the newspaper strip is wound, holding and turning the skewer in the right hand, and with the left adjusting the uniform winding of the paper tape. We fix the tip with glue and hold it for a short time so that the paper stick dries out before removing it from the skewer. The number of newspaper pages depends on the size of the future basket, as well as the size of the newspapers themselves and the number of their pages.
  5. Glue on the bottom of the ends of the newspaper "vines" in an odd number on each side. The corners must be left free to get a neat and beautiful bend.
  6. We glue the bottom of the box with glue and glue a piece of thick cardboard. Then we turn over the box and put something heavy inside, so that the cardboard adheres well to the bottom.
  7. The not very neat area between the bottom of the box and the cardboard is covered with newspaper “vines”, gluing it with glue.

    wicker basket do it yourself

  8. We begin to weave newspaper "vines" between the vertical edges.
  9. It is necessary to ensure that the "vines" fit snugly together.
  10. If necessary, they can be moved down with your finger.
  11. When the required height of the basket has been reached, cut the protruding cardboard of the box walls and rods to the required length.
  12. The last "vine" is fixed with glue.
  13. Bends we bend inside the box and also glue.
  14. Grease the bottom of the box with glue.
  15. Glue to the bottom of the newspaper sheet, allowing it to wrinkle a little from the wet glue.
  16. After the basket dries, we coat it with the stain or with the chosen paint in the color of the tree, and then we open it with varnish. As a decor you can use fabric, ribbons or braid.

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