Divination for the New Year 2018

It is possible to believe or not, but magic and fortune telling occupy a special place in a person’s life. Check this postulate is easy, because the New Year is a great reason to look into the future and find out what the 2018th will bring. As soon as the holiday night dies down, it's time to start the rituals. From January 1, a period begins which since ancient times was used to communicate with spirits. At Christmas time, girls will be fortunate for their betrothed, but there are many other short ceremonies that give truthful answers. The main thing, experts assure, is to treat the process with due respect.

Divination for the New Year 2018


What the coming year is preparing for us: the most simple divination

Divination for the New Year 2018

Since time immemorial, people have sought to control their fate. At the courts of kings and grandees virtuoso magicians and mysterious oracles were kept. Predictors saw symbolism literally in everything and used any improvised means for conducting ceremonies: coins, pebbles, water, etc. Special respect used the card.

The knowledge of the repressors is widespread today. Armed with their experience and “tools”, it is easy to gain confidence in the New 2018. The most common divination:

  • on the betrothed and on love;
  • on fate and good luck;
  • for wealth and fame.

The experience of the ancestors says that the most truthful divination comes out with the help of quite affordable means:

  • paraffin or water;
  • coffee grounds or tea;
  • cards or coins;
  • mirrors and other items.

There are more trivial ways to know the future. To do this, you will need small pieces of paper, on each of which you should write the most cherished words: house, seed, child, etc. In conclusion, it remains only to mix the "lots" and pull one of them. That will fall, it will come true. A similar ritual is arranged with pictures or hiding the “fate” in food: cake, cookies, etc.

Traditional New Year rituals and rituals

Divination for the New Year 2018

The first day of the newcomer of the year has a powerful energy. You can guess both on the eve of the holiday, and on the night of January 1 to 2. Under the chiming clock, they formulate desires and interpret a dream that has dreamed during the night. You can also pour water into a bowl and take it out by placing it on a red cloth or sheet of paper. Get a prediction on the ice:

  • smooth surface: light year;
  • slide or wave: wealth and abundance;
  • uneven structure: joy and happiness;
  • dips and hollows: trouble.

A true prediction of fate will show a frozen mirror.To do this, you need to pour water on it and place it in the cold or in the refrigerator. After a while, patterns and signs will appear on the surface giving answers to the most pressing questions.
Information about welfare prompted champagne and coins. Money should be rubbed and placed in the sparkling. If she turns into an eagle, then the questioner will experience wealth and prosperity, tails will bring poverty and need.

On New Year's Eve the girls wondered ...

Divination for the New Year 2018

Vorozhba at the betrothed is one of the most common rites in Russia. It requires total concentration, so about an hour before bedtime it is recommended not to talk to anyone. After waiting for the household to find themselves in the arms of Morpheus, they put four differently colored card kings under the pillow, saying: “My condemned man, come to my house” or something like that. The king, laid out in the morning, will characterize the future husband:

  1. Trefovy - brave military
  2. Peak - a solid businessman
  3. Chervovy - rich major
  4. Bubnovy - dazzling handsome

The list of Christmas divinations for love is extensive. There are short and long, but everything, according to experts, is quite truthful. The most effective include:

  1. Guessing on matches.Provided in an empty and quiet room in the dark. From the box, you need to get two matches and, firmly holding them in your fingers, set fire to the third. If the burning "heads" stick, it means destiny to go out to build a family with a boyfriend or girlfriend whose names were made up. If not, then you should prepare for separation.
  2. Vorozhba onion. Vegetables will need exactly as much as there are in the presence of boyfriends. They should write the names of sweethearts and put them in a container with water, whispering "Bow, onion, tell me who my fiancé is!". That bulb, which will germinate first, will show the betrothed.
  3. Prediction of sleep. Water is poured into a bowl and a piece of wood is put into it, pronouncing a request to your beloved one to come and lead through the obstacle. Who dreams, he will become a companion for life.

As can be seen from the example, simple ways to realize matrimonial interests exist!

Cool predictions on the fulfillment of desires

Divination for the New Year 2018

Items and things for fortune telling Rituals and symbols
Eggs A couple of eggs cooked hard-boiled, making sure not to crack. Finished products are cleaned in the refrigerator, and then, standing at night, they take in their hands, make a wish and strike each other. Lost that in the right hand, then luck will come.If on the contrary, fortune will turn away.
Pictures Take children's pictures depicting different things and objects, mix and pull one by one:
  • House - family happiness
  • Heart - a rough romance
  • Money is wealth
  • Machine - buying a vehicle
  • Child - addition to the family
  • Smiley - joy and luck
  • Shoes - Travel
Apples Give everyone an apple. Cutting the fruit, everyone should read the bones inside:
  • One is luck
  • Two - an early meeting with the second half
  • Three - the birth of a child
  • Four - career growth
  • Five - financial well-being
  • Six - good luck
  • Seven and more - troubles
Celebrity photos Cut images into pieces and hang on the Christmas tree. For those who collect a portrait at a specified time, the dream will come true
Phone Open the list of contacts and make a wish for everyone. The first call will determine the fate.

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