Divination for the new 2018 year

Each of us wants to look into the future and find out what awaits us, so the New Year divinations for 2018 will be one of the important moments for curious persons. Everyone hopes for a change for the better, and someone is preparing to meet the long-awaited happiness, the addition to the family, dreams of well-being and harmony in relationships. Oddly enough, the desire for knowledge of the future accompanies mankind, almost from the first days of its existence.

Even in ancient times, the rulers of states and legendary personalities attracted oracles and magicians to recognize certain characters that were formed during rituals. Guessing on anything: maps, pebbles, fire, water, coins. Armed with knowledge, each entered the new year more confident in their abilities. 2018, the year of the earthly Dog, will not be an exception, in the beginning of January, right up to Baptism, many will spend in silence, delving into secret information about the days to come.

Divination for the new 2018 year - choose to taste

For many, some types of divination have become mandatory, they are mainly carried out at the holiday table. Recall the usual champagne and ash.It is necessary to take a sheet of paper and while they beat the chimes, pour champagne into glasses, burn a piece of wishes, drown in sparkling wine and drink before the end of the fight of the clock. According to the majority, everything that is written will surely come true.

The only recommendation from experienced predictors is not to guess on such days as Monday, Sunday. It is best to be curious on the 13th, it is on this day that the mystical release of the sacraments takes place and communication with otherworldly worlds opens.

Champagne in a glass

Divination for love

MatchesThe ritual should be performed in a room where there is no fuss, noise, with the light extinguished. Prepare a box of matches. Remove two matches, hold firmly in your fingers and light a third one. At the same time, imagine the image of the beloved before your eyes and guess whether you will be together or not. If the close-fitting matches, when burned, deviated from each other, then it is not destiny to live a happy life with this person. Matches are inseparable - it means that you will be with your loved one together. If one of the matches is deflected - there is no agreement in the pair, and one of the parties is indifferent to the opposite.

Bulb.With the help of the usual vegetable, you can learn about your future narrowed.Prepare as many onions as you have got your ear buds. On each of them write the name of a potential elect, dip it in a container with water and whisper: “Bow, onion, whisper, who is my fiance?”. Suffer a couple of days, and that bulb, which will germinate first and give a sign, who will be the winner in the fight for your heart.

Comb.Brush your hair before bedtime with a clean comb, put it under the pillow, saying: “Suited, displeased, come to me tense!”. In a dream you will see a person who will become your husband.

Rare ritual of love.Before the New Year comes, go to the temple and get 12 candles, grab a small cake along the way. At around midnight on New Year's Eve, insert all the candles into a cake and light each one in turn, saying: “If you are back candles, then love is not far. Kohl did not light one - it means that I will be alone all year. Amen! ”Get as much air as possible and blow out all the candles at once.

Couple in love

Divination for 2018 - predict fate

Water and mirror. These two elements, according to the claims of oracles, well-known psychics are guides to the other world. Through them, mysterious forces transmit information, including the future that awaits us. Prepare a carafe, three candles and water.Arrange the lit candles around the container and peer through the water at the mirror. It will reflect patterns, symbols, read them.

Frozen glass. Arm yourself with a mirror or a piece of glass, pour water on it, bring it to frost. If it is warm, put it in the fridge. As soon as patterns appear on the subject, run into the house and look at the symbols. Circular patterns mean prosperity and well-being, pictures in the form of Christmas trees - get ready for hard work. The squares foreshadow difficulties, diamonds, triangles promise success, luck and harmony.

Is the coming year prosperity and wealth?

You can find out whether the year will be financially successful through fortune telling with the help of coins and plates. Prepare one coin and three saucers. Ask someone to hide the money while you leave the room. Upon return, you need to guess which of the plates is hidden coin. We guessed right the first time - you will be provided with money enough, on the second attempt you will not need it, but it will be difficult to call you rich. The third attempt means that you have to wait until next year for good luck.

Champagne in a glass. Pour sparkling wine into your glass; in your hands, rub a coin with a nominal value of five rubles, saying: “The eagle is rich, tails the needy. Amen! ”Throw a coin in a glass, looking for what side it will fall to the bottom. The result, as they say, will be obvious.


Fulfillment of desires

Divination in the New Year's Eve 2018may be brief. The main thing to make a wish, and the attributes for the ritual are available in any home.

EggsHard boil 2 eggs, it is important that they do not crack. We'll have to get up at 3 o'clock in the morning, take one egg in your hands, make a wish and strike them against each other. If you "lose" what is in your right hand, wait for luck. The left egg is cracked - everything is not as rosy as we would like. If the cracks cover both eggs, then the year will promise both good luck and temporary difficulties.

Pips. Imagine the most cherished desire in your thoughts, take the grains in your hands and firmly squeeze your palm so that nothing will wake up. Then count the number of grains, if the number is even - success and luck are waiting, odd - the desire has not come true yet.

Paper.You need to take 12 sheets and write on each of them at will. Waking up after the New Year's feast, take out three shreds from under the pillow and read. It is these dreams that will come true.

Kitten.Almost every home has a sweet and gentle creature - a cat, a cat.An animal, symbolizing a conductor to the other world, can tell you how smart your desire is. Guess what you want the most and call your pet, watch what foot he crosses the threshold of the room. Right means good luck, left hardship.

Water.Prepare two glasses, and pour water to one of them to the brim. Making a mental wish, try to drastically pour the liquid from the full into an empty glass. If it spilled more than 3 drops - the desire will not come true. If the minimum amount spilled - 2-3 drops - wait for success.

Phone.Make a wish and wait for a call from a mobile or landline phone. If a man calls first, it means that an automatic answer “Yes” came to your question. A female voice in the tube means "No."


Be optimistic

The beginning of the new year, snow cover on the trees, skillful tiles on the glass from Santa Claus create an atmosphere of magic, mystery. And each of us wants to believe in a miracle, we expect happiness, prosperity, joy. For this reason, divination, ritual ceremonies to attract all the best are held.But it is worth remembering that the main source of a positive future is our attitude. The more we believe in failure, the faster we will pull it. You need to believe in good, fill the atmosphere with positive, openness and give people only positive emotions. After all, it is not for nothing that there is an axiom - “The optimists are turning the earth!”, So let us and we will guide our destiny along those paths where only love, mutual understanding, joy and harmony will meet.

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