Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works

A rare director can boast of suchthe number of paintings that gave the world a lot of vivid aphorisms, like Gaidai. The filmography of the master includes about 30 film projects, most of them turned into classics. He certainly leads the list of people without whom it is difficult to imagine Soviet cinema. What ribbon of the genius creator was especially remembered by the audience?

Gaydai: the filmography of the star

Comedy - a genre in which the director managed to becomean unsurpassed master. Painting "Dog The Barbos and the Unusual Cross" opened in 1961 for the public such a man as Leonid Gayday. The filmography of the cult character of Soviet cinema has since been replenished with many humorous stories, but the first acquaintance with the famous trio performed by Vicin, Morgunov and Nikulin can not be forgotten. The display of a successful short film took place in about a hundred countries.

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The comedy "Business People", published in 1962,also instantly gained popularity. The plot is based on the stories of O. Henry, the tape includes three novels. It was this movie, saturated with spectacular phrases, made the director's films traditional sources for quotations. "To reach the Canadian border", "Bolivar can not stand two people" - a lot of accurate expressions were fixed in the people's speech.

Cult comedies of the 60s

"Operation" Y "and other adventures of Shurik" - "another contribution to the history of comic tapes, which in 1965 committed Gaydai. The filmography was enriched by a story about the misadventures of a student-ochkarik, slightly diffused and awkward, but possessing a natural charm.

leonid gayday filmography

The product, which belongs to the classics, consists ofthree pictures. In the first part Shurik is engaged in the education of a casual partner, who turned out to be a loafer and an alcoholic. In the second - unexpectedly it appears on a visit at the beautiful young lady, having taken a great interest in its summary. In the third - meets with bandits, already known to the public according to the novel of 1961, rescues from them a warehouse, whose protection is entrusted to him by the grandmother.

The history of Shurik continued, like someother films Gaidai. The filmography of the director in 1967 was completed by the "Caucasian captive". In the center of the story is the kidnapping of the beautiful Nina, who the local head wants to marry. Of course, the action takes place in the Caucasus. The student-eye-witness happens to be among the kidnappers, then he invents the plan for saving the "bride". Immediately after "Captive" comes "Diamond Arm", also acquiring the status of a cult work.

The best paintings of the 70's

What is the film directed by Gaidai? The filmography of the Soviet celebrity continues to increase due to the bright film projects of the 70s. One of the best films presented by the master to the public during this period was the adaptation of the novel "12 Chairs". The director for a long time chose a person who can embody the image of the unforgettable Bender, stopping in the end on an unknown actor. The choice was successful, the new "Ostap" made an indelible impression on the audience. Interestingly, for unknown reasons, Bender was voiced by another man.

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"Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession" - a comedy,released in 1973, which is still loved to watch the New Year many viewers. Shurik, who has grown up as a talented inventor, returns to the screens. The time machine created by him carries the neighbor of the former student to the era of Ivan the Terrible. Together with him, the thief-burglar travels by accident. Suddenly it turns out that the neighbor is a poured king.

Interesting comedies of the 80's

The following years remained fruitful forsuch a director as Gaidai. Filmography of the master included new works, among the best you can call "Sportloto-82", which saw the light in 1982. The characters of history get a winning ticket. However, due to circumstances, they lose it and go in search.

"Life threatening!"- published in 1985, the movie history of the addicted to the accuracy of the hero. Painful intolerance to any form of disorder suddenly creates serious problems for the character, which he has to solve.

The last picture

In 1993, the world lost such a genius as Gaidai. The filmography of the star of Soviet cinema was replenished last year with the last tape. She became the movie "At Deribasovskaya good weather." Critics have characterized this project as one of the best creations of the perestroika period. Like almost all other works of Gaidai, it is permeated with subtle humor, gave mankind a lot of memorable phrases, settled down among the people.

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The plot is built on important negotiations thatmust be held between the presidents of the United States and Russia. The event does not like the Russian mafia, which by all means tries to disrupt it. The CIA and the KGB only need to enter into an interim agreement, engaging in joint searches for criminals.

This is how the most interesting films from those that were shot by Gaydai look.

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Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works Director Leonid Gayday: Filmography, best works