Diet pills Lida, Reduxin, Xenical: opinion of nutritionists on the safety of drugs for weight loss

on 18.05.2016

For many women, losing weight is becoming an obsession. To get rid of the hated kilograms, they use every imaginable and unimaginable means: diets, starvation, exhausting workouts and, of course, drugs. The pharmaceutical industry, in turn, does not miss the opportunity to offer women more and more new pills, capsules, dietary supplements and other effective means of "fat." However, before prescribing this or that drug, you need to know what the harmony achieved in this way can turn out for a woman.


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Diet pills: effective or not?

In the first-aid kit of any woman who struggles with her weight, there will definitely be several "fat-burning" drugs, manufacturers of which guarantee effective weight loss. Tablets such as Reduxin, Lida, Lindax, Xenical, XLS, Turboslim or Thai tablets have long found their grateful consumers. Testing of these drugs, as well as reviews of women who used them, suggests that these pills contribute to weight loss, sometimes the effect can be achieved even in record time. Only due to what is this happening?

Each drug has its own type of action. Here are the most common "formulas for success" used by pharmacists to achieve the desired harmony of women:

  • content in drugs for weight loss psychotropic substances;
  • severe dehydrating or laxative effects caused by pills;
  • inclusion of carcinogens and intoxicators into their composition;
  • the addition of substances that break down and remove fats;
  • the presence of "fillers" of the stomach, which cause the effect of satiety, swelling in the stomach of food consumed;
  • add to the composition of drugs or those that cause nausea, vomiting, repress appetite or cause drowsiness.



There are among pills for weight loss and ordinary pacifiers with the most primitive composition, which has nothing to do with a set of fat-burning substances. To say that such drugs are harmful and ineffective is also impossible, because there is always a placebo effect: if you believe that the drug will help, it will definitely help.

How to lose weight without dieting: Top 3 diet pills approved by nutritionists

Do not think that by visiting a doctor, any of us can get prescription pills for weight loss and become much slimmer without any diets. Drugs for weight loss are prescribed by doctors to the following patients:

  • those whose body mass index is much higher than normal and is 25-30 points, which is the first sign of obesity;
  • patients who are overweight and suffer from hypertension, diabetes, or other diseases that are incompatible with physical exertion or strict diets;
  • those for whom diet and sport were not effective enough.


In all other cases, doctors recommend to focus on safer methods to combat obesity.

There are several drugs that doctors most often prescribe to their patients.In this TOP you can select the following diet pills:

  • XENICAL- the most popular drug on the market for weight loss. It is produced in capsules, taken with each meal and snack. The main active ingredient of this drug is Orlistat;
  • REDUKSIN- also often used for the correction of body weight; the active ingredient is sibutramine hydrochloride;
  • Lead- a biological supplement, which, although often, but with caution prescribed by doctors to patients who are prone to obesity. The manufacturer and supplier of this drug is the Chinese company Dali.

Any diet pills, even the most effective for weight loss, have contraindications, so nutritionists prescribe them with great caution.

Xenical for weight loss: safe or not?


Drug for weight lossXenicalIt is considered the most effective, due to its ability to reduce fat absorption by 30%. It is the fats that are the most energy-intensive substances, and it is their assimilation that is fraught with "settling" on our waists and hips. Xenical serves as an obstacle to the absorption of fat and helps avoid weight gain.

The experience of using the drug by patients with obesity showed that the loss of body weight averages 10-20% of the initial weight, which leaves at a rate of 0.5-0.7 kg per week.

Such indicators are not considered rapid weight loss, which indicates the relative safety of these tablets. Xenical is not addictive and addictive, which makes it effective for a long time.

Xenical is taken 1 hour after each food intake, one capsule, washed down with plain water. The drug does not interact with alcohol. It is worth noting that an overdose of Xenical does not give a positive effect. The recommended dose of the drug for 3 meals a day - 120 mg per day.

Main side effectsdrugs are:

  • stool changes: its frequency rises, it becomes liquid, accompanied by spasmodic pains;
  • frequent gas formation, practically uncontrollable flatulence;
  • sometimes there is stools with blood discharge.

Contraindications to the use of the drug are gallstone disease, pregnancy and lactation. Reception of Xenical is better to supplement the use of a multivitamin complex.

Diet Pills Reviews


Choosing pills for weight loss, it is necessary to get acquainted with the reviews and opinions of those who have already tried their action on themselves. Then you can designate for yourself which drugs will be effective, and which ones should be abandoned.

Reviews of diet pills, even the most popular, vary: from the enthusiasm of their miraculous power and fast results to disappointment in their absolute uselessness and irreparable harm to the body.

Some women who use diet pills go to panic when, several days after taking the drug, they find that they do not control the frequency of their stools, feel the inconvenience of urinating too much and constant indisposition, nausea. Some of them complain of diarrhea, someone of aching pain in the lower abdomen, migraines and drowsiness. But almost everyone notes a significant decrease in appetite, which, of course, can not but rejoice.


In most cases, the weight is still reduced, in some women it is very significant; however, no one gives you guarantees that you will be completely healthy after taking the drug.Despite all the reviews, diet pills are sold in a pharmacy without a prescription, besides, they have no significant contraindications. However, these drugs should be taken as directed by the doctor and following the method of use specified in the instructions.

Lida diet pills: recommendations for use and results


Lead- This is a Chinese diet pills recommended by nutritionists as a biological dietary supplement. The effect of this drug is based on the action of the following components:

  • guarana;
  • Garcinia;
  • sweet potatoes;
  • Jerusalem artichoke.

These ingredients significantly increase the tone, cover the lack of nutrients, effectively burn fat. The pill is very simple: once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, one capsule is used 20-25 minutes before breakfast.

The effect of this drug is an average loss of 4-6 kg in the first month of use.

It is important to note that the results from taking the drug Lida are visible after a short time, however, these pills have a significant list of side effects:

  • migraine, increased nervousness (due to the content of psychotropic elements), rapid heartbeat;
  • general deterioration of health;
  • stool irregularities: from rapid and diluted to prolonged constipation.

Contraindications to taking the drug are heart disease, certain types of allergies and visible mental disorders.

Reduxin for weight loss: instructions for use and effectiveness


Reduxine capsules, like their counterparts, are prescribed to overweight people, and the secret to their effectiveness is the central mechanism of action. The drug affects the human brain by adjusting the function of saturation. The effect of Reduxin extends to the secretion of serotonin by the brain. Eating sensations are prolonged, a person does not feel hunger for a long time, respectively, his daily diet is significantly reduced. In addition, this tool:

  • activates the metabolism;
  • accelerates the breakdown of body fat;
  • serves as prevention of atherosclerosis.

Like Lead, Reduxin is contraindicated for people with heart and thyroid disease, hypertensive patients, and those who have had a stroke.

Women who consumed Reduxin show a weight loss of 8 to 20 kg in 3 months, but at the same time they have experienced the side effects of this drug:

  • pain in the heart;
  • headaches and nausea;
  • increased sweating;
  • drowsiness, lethargy, or irritability;
  • asthma attacks and insomnia, panic attacks;
  • constant dry mouth, increased or decreased pressure.

Reduxin can not be combined with hypnotic drugs and tranquilizers.

Cheap Diet Pills


The choice of inexpensive diet pills today is quite extensive, they can be combined into groups:

  • anorectics or appetite suppressants- affect the brain, blocking the feeling of hunger. The basis of these drugs - Sibutramine hydrochloride, an analogue of amphetamine. Low-cost anorectics are represented by Fluoxetine, Lipovoksom and Adipozin, which are often used as a dietary supplement in sports nutrition;
  • cellulose based productswhich effectively cleanses the intestines, removes fat and toxins from the body. For example, MCC capsules, once in the stomach, swell up and soon cause a feeling of satiety.
  • fat burning drugs: the way these tools work is presented by the manufacturer rather vaguely. Fat splits due to the acceleration of metabolic processes, and how this exchange is accelerated is not specified.Inexpensive and simplest “fat burners” are caffeine benzoate tablets, as well as Dexfenfluramine and Clenbuterol. Surprisingly, the side effects of these drugs are minimal, and only 5-7% of those who took these drugs are diagnosed.
  • diuretics and laxatives: Furosemide, Hypothiazide, Bisacodil, Senadexin. These drugs can reduce weight in only one way - total dehydration of the body, the elimination of both harmful and beneficial substances, leaching of calcium. As a means for losing weight, such tablets cannot be used: the weight will return in a matter of days, and the harm done to health will not be easy to repair.

Chinese slimming pills: a health hazardfull_242525_1

Often, in order to achieve quick results and success in losing weight, we resort to the use of Chinese drugs, the efficacy and safety of which is not proven properly. Their action is based on:

  • strong diuretic or laxative function;
  • artificial reduction of carbohydrate and fat digestibility;
  • suppression of hunger;
  • deceptive feeling of fullness.

It is easy to doubt the usefulness of such effects, because they deprive the human body of substancesnecessary for its normal functioning. In addition, Chinese pills before entering our country do not undergo a proper pharmacological check.

Manufacturers assure us that the composition of Chinese tablets is completely natural. Judging by their promises, consuming the capsules “Bomb”, “Golden Ball”, “Butterfly” or “Gotzu”, you can get rid of 10 kg of excess weight per month.

Some Chinese pills have in their composition hormones in an unacceptable concentration, which serve as a catalyst for cell metabolism. Judging by the reviews, these drugs can cause neurotic destabilization, insomnia, increase excitability.

In addition, during the examination of many pills, the drug fenfluramine was detected. In the case of combination with other similar components, this substance is capable of disrupting the work of the heart, up to its stopping.

However, there are people who are satisfied with the intake of these drugs. In their opinion, Chinese diet pills cause minimal, barely perceptible discomfort.

Pharmacy for weight loss: drugs, teas and other products for weight loss



Herbs and fees that contribute to weight loss should not be taken as a panacea for instant splitting of fat: they only push the body to fight those extra pounds. The components that are present in the composition of plants, have a beneficial effect on metabolism, thereby accelerating weight loss. For weight loss is usually used herbal infusions and charges of them, or add such herbs to tea. However, the principle of action for all herbs is different, so before losing weight with herbs and teas, their classification should be considered:

  • appetite reducing herbs: dagil, St. John's wort, Althea root, mistletoe, flax seeds;
  • laxative herbs: hay, dill, cumin, hellebore, nettle, anise; these gifts of nature gently cleanse the intestines, quickly deal with constipation and speed up digestion;
  • metabolism accelerating herbs: ginger, rosemary, lemongrass; in addition to eliminating the imbalance of metabolism, the use of these herbs will reward you with additional energy;
  • fat burning plants: green tea and mate, guarana, dandelion leaves and flowers, ginger;
  • diuretic herbs: oregano, horsetail, burdock;
  • cleansing herbs: immortelle, milk thistle, corn silk.

The use of such means will perfectly fit into the menu of fasting days: they can be used not only by adding to tea: some plants or their seeds will be a wonderful alternative to the usual fresh greens that we add to salads.

What are dangerous diet pills?

Even the most expensive capsules and diet pills with a relatively natural composition have contraindications and side effects, which means that their use does not pass unnoticed by the body. Some of these funds are banned for sale, while others are available only by prescription. Doctors not in vain write diet pills not too eagerly, only in cases where excess weight begins to threaten the health and life of the patient.

Potent drugs "interfere" with the natural metabolism, which can lead to serious diseases.

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