Day of family, love and allegiance 2018

It is difficult to overestimate the significance of what a family gives to a person. Without warmth, love, trust and support of our relatives, we do not feel the usefulness of life. Created in 2008, the holiday is intended to emphasize a reverent attitude to family values. Young, not yet “overgrown” by established traditions, the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty in 2018, the Russians will be happy to celebrate the tenth time in a row.

Day of family, love and allegiance 2018


What date is celebrated?

Initially, innovation was conceived as a replacement for Valentine's Day. The government decided that it was necessary to give the Russian people their own holiday, independent of Western culture. However, the calendar date chosen for him on July 8 did not become an alternative to the romantic February 14. The triumph acquired a different color and began to symbolize not only love in general, but also the true value of family ties. Thus, there were two holidays in the country: Valentine's Day, preferred by young people and Family Day, gaining global character and affecting various segments of the population.

Family Day 2018: Religious Background

Day of family, love and allegiance 2018

The idea of ​​becoming a holiday was submitted by the inhabitants of Murom, who in 2002 proposed to revive the custom of celebrating the Day of Peter and Fevronia. Deeply faithful spouses were an example of a perfect couple and in 1547 the Orthodox Church canonized the saints.

The story of their life is described in the XVI century. Ermolai-Erasmus Pregreshny. In short, it tells of the illness of Prince Peter, who was healed by a young herbalist named Fevronia from Laskovo, Ryazan Region. In gratitude, Peter promised to marry her, but later did not keep the word given to a commoner. Contrary to personal sympathies, the prince was forced to be guided by the advice of the boyars, who spoke strongly against unequal marriage.

However, later Peter changed his decision and still took the savior as a wife, for which he was expelled from Murom with her. In the city, left without power, the atrocities and chaos began. Being in despair, the boyars begged the spouses to return, which allowed to establish the usual urban way of life. Through wisdom and righteous deeds, Peter and Fevronia gained national love.

At an advanced age, devout spouses decided to devote themselves fully to serving God, having taken monastic vows and now met only in prayers.They asked the Lord to go to another world at the same time and be buried together. The lovers actually died on the same day, but the receivers did not fulfill the prince’s last will, placing them in different coffins. The next morning in the temple, in which the couple was waiting for burial, the people witnessed a great miracle - the devout spouses lay together. Peter and Fevronia - the personification of endless love, mutual understanding, loyalty and unity of thoughts.

How to celebrate Family Day in Russia?

Day of family, love and loyalty 2018. What date

Saints Peter and his wife Fevronia were everywhere honored in Russia as patrons of marriage. They were addressed in prayers before the wedding, during quarrels in the family. It was considered a good tradition to receive a parental blessing on Fevronin's day, get married. This promised:

  • happiness;
  • health;
  • welfare;
  • large offspring.

And although this July holiday is still without official status, much is being done in the country to popularize it. This year, the day of the week on which the 8th day falls is Sunday. In addition, the date - the anniversary, which means that we can expect a special scale of the celebration.

Russians prefer raids on nature, trips to children's cafes, parks, and amusement rides.The main thing - to do everything together, family. In different cities of the country, interesting events take place in the squares:

  • Relay and other sporting events.
  • Contests of children's drawings.
  • Exhibitions of icons.
  • Promotions to help large families.
  • Honoring families with 25 years of experience.
  • Performances of song groups.
  • Carnival procession of wheelchairs.
  • Fairs with souvenirs of folk craftsmen.
  • Theatrical performances on the life of the saints.

A particularly expected event is a concert in Murom, which entered the top 5 ethnic festivals last summer season and acquired a huge number of admirers. Believers who come to Murom for the feast must visit the Holy Trinity Monastery, where the relics of the saints are kept.

There is also an international family day:

Established UN in 1993, September 20
Celebrated May 15
Celebrated The territory of the CIS, Russia, most foreign countries
Events Cultural and sports events, flash mobs, promotions, TV shows, distribution of booklets and subject literature, lectures.

What to give to relatives?

A gift for the Day of Love, a family in loyalty should have a “character”: bring together, enrich spiritually, give bright emotions.These can be tickets to a cultural and entertainment establishment, a heartfelt declaration of love on a joint photo, a collage, paired ornaments with a personalized engraving, family amulets or something useful with their own hands. You can give a simple bouquet of field daisies - a symbol of the holiday. And so that the second half did not have to guess "loves - does not love" - ​​more often remind her of this precious feeling.

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