Cutting hair: prevention and care

If you have split hair, this is usually associated with two main reasons. Their exclusion should help get rid of the problem.

Poor moisturizing

Despite the fact that the hair is deadtissue, they must be regularly moistened. Their hydration depends, first of all, on the amount of water being drunk. It is assumed that an adult (depending on height and weight) should drink from one and a half to two and a half liters of water per day. It is desirable that it is spring or mineral water. But you must know that too much minerals are harmful to health.

It should also be remembered that tea and coffee are not included in thedaily balance of fluid intake, as these two drinks dry up the body. Drinking too little water leads to the fact that it primarily comes to the vital organs of the body, and for hair, as a rule, it is not enough.

Especially important is the moisturizing of the hair when the air temperature is very high or low, when it is necessary to be in a heated area in winter without moisture.

Inadequate care

Drinking water alone is not enough. Sekushchiesya hair can be due to poor care for them. Many elements of care can cause tip separation.

Sequential hair appears whenthere is an abuse of certain devices. Too often use a curling iron or ironing hair, especially without cosmetic products, protecting curls from the effects of heat - as a rule, users forget about these protections, too dry the tips, and they begin to break.

Please note that sebum lubricateshair and protects them from external factors. However, with long locks, it does not reach the tips, which, therefore, are deprived of their natural protection. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of this protection in order to moisten the tips and create a protective layer for them, using, for example, liquid silk or other special preparations.

It is important to carry out care procedures rationally. With straight hair, combing and styling after washing should be done when they dry. It is systematically necessary to use masks that improve the condition of the tips. With dry hair, they must be applied at least once a week, with normal hair - twice a month, and for fatty - once a month.

In addition, frequent staining and waving is unfavorable for the hair, and especially for their tips.

Care for split hair

In a situation where the tips are split, but at the moment there is no way to cut them, a special glue is used, which temporarily bonds the split hair and allows them to grow up a bit.

You need to cut the tips by following certainrules: cut off at least 2.5 centimeters above the splitting, do not make it a sharp scissors, which can damage the ends of the hair, which in turn leads to their splitting.

Many people do not realize that the split tip, if not cut off in time, can destroy all the hair, tearing it to the end.

Avoid plastic brushes, as well as brushes with metal teeth that are not protected by a plastic ball.

Quite often, split hair is a summer problem when they are exposed to the sun, wetted in the sea or the pool, where water is rich in chlorine.

The frequent cause of poor hair condition isdeficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. In this case, it is necessary to take the preparations containing them. However, when taking vitamins and minerals, you should consult a doctor who, after a blood test, will determine if there is indeed a deficiency in the various components.

Home hair care can be improved by rubbing a little olive, castor or coconut oil on the tips.

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