Cucumber "emerald flow". Description of a variety of cucumbers

It is difficult to imagine a summer salad without such aan irreplaceable ingredient, like a fresh crispy cucumber. These unassuming vegetables have come to us from India, so they are the most demanding only for light and heat. Today on the territory of Russia grow a huge variety of varieties, among which a very popular cucumber "emerald flow."

Variety description

Seeds of cucumber "emerald flow" are intendedfor planting in the open ground and in a greenhouse, since they do not need pollination. This hybrid is resistant to powdery mildew and other diseases, undemanding to sunlight, frost-resistant. It has a thick stem with large leaves and flowers on it. Thin fruits of elongated shape, reaching a length of up to 50 cm, have a sweetish taste and delicate thin skin.cucumber emerald flow отзывыFlowering continues throughout the summer,The period from emergence to harvest is 45-48 days, and fruiting lasts until the end of October. Cucumber "emerald flow" is not intended for canning, it is suitable mainly for salads.

Germination of seedlings

Seeds for 2 hours soaked in soda solution(1 tsp of soda per liter of water), then laid out on a rag or layer of gauze to dry. As soon as the seeds get through, you can sow them in specially prepared boxes with the earth. The soil for them is purchased in the store or prepared independently from humus, turf, sand and ash (in a ratio of 1: 3: 1: 1, respectively). Before planting the soil is recommended to be poured as follows by hot water and, after it has cooled down, to plant seeds. Sprouting is carried out in order to select the most powerful and healthy plants.cucumber emerald flow

Conditions for growing cucumbers in the open ground

To grow a good harvest, it takescompliance with a number of rules, regardless of the variety of cucumbers. For Siberia and the non-chernozem zone is characterized by a too short summer with nocturnal cold snaps, which reduces the vegetation period. Therefore, growing cucumbers right on the bed, they need to provide the most comfortable conditions. It is important to consider the following:

  • The average daily temperature for the development of cucumber should be at least 15 ° C.
  • The roots of the plant from low temperatures suffer more than its ground part.
  • When you do mineral fertilizing, it is necessary that the concentration of the solution does not exceed 1%.
  • If the soil is heavy loamy, the roots very slowly absorb nutrients and water, which also pushes away the maturation of cucumbers.
  • It is not recommended to plant cucumbers on a bed after any pumpkin cultures, and cucumbers including. You can do this not earlier than in 3 years.

Cucumber planting in open ground

Seed sowing can be done when the soilwell warmed up, and the air temperature will be at least 15 ° C. Cucumber "emerald flow", planted in the open ground, in the first days requires special care. As soon as the cotyledon leaves appear on the plant, it is necessary to thin out, remove the weeds and loosen the soil. If this is not done on time, young plants can be tightened weeds. Thinning is best not pulling out the shoots, and carefully cutting each, so as not to disturb the root system of the remaining plants, keeping the distance between them 8-10 cm.

After 3 days after thinning the aisleloosen to destroy the remaining weeds and improve the flow of air to the root system. In order to prevent the formation of a hard crust, after watering again, loosen with a trident to a depth of 5 cm.self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers

At a time when there is no rain, wateringis carried out every other day. It is important to ensure that the soil layer has been saturated with moisture to a depth of at least 10 cm. Pouring water is necessary in the aisle, so as not to wash out the root system. Mulching with a film reduces the evaporation of moisture, which allows less use of watering. The use of a non-woven fabric as a cover protects cucumbers from drying out and from temperature changes.

The best varieties for open ground

Cucumber "emerald stream f1" is great forcultivation by a similar method. It perfectly tolerates unfavorable weather conditions, is resistant to diseases, its fruits are devoid of a bitter taste. High yields are able to give self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers "zador", "zozulya", "alliance". The Dutch variety of cucumbers "German F1" is famous for endurance and early maturing. Small cucumbers the size of 9-10 cm are suitable for salads, and for canning.a description of varieties of cucumbers

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

To greenhouse conditions, a cucumber "emerald stream"also adapted quite well. A special microclimate in the greenhouse often contributes to the emergence of various diseases in plants. Therefore, planting requires varieties that are able to resist them. A stumpy, powerful stem allows you to tie a plant, giving it a comfortable shape, which saves space and lets more light. If you do not allow contact between the lower leaves and the ground, they can remain green for a very long time.sorts of cucumbers for Siberia

In the greenhouse, it is necessary to maintain an optimaltemperature (20-25 ° C), carry out ventilation. Watering is carried out mainly in the morning hours up to 3 times a week. The fertilizing of plants is carried out twice a season - during flowering and fruiting. It is best to use organic fertilizers for this purpose.

The best grades for greenhouses

Self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers are reala find for truck farmers who use greenhouses for growing crops. Among the early varieties worth paying attention to the "Murom 36", "graceful". For salting, the late "athlete" is very good. Hybrid varieties are in great demand, which attract not only their resistance to disease and high yield, but also excellent taste. Cucumbers "emerald flow" reviews are generally characterized as very fragrant, tender and sweet in taste.cucumber emerald stream f1

Varieties of cucumbers for Siberia

Very important when choosing suitablevarieties of cucumbers has a climatic zone, for which they are intended. This greatly depends on their yield. This is especially important for a region such as Siberia, where a short summer is often accompanied by nightly cold snaps and early frosts. Therefore, the inhabitants of this region have their favorite varieties, differing not only in early or late fruit bearing, but also in the intended use.

For example, a cucumber "emerald flow" is used for salad cooking. Also, for fresh consumption, "Altai early 166", "Vladivostok 155", "Adam", "elegant" are grown.

For pickling, such varieties as "Altai", "cascade", "competitor", "Murom 36", "Nezhin local", "fontanel", etc., are suitable.

Description of varieties of cucumbers intended for pickling, includes such characteristics as small size, pimply dense skin. They correspond to "F1 region", "delicacy", "leandro F1".

Experienced gardener of Siberia prefer inmainly self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers, because they allow you to get an early crop, which is possible only when using a greenhouse. And insects in the early spring in this region are still absent. Cucumbers "emerald flow", reviews of which are so often found in descriptions of this variety, have long been liked by Siberians for this reason. Salads from them can please throughout the summer period.

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