Crafts from chopsticks from popsicle

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We offer you a selection of ideas for creating DIY ice cream sticks with your own hands. In this article you will find interesting options for children's creativity, as well as several practical accessories for the home. Each of these things is so simple that even a child of the primary school age can cope with its production (and some can be easily done by a preschooler).

crafts with children
Most of the proposed crafts are very funny, so children will like their tinkering. Moreover, their creation will be preceded by the mandatory eating of an eskimo by the whole family, because the main material for creating our accessories is wooden ice cream sticks. Of course, in the departments for creativity it is easy to find a ready-made set of 50 or 100 wooden spatulas of this kind, but is it interesting? So enjoy your favorite delicacy, and then get to work with the children!


Let's start with the simplest and make simple bookmarks, for each of which we need only one stick of ice cream. How many have eaten popsicle - so much get and bookmarks.

bookmarks of sticks

You also need to take:

  • small size image (or ready accessory);
  • glue;
  • paints.

It is best to choose acrylic from paints, but you can also take gouache or even watercolor. True, the last option will not be too bright. If you are not too lazy to tinker, you can paint the sticks of ice cream and a marker.

Cut out from the coloring or postcard image of the head of any animal. Paint the stick in the same color, then glue the design.

Additionally, you can cut and stick on the bookmark letters, putting some phrase or the name of the child.

If you have any interesting accessories or felt, from which you can cut something interesting (a kitten's figure, a heart, a sun, a flower), use this.

bookmarks of sticks

Glue them on the tip of the wand, and decorate the wood itself with a marker or a stamp with an interesting print.

Picture puzzle

This is a educational toy for children of preschool age. Perhaps you better do it yourself or help your child. For this work we need to take at least 8-10 ice cream sticks.

puzzle of sticks

Additionally, you will need:

  • any picture, postcard or photo;
  • PVA glue.

Everything is simple: we glue the back side of the picture with glue.We spread sticks on it (or we act in the reverse order). After drying, cut. The toy is ready! Kids love to collect such puzzles.

Photo frames

Earlier we have already told you how to make a photo frame of ice cream sticks with your own hands. Here the option is simpler - children of the primary school age will cope with it.

photo frames

In addition to the sticks we need to take:

  • paints;
  • glue;
  • any decor (felt, buttons, beads, glitter, etc.);
  • cardboard.

On a small cardboard we lay out and glue a layer of ice cream sticks. Then we take four sticks and paint them in any color (with paints or a marker). We fold the sticks crosswise and glue something cute and cute to them. You can lay out flowers or scatter buttons in a chaotic manner - here your imagination.

Also, the framework can be laid out in a slightly unusual way. To do this, lay the sticks from the ice cream is not an even layer, and a little pushing them now in one, then in the other direction.

photo frames

From above on the panel we glue the picture or photo, and close the joints with colored sticks and decor.

Simple toy

Dragonfly or plane? Decide for yourself.Even a preschooler can make such a toy out of chopsticks and clothespins. Just help your child paint the materials, and he can handle the rest.

clothes from clothespins

We will need:

  • two sticks of ice cream;
  • pin;
  • two beads;
  • paints;
  • glue.

Paint and decorate the clothespin (sprinkle with sequins, after having been smeared with glue). Beads stick to the extreme part of the clothespins on the superglue. Sticks stick is not necessary. Just fold them crosswise, and then clamp the clothespin.

We recommend to see: a selection of handicrafts from clothespins

3D picture

If you want your child to master the application, you can start with ice cream sticks. We will study on birds: we will make chickens or a penguin.

children's crafts

Additionally, we need:

  • thick cardboard;
  • color paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • decorative eyes;
  • paints;
  • any decor.

We lay out four or five sticks on the cardboard in a row (the pieces of wood should be painted with gouache or other paints). Cut the wings, "hair" and feet. All this should be gently shoved under the edges of the sticks and glued. Eyes need to "put" on the glue.

To make an application in the form of a penguin, we use the same technique. Extreme sticks can be pulled down to make paws.We draw the white breast already on top of the glued sticks, since it is impossible to make it in a disassembled state.


To make pencil cases, you will need a significantly larger number of ice cream sticks.

pencil cases

Additionally, take:

  • any cardboard boxes (tea can be);
  • paints;
  • decorative materials;
  • Super glue;
  • PVA glue.

First you need to glue the box around the perimeter from all sides. To make the design more stable, add horizontal retaining sticks inside.

It is better to paint a pencil in ready-made form. The decor is fixed on the superglue.

This is only a part of simple crafts made of wooden ice cream sticks that your children can master. It is only necessary to fantasize a little, and this simple material will turn into beautiful accessories that you will enjoy playing with. Working with chopsticks develops imagination, creativity, as well as fine motor skills of hands, so this is in every sense a useful activity.

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