Countries of the East. The Ancient East

The countries of the East are the states included in theAsia-Pacific region, which includes the South-East, North-East and East Asia. The ownership of countries is determined by geographical location, as well as ethnicity. The category "Countries of the East" includes all states located in the Asian region, as well as on its periphery. The list can contain the countries of the Near and Middle East.

Countries of the East Middle: Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria.

countries of the east

Countries of the East located in South Asia: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives.

In addition to the listed republics, the list may include autonomous entities.

The phrase "countries of the East" is a termconditional, uniting quite a lot of states. But the association takes place mainly on a territorial basis. In two neighboring countries there can be a completely different culture and incompatible mentality of two peoples. In this case, why are the countries of the East called as a single entity? They often confuse Iran with Iraq, Pakistan with Industan. It's all about geographical and ethnographic identity.

Some eastern countries can be classified as "Countries of the Ancient East". This is Egypt, ancient Iran, ancient Arabia, Anatolia (modern Turkey).

countries of the far east

The list of "Countries of the Far East" includes 18states, completely autonomous, with its economy, socio-political structure, government and army. Borders between countries are defined by international treaties.

The countries of the Far East and their capitals:

  • Russia, the eastern part - Moscow.
  • China - Beijing.
  • The Republic of China (Taiwan) - Taipei.
  • North Korea - Pyongyang.
  • South Korea - Seoul.
  • Republic of the Philippines - Manila.
  • Kingdom of Thailand - Bangkok.
  • The Republic of Singapore is Singapore.
  • East Timor - Dili.
  • Japan Tokyo.
  • Republic of the Union of Myanmar - Naypyidaw.
  • Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar.
  • Laos is Vientiane.
  • Kingdom of Cambodia - Phnom Penh.
  • Republic of Indonesia - Jakarta.
  • Vietnam - Hanoi.
  • Brunei - Begawan.

countries of the east are


The Far Eastern part of Russia includes the Amur,Sakhalin, Jewish Autonomous, Magadan Regions, Kamchatsky, Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories, the Chukotka Autonomous District, and the Republic of Yakutia.

All listed territorial entities have the status of an independent subject of the Russian Federation.


The socialist state in East Asia,the recognized superpower has the largest army in the world, as well as nuclear weapons. It is on the second place in terms of economic indicators on a global scale (the USA takes the first place). It is the largest exporter of industrial products. It has considerable gold and foreign exchange reserves.

North Korea

North Korea was formed in 1948 asa state with a people's democratic system. The Labor Party of Korea is in power, with the first secretary of the Central Committee in charge, at present it is Kim Jong-un. The country lives on the unshakable principles of the Juche ideology, which preaches totalitarianism.

why they call the countries of the East

South Korea

Is a progressive, dynamically developingcountry, state structure - presidential rule combined with a democratic parliament. Shipbuilding is the first export destination, followed by the automotive industry.


The country is extremely unstable in the political andeconomically. It differs in the inconsistency of the ruling structures, over the past decades there have been several wars and coups d'etat. The situation in the country is fueled by odious individuals, like the leader of the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot.


A country with a difficult history, a long timewas under the colonial influence of Holland, then in 1811 passed under the jurisdiction of Great Britain. At present it is a presidential republic on a unitary basis. The president also heads the government. The legislative body is the People's Consultative Congress. The economy is nominally considered a market economy, but the influence of state structures is noticeable, a significant number of large industrial enterprises belong to the state.


The history of the Mongolian People's Republicits beginning in 1924, when not without the participation of the Soviet Union in power stood Choibalsan, Omar and Genden. JV Stalin tried to implant a communist ideology, set up a new Mongolian leadership to completely destroy Buddhism in the country, but "the father of the peoples" had no success in his aspirations. Currently, Mongolia is developing and living according to market laws. The Great Khural is leading the country. Legislative body is the Great State Hural, in other words, the Parliament.

countries of the ancient east


The state consists of two parts. Western is located on the peninsula of Malacca, eastern - on the island of Kalimantan. The country is organized on the principle of a federal constitutional monarchy and consists of 13 states. Monarchs do not inherit the throne, but are elected once in five years. The parliament consists of the upper and lower chambers, the executive is the government headed by the prime minister. The economy of the country is on the rise due to significant volumes of agricultural exports, as well as oil production and exports.


Singapore - city-state - exists withancient times, the first mention dates back to the 3rd century AD. As the country of Singapore is impressive for its unusual, it is dispersed on 63 islands, most of which are located on the equator. The climate, therefore, is equatorial in the country. Singapore is considered the state with the lowest crime rate in the world. It is an island agglomerate with a highly developed economy.

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