Cottages for the New Year 2018

Today, more and more Russians prefer to celebrate New Year away from the bustle of the city. Fresh frosty air, winter forest, white fluffy snow create an incredible atmosphere of tranquility and harmony, which is so necessary for the residents of megalopolises. It is no coincidence that it is not so easy to rent a cottage on the eve of the New Year holidays.


Let's try to figure out where it is better to go to the meeting in 2018, where the most acceptable service and democratic prices.

Benefits of a country celebration of the New Year

On the eve of the New Year holidays, each of us thinks about with whom and where the most favorite holiday of the year will be celebrated. Recently, very often people choose the countryside. There are many reasons for this:

  • Youth companies prefer cottages in the country, because here you can spend a holiday, because you want: noisy and fun, without disturbing the rest of the neighbors in the high-rise building.
  • Lovers are attracted by the solitude and romance of winter nature.
  • Couples can forget about household chores and enjoy socializing with children in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Kids are generally crazy about relaxing out of town in the winter.For the organization of fireworks, it is enough to go out into the courtyard, in order to play snowballs or make a snow woman, it is not necessary to go down from the ninth floor.

Cottages for the New Year 2018

Meeting the New Year in the Moscow region

As for Muscovites, they also prefer to celebrate New Year outside the city. I must say that for this there are all the conditions. Many travel companies are trying to meet the needs of residents of the capital.

Cottages in the Moscow region can be divided into three categories:

  • economy classwhere you can cheaply meet the year 2018 for students and young couples;
  • business classwhere it is convenient to hold corporate events and rest of employees of firms;
  • large, spacious mansionsfor celebrating the New Year with large families or several families.

Most villas are equipped with the most necessary for rest:

  1. satellite television;
  2. sauna with swimming pool;
  3. wireless internet;
  4. barbecue area;
  5. karaoke and the like

If you want to relax during the holidays, and do not drive your own car, you can order a transfer directly to the mansion.

Rental cottages in the Moscow region has a great variety of prices.It depends on the distance of the villas, the range of services provided and the size of the houses. Prices start from 1 thousand rubles per day per person.

New Year's holidays in the Leningrad region

Beautiful landscapes, clean air and affordable prices make country rest in Northern Palmyra popular. Here are also in demand cottages for celebrating the New Year. The price range is quite large. If you wish to rent a mansion just for one day, then the owners can refuse to rent you or offer housing at a premium of 10-15%. Many tenants prefer to rent cottages for several days. The hottest season, of course, is the New Year, so it is better to choose the appropriate option in advance and save yourself from possible surprises on the eve of the holiday. It may be that not the best mansions will remain free. The most prudent tourists book individual villas, starting from autumn. This gives you the opportunity to choose the most acceptable option and get a fairly good discount.

As in the metropolitan region, the cost of renting individual cottages in the Leningrad region depends on the distance, living conditions and capacity:

Name / District Distance from St. Petersburg (km) and the level of service Rent for 1 person (day / rub)
“Old Mill” / Sestroretsk 41 / Comfort From 3000
Tamengont / Lomonosovskiy 54 / Comfort From 1000
Kurgala / Kingisepp 132 / Medium From 1450
"Lake Vrevo" / Luga 150 / Medium + From 870
Verkhutino / Luga 140 / Medium From 1200
"Manor District" / Luga 120 / Medium + From 467
Eco-Club Island / Priozersky 95 / Medium + From 1225
"Green Village" / Priozersky 79 / Comfort From 4800
"Vigorous Elk" / Priozersky 70 / Comfort From 1000
Crow Farm / Priozersky 60 / Medium + From 2600
"Manor" / Vsevolozhskiy 10 / Medium From 3700
Okhta Park / Vsevolozhskiy 10 / Comfort From 3333
"Ivanovo Compound" / Vsevolozhsk 40 / Medium + From 1125
"Golden Valley" / Vyborg 90 / Comfort From 2000
"Pinochnoe Compound" / Vyborg 70 / Comfort From 2800
"Start" / Vyborg 150 / Comfort From 1200
Forest Fairy Tale / Vyborg 132 / Medium + From 750

As can be seen from the table, the closer to the northern capital, the prices for mansions are higher. In this case, it is better to rent a cottage with a large capacity for a large company or for several families. Per person will be quite inexpensive.

Karelia: winter recreation options

The proximity to St. Petersburg, excellent ecology, well-developed infrastructure make the rest on the Karelian Peninsula very popular.

Cottages for New Year 2018. Rent, prices, booking

What are, for example, cottages country club "Lamberg". It is located in a picturesque forest, right on the shore of Tokkarlahti Bay. Here you can rent a cottage, both for two, and for a company of up to six people. The houses have everything you need to celebrate the New Year: a separate kitchen, a refrigerator, a fireplace room, upholstered furniture, a satellite dish, a sauna, etc. All the floors in the cottages are heated, which creates additional comfort, especially for families with children.

Rent this house will cost you 3500 rubles per person per day. It is quite inexpensive, considering that the price includes meals. Children under five are free. To make the holiday more intense and interesting, you can rent skis or a snowmobile and make exciting trips around the winter forest. There are also barbecues for holidaymakers, with the help of which you can have a real picnic, both for the family and for the company.

Another place that deserves attention for the meeting of the New 2018 in Karelia is “Denisov Mys”. This is a real find for outdoor enthusiasts. Cottage town is located in Sosnovy Bor on a narrow strip of land, on both sides of which is Syamozero.This is the most fishy place in Karelia, so fishing enthusiasts will get maximum pleasure from the rest here. Prices in Denisov Cape are the most democratic - from 1,100 rubles per person per day. In the mansions you can relax, as a couple, and a company of up to eight people.

Holidays in Finland

Holidays in this country have become so popular among Russians that they begin to book trips in the summer. It should be noted that it is better to book a trip through Finnish companies and not use the services of doubtful sites. Remember that tenants in Finland never make out a rental of cottages through Western Union.

Many tourists from Russia not only celebrate the New Year in Finland, but also use the Christmas holidays for excursions to the cities of this country, as well as for alpine skiing.

As for the rental of private residences, lately the most popular are the “soar”. This is a cottage divided in half with two entrances. As a rule, he has a sufficient number of beds, which is very popular with young people who come to Finland to ski, snowmobile, or simply to celebrate the New Year.

The most popular places in this country:

  • Tahko;
  • Iso-Syöte;
  • Himos;
  • Levi;
  • Arm;
  • Yllas.

To celebrate the New Year, Russians, as a rule, prefer places not far from the border. Considering that the time of sales begins in this country on January 2, our compatriots massively visit the cities of Imatra and Lappeenranta, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Lahti. Here are the largest shopping centers of the country.

If you prefer a relaxing holiday in nature it is better to choose cottages away from major cities and the border.

Prices for cottages, as in Russia, depend on the living conditions, the number of rooms and distance from cities and from the border with the Russian Federation. Closer to the border the cost of housing starts from 2000 rubles. Closer to the main tourist centers, it increases to 5,000 rubles per day.

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