Costumes for boys for the New Year 2017

Choosing a New Year's costume for a child for parents of boys often becomes a difficult decision. It just so happened that it was easier for the girl to make a costume: shoes were picked up to make an elegant dress, a haircut was made, a toy crown was bought - and the princess's dress was ready.

But the elegant costumes for boys rarely in themselves are similar to the New Year's images. In this article we will look at children2017 new year costumes for boyswhich you can easily do with your own hands!

Of course, each of these ideas can also be implemented with the help of a ready-made costume from a store. If for your family such a solution is preferable - then, of course, feel free to buy or order a suit online. In any case, you will find in the article useful life hacking, which will help to improve the costume and at least a little to feel the joy of joint creativity with the child.


To begin, consider, perhaps, the most traditional costume in the west for a boy.To create an image of a pirate, you just have to fill the pants with boots, put on a striped vest T-shirt and complement the outfit with details. For example, a bright bandana tied on the head or on the neck is suitable.

children's New Year's costumes

You can also build a recognizable symbol of a pirate - a bandage for one eye. It is quickly sewn from black fabric. In the middle you can put a piece of cardboard. If you make exactly this version of the costume, you can also “sit” the boy on the shoulder of a toy parrot - the final touch of the image.


New Year's suit for a boy

New Year's atmosphere is largely created by movies and music. Many of these products are made in the world capital of cinema and other entertainment - Los Angeles. We liked the many traditions that we saw in these films. So why not adopt some of the costumes that American moms and dads create for their children? For example, the costume of a Christmas elf, one of Santa's helpers, is done very quickly.

Elf costume is made in traditional Christmas colors: red and green. You can also use black, white, gold and silver.The basis of the suit - pants and sweater in green. Suitable soft sports suit or homewear. Complete the image with a belt, striped golf, Christmas hat - and your elf can go on a magical holiday!


beautiful new year boy costume

If your son loves fairy tales and cartoons about kings, you can build him a royal costume. It is not necessary to make the image medieval, just a pair of luxurious accessories is enough, and you can use a “ceremonial” costume as the basis, inspired by the images of modern kings. For this fit any elegant clothes, as well as several key details.

First, of course, we need a crown. You can purchase a ready-made toy crown, or you can make this accessory yourself. Take a piece of cardboard (available in a designer art store, immediately gold-colored), draw a pencil on the base of your crown. Then cut and glue the crown to the side. Then you can do the decoration: stick on the crown sparkles, rhinestones, beads. Some places can be smeared with glue and sprinkled with glitter from her mother's cosmetic bag.

Secondly, the king needs a mantle.You can buy a piece of beautiful velvet fabric or use an unnecessary dress, curtain, bedspread of a similar texture. It is best if the fabric is red. Take a strip of faux fur or fluff a little cotton and knock the hem of the mantle. Also build a collar. That's it, outfit ready!


Christmas costumes do it yourself

If you like animal costumes, you can quickly make a bunny costume at home. It will be funny, for example, if the father of the baby was a bunny in his childhood. You can show your son two photos: himself and little dad. Surely a family evening spent searching for similarities and differences will be very fun!

For the image of a bunny, you need a white or gray suit (preferably made of soft fabric), a piece of fur or cotton wool that will play the role of a tail, as well as ears. With a tail, everything is clear: we sew it back to the pants. Neat stitches made by hand, then it will be possible to sew without any problems. For the ears, take the usual hair band to be used as a base, a sheet of cardboard, glue and two sheets of paper or felt. Make the frame of the ears of cardboard and paste it with paper or cloth (felt) in the color of the suit, and then add a pink or cream strip in the center - the middle of the ears.Put it all on the child, you can finish the nose with a black cosmetic pencil - and the outfit is ready!


Christmas costumes 2017

Since now films and cartoons about superheroes are very popular, it is quite possible that your son will want the costume of the comic book character for the New Year. Consider for example the image of Superman.

For the Superman costume, you'll need a blue, tight-fitting base and details. The main distinguishing feature of this character is a logo on the chest. You can buy a finished T-shirt, sew a paper sign on the suit (you can redraw it or print it from the Internet), but the most interesting option is to draw it yourself. A child will be able to wear such a T-shirt with pleasure on other days, the thing will withstand many washings.

New Year's costumes boy photo

To do the drawing on the fabric, you need to buy in the art store special acrylic paints for textiles, a pair of beveled brushes, a couple of sheets of cardboard for the stencil. Do not forget to clarify whether the paint is suitable for your fabric composition (usually manufacturers recommend painting on cotton). Sketch or stencil onto a T-shirt and pin the fabric tightly with pins on the canvas, art tablet or old carpet.

Do not forget to put another sheet of paper from the inside so that the paint does not leak onto the second layer of fabric (back). Paint the fabric with acrylic and allow the pattern to dry. Follow the instructions on the package. Most often you need to wait for drying (24-48 hours), and then iron the design through gauze (for the time being, leave the paper inside out). After that you should wait another day or two - and the thing is ready. You can machine it at medium temperatures.

The image of Superman is worth complement the correct hairstyle. Divide the child's hair on the side parting and lay with the help of the gel.

Be creative and happy New Year to you!

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