Corner shelf for bathroom do it yourself

June 26, 2009
DIY furniture

Why not build a corner shelf with your own hands, if even a beginner can make it up, especially if as a result of repairing a turnkey bathroom, you got a perfectly decorated room that only requires some decorative accents.

The length of the refractory panel, a few tiles, the tile solution and the mass for stitching are all that is needed to build a practical, simple and attractive shelf in the shower or bath. And it's very easy to make a shelf in the process of facing the bathroom.

On the triangular shelf you can put shampoo, shower gel and so on.
Its base is from a fireproof construction panel. The panel is covered with tiles of the same color as on the wall, or in a contrasting color. Shelf glued into the corner and close up the seams. That's all!

Mastering the corner shelf

bathroom shelf do it yourself

  1. The basis for the shelf we cut out of the refractory construction panel with a circular saw and stop.You can use a panel of aerated concrete with epoxy coating - it does not absorb water.
  2. Accurately cut tile so that its fragments correspond to the upper, lower and front surfaces of the shelf. Everything should be carefully measured beforehand so that the fragments of the tile are precisely aligned on the panel.
  3. Apply the tile solution to the panel and lay the tile. Level the solution with a notched trowel. In conclusion, we close the seams between the tiles. TIP: rails attached at right angles fix the shelf.

We attach

bathroom shelf

  1. To make a shelf support for the time of gluing with a solution, we drive 4 stainless steel nails into the wall. First, drill holes with a diameter of 4 mm, apply silicone paste to the dowels for the joints and insert.
  2. Bite off the caps of the nails and bite the ends into the dowels. Try not to bend the nails.TIP: It is better to drill the holes below the interdigital seam so that the surface of the shelf is flush with the seam.
  3. Mix tile solution in water. In order not to raise dust, we pour the powder into a strong plastic bag. Then, according to the instructions, add water, fasten the bag and knead the solution to the desired consistency.
  4. Mixing the solution in a plastic bag has another advantage that you can use when you need to put the solution on the edges of the shelf. Cut off the corner of the bag and zigzag apply the solution.
  5. Put the solution on all surfaces in the same layer. This can be achieved with a notched trowel.
  6. We put the shelf on the nails driven into the dowels. They easily enter the panel with sharp ends.
  7. We press the shelf to the wall and fix it with adhesive tape until the solution hardens.
  8. We close the seam between the shelf and the wall with silicone for damp rooms of the same color as the seams between the tiles.

We also fill two vertical seams at the ends of the shelf. Work carefully to make the seams airtight.


  • panel for damp rooms (corner),
  • tile and shelf mortar,
  • light gray mass for seams,
  • silicone tile joints for wet rooms,
  • plastic dowels and stainless nails and plain white tile.


very useful tile cutter (you can rent the right size). Tiles can first be put in and then cut with an angle grinder, but there will be a lot of noise and dust.Wear goggles and headphones.

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