Contests for teachers in 2018 in Russia

Every year in Russia dozens of contests for teachers are held. The events are aimed at demonstrating the professionalism of teachers, sharing experience and, of course, in the event of victory, at material encouragement and recognition of the achievements of teachers. Next year will not be an exception, several regional and All-Russian competitions for teachers in 2018 have already been scheduled. Today we will talk about the most prestigious events, let you know how to participate and what prize awaits the winner in each of them.

"Teacher of the Year"

One of the most famous and prestigious All-Russian competitions among teachers. The main objective of the event is to build the prestige of the profession and to encourage the most worthy of its representatives.

Emblem of the contest Teacher of the Year of Russia

Next year, 29 times, participants from 83 regions of the country will demonstrate their professionalism and try to raise the level of the school in which they share their knowledge.

It starts at the very beginning of the school year and consists of several steps:

  1. School (elementary). There is a selection of the best in each school.
  2. City. At this stage, teachers compete, having proved their superiority on the first level. The winner receives the title of the best teacher at the municipal level.
  3. Area. Not mandatory in many regions of the federation stage.
  4. Region. Choose the best teacher in each subject of the Russian Federation.
  5. Federation - the final stage. The winner deserves the title of "Best Teacher of the Year" and receives a prize of 200,000 rubles and a statuette of a crystal pelican.

Teacher with a pelican statuette

The contestants will have to complete several in-person and extramural assignments, during which members of the commission will be able to identify the personal characteristics of each participant, compliance with professional standards of the teacher. Here are the main steps:

  • writing an essay (the topic is presented by the organizing committee);
  • creation of a portal on the web with its own materials and best practices;
  • conducting an open lesson in an unknown class;
  • master class, in simple terms, the presentation of personal teaching methods;
  • participation in the teachers' council, which is necessary to determine the ability to interact with other teachers;
  • creating a project on the theme chosen by the commission.

The main requirement for the contestants - continuous work experience in a teaching position for at least 3 years. To register you must provide:

  1. Duplicate of the document on education and its level.
  2. A photocopy of the decision on the nomination of a teacher at the event.
  3. Extract from the workbook.
  4. Data on professional achievements.
  5. Information on open lessons and other presentation materials.

Learn more information and go through the electronic registration on the website:

"To educate a person"

All-Russian competition, the main purpose of which is to identify and promote promising educational ideas and practices that can not only return to educational institutions the leading role in the field of education, but also increase the credibility of teachers.

The emblem of the contest to educate the person

Another objective of the event is to find true professionals, support and enhance their social and professional status. The event is held by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with the support of the Professional Union of Workers of National Education and Science of Russia. All participants in the second roundreceive diplomas and memorable gifts, and the winner, among other things, also has an additional prize.

It consists of two stages:

  1. Correspondence (August-September);
  2. Final (November).

Held in several nominations:

  • Educational system of educational organization.
  • Civil and patriotic education.
  • Spiritual and moral education.
  • Physical education.
  • Labor education.

Heads of educational organizations and their deputies, social teachers, class teachers and other groups of teachers of any age and sex are entitled to participate. The main condition is work experience of more than 5 years. Candidates are nominated by the executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation from among the winners of regional competitions or by self-nomination.

Self-nominees need to fill out a questionnaire, place a video "Business Card", attach a color photo of the participant and publish the author's essay.

The winners of the first stage pass to the final, which includes several tasks, namely:

  1. Presentation of oneself as an individual and a specialist in “Briefly about the main thing”.
  2. Open lesson.

The teacher leads an open lesson

In the second round of the final, only 15 people pass, they will also have to complete 2 tasks:

  1. Creating a social video "To educate a person ...".
  2. Participation in the round table, which will be attended by representatives of the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Learn details and apply on the website www.minobrnauki.rf.

"The lesson of local government"

All-Russian review competition of best practices among educational organizations of the Russian Federation. Not only teachers, but also other categories of educational personnel from all over Russia are allowed to participate. The main objective of the event is to provide teachers with information on the goals and objectives of local self-government, on the forms of citizen participation in public life. Winners are awarded with diplomas.

Consists of 2 stages:

  1. Absentee (February-March).
  2. Full-time (April).

Awarding teacher

The application for participation should be supported by materials on the activities carried out on the topic of self-government, these can be developed educational programs, video clips, a multimedia presentation, photographs, etc.

All data on the “Local Government Lesson” can be obtained by calling: +7 (495) 606-85-31 and +7 (495) 606-86-40 or on the official website:

"Teacher-psychologist of Russia"

All-Russian competition, the purpose of which is to increase the professional level and maximize the creative potential of psychologists in the Russian Federation. Specialists can take part in educational organizations and centers of psychological and pedagogical, medical and social assistance of the subjects of the Russian Federation who won regional professional skill contests.

Competition Jury

The event is held in 3 stages:

  • regional;
  • federal;
  • the final.

To participate, you must submit in electronic form:

  1. Statement.
  2. Questionnaire.
  3. Color personal photo.
  4. Resume with a reasoned indication of professional achievements.
  5. List of scientific articles and publications.
  6. Description of the psychological-pedagogical technology of work.
  7. Plan-outline of classes, lessons, training, etc.

You can find out details on the site or by phone +7 (916) 513-12-71.


Regional Internet competition designed to support and encourage the best teachers, speech therapists, teachers of additional education.

Rewarding teachers

Each professional can take part in the competition, putting forward his candidacy in one or several nominations. In total, there are 42, among them such as:

  • best pedagogical project;
  • the best outline of the methodical event;
  • the best presentation for the lesson, the lesson, the event;
  • the best parent meeting and lots of others.

A full list of nominations is presented on the website: www.konkurs72.rf.

Acceptance of works and applications is carried out constantly. The winners are determined by the commission, and there may be several of them. Contestants receive diplomas.

To participate, you will have to fill out an application on the website: www.contest72.rf, attach work and pay the registration fee in any convenient way (by credit card, electronic money, through payment terminals), details and detailed information are also listed on the site.


Another online contest for teachers, psychologists, teachers of additional education, instructors of PHYSE and music leaders. Each competitor receives a diploma, while you can participate in several categories at once and, given the continuity of the competition, an unlimited number of times.

Music director with a student

To participate, you need to choose a job that is suitable for one of the nominations listed on the site: By the way, most of them coincide with the nominations of the Promotion contest.Support the competition material with the participant’s application form filled in on the indicated site, pay the participation fee (accept it in any convenient way to the competitor) and wait for the decision of the commission.


Regional express competition among employees and students of educational institutions. The main prize, as well as in the two Internet contests mentioned above, is a diploma.

Teacher in class

Acceptance of works and the selection of the best is carried out constantly in several categories, similar to those mentioned above. A complete list is offered on the website: www.umeika.rf.

To apply, you must submit the material in any format (text, photograph, presentation, photo, video or audio) in electronic form. The file must be accompanied by a questionnaire and a receipt for the payment of registration fees. The number of applications is not limited.

All the details read on the website: www.umeyka.rf.

There are a lot of regional and national competitions for teachers in 2018. We have presented only a few.

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