Construction in the USA

The structure of factory-made residential houses of a well-known company, manufactured housing, occupies a significant share of the industrial and residential construction market, and also creates affordable opportunities to acquire a home for all social groups without exception. Some houses built in the traditional site-built way may not be available to citizens by the criteria of their financial situation, but you can buy apartments in Ishim at an affordable price. Today, almost 15.5 million of the American population, which is about 7%, live in more than seven million residential houses, which were manufactured exclusively by factory technology.

In the period of 2000, the implementation of residential new buildings of modular type amounted to about 25% of the total construction and sales of new housing in the United States. The development of this kind of housing construction for citizens has been hampered for many years by various factors related to the imperfection of legislation in this area, thus, there was a real discrimination in this area of ​​construction industry and business.There is no universally accepted established rules and regulations in the field of the construction of structures of this type in US law. Also a great influence on the development of the construction of such houses had a lack of adequate financial support from public authorities. As a result, it can be said that the development of construction technologies in the United States is slowed down by the presence of an unadapted legal framework that cannot respond quickly to new trends in construction.

Such legislative failures have a negative impact on the ability of the state to meet the basic social and social needs of the population for housing, which, in turn, is not the best way reflected in the socio-economic situation in society.

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