Congratulations to Sukkot in Hebrew

Good day! Sukkot begins on the 15th of Tishrei and lasts for 7 days.

In 2019, the Sukkot falls on October 13 (the eve of the holiday - the evening of October 12).

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How are they congratulated at sukkot in Hebrew?

The traditional greeting soundsChag Sukkot SamEah!

sukkot sukkot סוכות
celebration hah חג
cheerful SamEah שמח
Happy Sukkot Festival! Chag Sukkot SamEh! חג סוכות שמח

It is customary to build a sukkot in Sukkot

Sukkah hut A Sukkah סוכה

Sukka is a temporary shelter where all meals are served during the 7 days of the feast. Usually they invite guests and eat together.

Sukkah symbolizesthosehuts in the desertin which the Jews lived after the exodus from Egypt in 1313 BC

A Sukkah should be at least partially open-air and its roof should also be open-air.

The roof is made from organic materials, usually from palm leaves. Children decorate a Sukku with handicrafts, pictures, garlands and lanterns.

4 types of plant symbols of the holiday SUKKOT

Another oneSukkot important tradition - 4 plant species. These four plants represent the four types of people in the people of Israel.

LULAV - palm branch.
It has taste, but there is no smell in its fruit. It symbolizes those who study the Torah, but do not do good deeds.

ADAS is a myrtle.Myrtle has a smell, but no taste. It symbolizes those who do not teach the Torah, but do good deeds.

ARAVA - willow.There is no smell or taste in it. These are people who do not do good deeds and do not study the Torah. Simple ARABA acquires a symbolic meaning only together with LULAW, ADAS and ETROG.

ETROG - citrus. He has both taste and smell. These people have Torah knowledge and do good deeds.

Palm branch lulAv לולב
myrtle hadas הדס
willow Arava ערבה
etrOg אתרוג

Sometimes we look more like a palm branch.
When, possessing Knowledge, we do not follow him in life.

Sometimes we like a myrtle.
We do good deeds, but do not study spiritual scripture.

Sometimes we are willows. We live without the Spirit and without good deeds.

And sometimes we, as citrus - etrog, are full of spiritual knowledge and perform good deeds, following it.

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