Congratulations on the Day of Spontaneous Goodwill

Good day! Give good and be happy! Help your neighbor. Show spontaneous kindness. And he will shine with happiness. Such simple and seemingly trivial things, for example: help a young mother, a pregnant woman. Make a compliment, for example, granny. Imagine how difficult it is for an elderly woman.

And suddenly a smile is a smile of kindness. Do the simplest experiment: smile and make compliments to those around you. You can even give balloons or other gifts. So beautiful to love others. What could be better than this? Nothing! When you give happiness to your neighbor, no matter with or without self-interest, you boomerang it back with greater force. Congratulations on the day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness - February 17.

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Congratulations on the Day of Spontaneous Goodwill in Verses

Today is the day of spontaneous kindness,
We will spend it in the family circle.
And dedicate your love to all people
After all, we really do not lose anything.
Kindness is the most important force
She makes a man cute.
And always, that did not happen,
Be good is God's mercy.

Good deed is worth doing,
Otherwise there is no need to live in the world,
And so it is today the feast of kindness,
Go buy some sweets and flowers.
Buy around all the soft toys,
Let's go kids together please
And by the way, do not forget with you,
Take a good smile in your pocket.

I wish you all that today,
On a feast of spontaneous kindness,
You left all the business and care,
Shone themselves completely native.
Surrounded by parents with happiness
Brought to life their dreams,
Drive away all bad weather from them.
On this day of spontaneous kindness.

Good people, as always, are not enough,
Good people, as always, the deficit.
Good people do not always understand
The heart of the good hurts more.
Kind - generously sick help,
Good - give warmth and comfort
Good - keep pace with a weak
And no spa-si-bo is not expected.

Kindness is different
And spontaneous and desirable
So let's give each other
Give love and kindness
Everybody has kindness of soul,
Only we carefully hide it.
Like turtles, we in shell will hide
It is not clear why for what?

Cool congratulations on the day of kindness

Good should be harsh
To flew wool tufts
From everyone who climbs for good.
Good is not pity or weakness
Good crushed locks shackles.
Goodness is not slush or holiness
Not absolution.
And the meaning of the story - in the final,
In one good action:
Quietly knock out your knee
Not inferior good!

Nowadays, difficult
You can not leave family without care,
But everyone seems to be in a hurry,
Plunging into the abyss of work.
Everyone forgot about the holiday,
But today is World Kindness Day,
Leave all the problems for later,
Freed from the hustle and bustle.

A sea of ​​smiles and bright faces
People went out into the streets having fun.
And we owe you now,
Will certainly join them.
We will help those who are offended by fate,
And turned her back to them,
Let everyone know that kindness is alive,
Let us prove this to you.
Today is the day of spontaneous kindness,
When any free moment,
Must do good for people
So that in the world it was not so creepy.

Do good. Do not answer the machinations
Standing behind your enemies.
Understand, my friend, it is not too late,
Do not respond with a stream of expletives.
Do not insult the unfortunate cripple,
Standing with outstretched hand.
He remains the same man
But only with a different, broken fate.
Do not refuse the vagabond for salvation,
Share money and food with him.
Let him be a sinner. And who is without sin?
Do not chase, even though he is a stranger three times.
And share, since there is something to share,
For those who have not eaten anything today.
Anything like this can happen:
Yesterday - rich, today - out of work.
Do not pay attention to slander
Those who are bogged down in petty-bourgeoisness and lie.
Give love. You will return with love.
After all, the bread gives the grown ear of rye.

Do not forget about those who are with you
Side by side lived his life,
You personally do not forget, congratulations,
Those who treasured your friendship.
On the day of spontaneous kindness,
Do not forget about loved ones
Do not hide love, do not let go of dreams
Congratulate your friends, because you will not lose anything.

SMS wishes for the Day of Spontaneous Goodwill in Verse and Prose

Spontaneous kindness day
We are happy today!
Dreams come true,
Let the rainbow shine!

Let every neighbor
Smiles gently
And not to let go
Happiness will try

A miracle may happen suddenly
Joy comes to you,
Let gives kindness
Everyone to you today!

Happy Day of spontaneous kindness congratulations to all who are not indifferent to the whole of our vast world, who makes every effort to preserve spiritual values ​​and morality! Help each other, be tolerant, compassionate, unselfish and kind!

As February would not be angry, not chalk
A day of spontaneous kindness has come!
All over the world joy reigned,
In the heart of every happiness settled!

We sincerely wish you well,
The Middle Let Care Shows
Let the family surround you with love
And your life will be wonderful!

May the Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness open a new era of understanding, mutual assistance, support and disinterestedness in our world! Help your neighbors, know how to forgive, strive to live happily in mutual understanding, love and sincerity! Happy holiday!

The whole world is celebrating today
The celebration is beautiful -
A day of spontaneous kindness!
You are celebrating with us too!

Your heart is good
Close heats let it in frost,
There will be peace and harmony in the house
The look shines with joy!

In life let you get lucky
Miracle let it happen
Kindness by his strength
Make you happy!

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