Comparison of soft roofs and metal tiles

The range of modern construction markets is so large that it is often extremely difficult for a not very experienced buyer to make a final choice. Meanwhile, on what kind of roofing material you choose to create a new roof or repair an old one, the reliability, durability and internal comfort of the house will largely depend on it. If you are a contractor can see the requests for repair of the roof on the site.

Currently, undoubted leaders of sales are soft roof and metal tiles. Each of the listed materials has both disadvantages and advantages, therefore, before choosing one of these competing coatings, it is worth carefully studying their main characteristics.

1. The durability declared by the manufacturers of both materials is 50 years. At the same time, the warranty period for metal roofing is 10-15 years, and for a soft roof - 10-30.

2. Installation of metal tiles is considered to be much more simple and affordable, however, if you plan to carry out roofing works on your own, it is worth making a choice in favor of a soft roof.It is quite simply measured and cut, after which it remains only to nail the prepared parts with special nails.

It is much more difficult to operate a metal tile, even though it weighs 2-3 times less than the previous material. In this case, can not do without a few assistants. And if you plan to bring in the work of employees, the best choice still can be metal, which you can buy in any building supermarket. Indeed, in this case, the installation of the roof will be much faster, costing 2-3 times cheaper than laying a soft roof. In advertisements for interior decoration they often write that they need professionals in repair activities.

3. The cost of the material. Despite the fact that the metal tile and soft roof are characterized by the same value, the final price that the owner of the house pays for the creation of the roof from the second material is much higher (about 2 times). And all because the laying of flexible roofing material requires the creation of a special "base" of OSP-3 plates, as well as the so-called "lining carpet". However, in the case of creating a complex form, it is a soft roof that will be the best choice.Since the percentage of waste of this material is equal to a maximum of 5, while trimming metal can be up to 30% of the total.

4. The main advantage of a soft roof is its noiselessness. And in order to escape from knocking rain on a metal tile, you will have to create a significant insulating layer in the under-roof space.

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