Collection autumn winter 2017-2018 by Chanel

The fashion house Chanel, like the name of its great founder, is inextricably linked with the most vivid and significant events in the fashion world. Refusal of tight corsets and voluminous things, fashion for men's style in female images, a short black dress are the brightest ideas of the incomparable Coco Chanel, who has made more than one revolution in the world of female fashion.

Today, the Chanel brand is known and appreciated in all countries of the world. Every fashionista dreams of becoming the owner of exclusive dresses and costumes, hats, accessories or unsurpassed fragrances from Chanel. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Penelope Cruz, Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Jessica Beale, Carol Bouquet, Emma Watson, Julianne Moore and others are among admirers of exquisite toilets from Chanel.

Every year, as part of the fashion week, the fashion house Chanel arranges great shows, never ceasing to amaze its fans with unusual ideas and a large assortment of stylish and modern looks. The two luxurious collections of the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, the creation of which was worked by extravagant couturier Karl Lagerfeld, were no exception:

  1. - chic and elegance with notes of always actual classics;
  2. - futuristic collection in an unusual space style.

Chanel autumn-winter 2017-2108 year

Fashion trends for the pre-fall 2017-2018 collection by Chanel

To demonstrate the luxurious images of the preliminary collection of the autumn-winter season, Karl Lagerfeld chose one of the most fashionable restaurants in Paris “The Ritz”. The choice is not accidental, because it is precisely the luxury and sophistication of the interiors of the Ritz Hotel that are perfectly combined with the images created by the great couturier.

The collection of the pre-fall fall-winter 2017-2018 season from the fashion house Chanel offers:

Chanel Classic Images

Femininity and elegance have always been the main feature of the images created under the Chanel brand. In the new collection, fashionable women can choose for themselves many stylish ideas for creating a strict bow in a business style, a refined look in a retro or fashionable style with classic and modern notes.

When creating images, Karl Lagerfeld took the universal colors as the basis - white and black, as well as the classic goose foot skirting.

Chanel Classic ImagesTrouser suits from Chanel 2018Chanel "goose foot"Stylish bows from Chanel 2017-2018

An alternative to the usual classics with its restrained colors can be a stylish image in scarlet or gold tones.No less feminine and elegant looks and a suit of genuine leather and fashionable in the coming year, cropped trousers made of velvet.

Scarlet shades in the images of ChanelFashionable bows from Chanel 2018Chanel gold shadesAlternative classic Chanel 2018

Cocktail Dresses from Chanel

Stylish dress length midi should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. In the autumn-winter season of 17-18, the Chanel collection includes many beautiful models, which allow us to fully appreciate the bright photos from the fashion show held in Paris.

The restrained color spectrum is balanced by an abundance of decorative elements, such as:

  • ruffles, frills and classic frills;
  • embroidery and appliqués;
  • beads and sequins;
  • fur;
  • feathers.
Chanel Cocktail Dresses 2018Dresses from Chanel 2017-2018Fashionable dresses from Chanel 2018Fine Chanel DressesChanel show autumn-winter 2017-2018

Stylish breeches from Chanel

In 2018, Karl Lagerfeld offers fashionable women to pay attention to such an element of the female image as the bride. Couturier successfully combines short-fitting models with extravagant prints and sequins and classic jackets, complementing the image with stylish accessories (scarves, clutches and hats with a veil).

Breeches from ChanelFashion breeches Chanel 2018Breeches showing chanel 2017-2018

Evening dresses of fall-winter 2017-2018

At the Paris preview of the fashion house Chanel sets the main trends of evening fashion for the 2017-2018 season, such as:

  • classic colors, including soft nude shades;
  • elegant, tight-fitting silhouettes;
  • light transparent maxi length dresses;
  • delicate embroidery;
  • chic and shine, achieved using sequins, shiny fabrics, rhinestones and feathers.
Evening dress from ChanelDress Chanel 2017-2018 yearGolden Chanel DressBlack dress from ChanelDress with feathers Chanel 2018Gray dress Chanel

Chanel men's looks

The pre-fall collection includes both female and male images. For stylish men, Karl Lagerfeld offers plaid jackets and coats, plain scuffed jeans, classic patent leather shoes with a narrow toe, and short shiny jackets in a biker style. The couturier himself does not change the classics, although he brings extravagant notes to his image.

Men's images from Chanel 2018Chanel style for men 2018Classic men's style Chanel 2018

Fashion trends showing ready-to-wear 2017-2018 by Chanel

The main pret-a-porter collection from Chanel of the fall-winter 2017-2018 season was presented to the public in the luxurious Paris-Palais. The main theme of the show was space and astronautics. In the hall, a model of a rocket was erected, occupying all the space under the dome, and the models were transformed either into mysterious alien fashionistas, or into extravagant cosmonauts.

From the fashion trends proposed by Karl Lagerfeld at the READY-TO-WEAR show of 17-18, it is worth noting:

  1. always up-to-date cage and goose foot print;
  2. bright colors in shades of burgundy and marina;
  3. fabric shade "metallic";
  4. prints with the image of astronauts;
  5. star scattering;
  6. quilted capes, trousers and jackets;
  7. white mono for men.

Cage in images from Chanel

For many years, checkered natural fabrics have made Chanel brand products popular and recognizable. The traditional gray color scheme is a universal solution for the ever-current classic style and in 2018 Karl Lagerfeld offers a large selection of dresses, jackets, trouser overalls and coats with a classic cage and alternative interpretations of the popular print.

The traditional classic pattern in white and black colors, called the goose foot, is incredibly popular in 2018. He is widely represented in the collection of Chanel, and is also found in the models of the new season of other famous designers. Rate how modern a classic print can be if Karl Lagerfeld himself works on creating a fashionable bow.

Fashionable cell from ChanelCage in Chanel modelsFashionable Chanel bows 2017-2018Alternative cage Chanel 2018Gooseplate Chanel 2018Chanel print goose foot

Bright colors on the Chanel show

Fashionable women for whom white, black and gray seem too classic and boring, in the Chanel collection are offered unusual combinations of bright colors:

  • deep burgundy;
  • bright blue;
  • muted blue;
  • lilac.

The collection includes dresses and blouses, sweaters and jackets, shorts and coats, in which bright colors act either as the main shade or as a soft color accent.

Bright shades in models ChanelBlue tone showing Chanel 2018Color accents in Chanel modelsChandelier burgundy tones autumn-winter 2017-2018Deep burgundy Chanel autumn-winter 2017-2018

Fashionable "paint" 2018

Shades of "silver" and "gold" promise to take a leading position, despite their absence in the top ten of the Institute of Pantone color. In 2018, the Chanel collection includes a number of futuristic "metallic" models in silver and green.

Silver hue in Chanel modelsMetallic Green Chanel 2018Metallic in Chanel Images

Prints with astronauts

The theme of the cosmos was reflected in light dresses made of transparent flowing fabrics, warm suits and even sports styling models, decorated with images of astronauts and planets.

Print with astronauts Chanel 2018Dress with astronauts Chanel 2017-2018Futuristic cosmonauts showing Chanel autumn-winter 2017-2018Space theme in the images of Chanel 2018

Star scattering in models Chanel

What could be more elegant and mysterious than a black dress on which thousands of stars glitter? This outfit will be luxuriously shimmer in the lights of spotlights, emphasizing the grace and elegance of its mistress.

The effect of the starry sky is created by the smallest rhinestones, original prints and sequins, which harmoniously combine with fabrics of various textures, creating sophisticated ensembles in the spirit of the greatest Coco Chanel.

Dress with a scattering of stars Chanel 2018Chanel Star Placer 2018Stylish dress Chanel 2018Luxury dresses from Chanel

Quilted Chanel Collection

Looking for fresh design ideas for 2018 - check out the extraordinary Lagerfeld solutions, such as quilted pants, jackets and capes, presented at the show in the Grand Palais.

Quilted elements in images from Chanel

White mono for men

Couturier recommends that the representatives of the stronger sex in the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season give preference to exclusively white color, and the new collection from Chanel includes a series of fashionable images that will surely please successful and stylish men.

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