Coffee Museum in St. Petersburg on the Robespierre Embankment

The history of the drink that captured the whole world is veryinteresting and even criminal - his seedlings were secretly exported from the country to the country, from the continent to the continent. So in Brazil, which is the absolute leader in the production and export of this product in the world, it was imported only in 1737, while it was known since the XIV century, when it grew in the wild in the territory of Ethiopia.

The naturalness of the museum

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As you know, coffee was brought to Russia by Peter I,and the Great Empress Catherine II was a passionate fan of his and began the day with taking a cup of this drink in bed. The last decades have become the years of the triumphant march of mysterious grains around the world. With such and such a history it is necessary and natural to have your own Coffee Museum, preferably in every country. Meanwhile, well-known museums, which for the most part began to open only in the XXI century, are in Vienna, Hamburg, London, St. Petersburg. The oldest, and, naturally, the most interesting, is in Santos, the port city of Brazil.

Traditional device

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Almost always the Coffee Museum is combined with a coffee shop andshop. Because it is better to try and remember forever the charming taste of one or another variety, than to hear about the nuances of their differences ten times. This combination is also good because sales are done by specialists, not just sellers. About a favorite drink of the overwhelming number of inhabitants of the planet is written very much. However, the Museum of Coffee is good because it is a visual aid. After all, not every fan of this drink can afford each morning a cup of coffee of the first category (mild), which includes the best varieties of "Arabica". Cultivated on high-altitude plantations, which are at an altitude of 1000-1500 meters above sea level, carefully processed and reached absolute maturity, they have a special name in international markets - "soft coffee grown on high-altitude plantations" or "difficult coffee".

It is better to come and try

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A variety of articles about this unique productare written in large numbers and are widely available. But the opportunity to smell, see the size of the grains, their color will provide only the Museum of Coffee. This can boast a city on the Neva. Although the domestic Caffee Museum is considered young, since it was opened only in 2008. It is widely known in Russia and is one of the most beloved places of the inhabitants of the Northern capital. I would like to note that similar establishments were opened in Vienna and Hamburg in 2003. That is not much earlier than our, the national coffee museum in St. Petersburg, in which there are always a lot of visitors. And this despite the fact that the described object is located far from the center of the intersection of tourist flows and the access to it by metro is difficult - the nearest station is in a 15-minute walk. And outwardly the museum looks unobtrusive, but quite nice.

Cognitive, like all museums

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Of course, the distance from the metro is nota barrier for people deliberately going to the Museum of coffee. The Robespierre embankment, 14 - the address of the coffee complex. It has several rooms - exhibition, demonstration and tasting, coffee terrace, located on the second floor. The exterior design of the museum is the least discreet, but many people know about it. Entrance to the Coffee Museum, providing a cup of delicious espresso, costs 250 rubles. There are samples from all over the world. This drink is surrounded by legends, interesting facts, juicy details. Such as a beast called a lover (or palm marten), eating grains. One of the most expensive varieties - Kopi Luwak (cost $ 300 per kilogram) - is obtained as a result of processing the litter of this marten on special technology.

All about coffee plus tasting

To learn all the secrets of the drink, you needvisit the Museum of Coffee. Embankment Robespierre, 14 - the address of this institution, which is located in the old central part of the city, where, by the way, there are many mini-hotels. The cozy terrace-cafe has also the advantage that from there an amazing view opens up to the Neva and the embankment. The complex, which includes a coffee shop, a shop and the Coffee Museum in St. Petersburg, is famous for its master classes, in which, for a fee (600 rubles per person), you can participate in the preparation of some types of coffee elixir at home. Remarkably this institution and the fact that you can buy coffee of any sort - from the most democratic, but guaranteed quality, at a cost of 180 rubles per 100 grams, to such varieties, the price of which reaches 4,500 rubles for the same 100 grams. Very interesting things can be learned by visiting the Museum of Coffee. Petersburg, which was always distinguished by the presence of original museums, did not disappoint the citizens and guests of the Northern capital, and this time.

A wonderful museum of the legendary product

Not all experts know the details of whofirst added sugar, milk or lemon to a bitter drink and why it was done. Who invented the first filter and where. About Voltaire and his originality, if not to say eccentricity, we know a lot, but 50 cups drunk a day impressive. But Beethoven daily counted 60 grains for brewing himself. "Great people and coffee" - a very interesting topic. museum of coffee in St. Petersburg In his long time, the coffee drink was anda panacea for scurvy and gout, and the highest flowering in the role of a medicine, this product reached England in the XVI century. All the details concerning this famous drink can be found by visiting the Coffee Museum in St. Petersburg, during the excursion, which ends at the coffee house on the terrace. The organizers of the museum managed to show in the photographs the whole path of grains from the plantation to the counter at different times, taking into account the specifics of different countries. In memory of the visit to this wonderful St. Petersburg sights, you can buy a figurine of palm marten.

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