Code 28: No drivers installed. Driver Error - Code 28

Operating systems Windows, as is known,far from ideal. Therefore, sometimes after the initial installation, in case of unforeseen disruptions or connection of new equipment, they can give an error message in the Device Manager (code 28: drivers are not installed). It is very simple to eliminate the problem that has arisen.

Unknown device: code 28 (no drivers installed). The essence of the problem

If we consider the error in a general sense, the essenceThe problem is that when you access a device (for example, a webcam when you start Skype), the system does not recognize it because of the lack of a control program necessary for its correct functioning.

code 28 drivers are not installed

The most common reasons for the occurrence of an error when the code 28 is specified in the description (the driver is not installed), there may be the following factors:

  • The lack of a driver in the Windows database (for non-standard devices).
  • Delete or corrupt its files.
  • The presence of the installed outdated version in the system.

As can be seen from the list, the solution to the problem is reducedonly to reinstall or update the device driver. But before fixing an error, for example, in Windows 7 (code 28), you should consider several important points and nuances. It is these little things that can subsequently have a strong enough impact on the performance of a particular device.

How can I tell if the driver is not installed for the device (code 28 in the message)?

Even if the user does not understand which onethe device is mentioned in the error message, or it is designated as unknown (unknown device), you can view all the problematic components in the standard "Device Manager". It must be called from the "Control Panel", the computer administration section or directly from the "Run" console (Win + R) with the command devmgmt.msc.

code 28 driver

All improperly working components, deviceswith absent or damaged drivers will be marked with a yellow icon with an exclamation point. Pay attention: it can be both "iron", and software components.

The simplest method of troubleshooting

To correct the situation when a driver error is detected, code 28 in the corresponding warning, the most logical decision is to reinstall it.

for the device drivers are not installed code 28

To start, you can try to updatefrom the context menu. Thus, you grant the system the right to search for the most suitable driver in its own database. If you see a message that the most suitable option is already installed for the device, but it still does not work, you will have to use a special disk ("native" or the same Driver Pack Solution). He had to be included in the delivery when buying computer equipment.

windows 7 code 28

In this case, you should use theinstallation from the specified source, the review button by selecting the appropriate location (optical media or USB-device). If this method does not work, and an error containing code 28 (the driver is not installed) appears again, you can first remove it from the system altogether. After this, you must reinstall the installation. It happens that not one but several drivers are integrated into the system. And this causes a conflict between them.

Using device information

There is another effective method of eliminatingProblems. Sometimes it happens that the previous methods do not work, and the system gives an error code 28: drivers are not installed, she tells you. In this case, you can get out of the situation by specifying their search either on the website of the equipment manufacturer or on specialized resources.

Driver Error Code 28

One of these is the DevID site. First, in the "Device Manager" select the problem component and call the property menu, where we go to the information tab. Here in the description below there are lines of general form: "PCIVEN_number & DEV ...". They contain unique numbers - VEN and DEV (ID), which correspond to a strictly defined type of equipment. Of all the lines, the longest describes the device most accurately. It needs to be copied to the clipboard, go to the above resource, insert data into the search field and activate the search process.

Preferences in driver selection

The list of results will show two typesfiles offered for download: a "clean" driver and a self-extracting archive of a smaller size. It is better to choose the first option, taking into account the bit depth of the operating system into which it will be installed. Next on the download page, you need to click on the button with the image of the floppy disk and wait for the download to finish.

After that, unpack the archive or putloaded driver in any convenient place. And when updating, we use the search string on this computer. As before, use the review button to set the location and activate the installation. If the driver corresponds to the device completely and completely, in the "Device Manager" on the corresponding component, the yellow icon will no longer be displayed. This indicates its normal functioning. On the same site there are additional utilities that can completely scan the system for the absence or presence of faulty drivers online. As a result, it will be offered to download missing or problematic components, after which they will have to be integrated into the system, as shown above.

Automated utilities

Finally, there is one more solution to the problem of appearanceerror containing code 28. No drivers are installed - this is no longer a problem. To eliminate the trouble, you can use an easier method. It is perfect for those users who for some reason do not want to do manual searches.

code 28 drivers are not installed

To do this, you just need to install anyAutomated program like Driver Booster. It will scan the system and update (or install) the drivers of absolutely all the devices that are available on the computer. And the appeal will be made exclusively to official resources of equipment manufacturers. The advantage of such utilities is also the fact that many of them are constantly active (working in the background) and monitor the appearance of the latest versions of control programs (drivers) for any type of equipment.

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