Cleaning after construction

Cleaning in modern slang means cleaning done by professionals using professional tools. So, it is necessary to figure out what fashion cleaning is different from unfashionable mopping and dusting. Routine cleaning, both at home and in the office, is a rather superficial job, and cleaning companies specialize in deep and thorough cleaning. In addition to floors and furniture, this includes washing windows, removing stains, and even eliminating unpleasant odors in the room. And thanks to expensive equipment and potent means used by specialists, the effect of cleaning can be seen with the naked eye, hot water and a rag such purity cannot be achieved.

In addition to the usual cleaning of houses, apartments, offices, cleaning companies often turn to those who need afterconstruction cleaning. Some consider this process more complicated and time consuming than the repair itself. This is not surprising, because the fine building dust, dried cement, glue and paint, accidentally caught on a new finish, is almost impossible to clean by yourself.In this case, post-construction cleaning is offered here, and you only need to dial the number of the cleaning company Arctis MSC. If you need to take out bulky waste, you need to warn experts in advance. Cleaning after repair on a mandatory basis includes cleaning the floor, walls and ceiling from dust using wet cleaning, wiping all the furniture and then polishing it using suitable means, washing plumbing, mirrors, as well as all windows in the room, balconies, if any. , all batteries must be wiped, dirt is removed from the switches and outlets.

It is important to inspect everything that the builders did immediately after cleaning, because cracks, chips and scratches are quite easily hidden under a layer of dirt and dust. It is best to take the work of decorators after the general cleaning. If they want, they can be present during the work of the cleaning specialists in order to make sure that they did not spoil the new repair.
After professional cleaning, the room is ready for use, and the conditions that are most convenient for working or living are created in it. To estimate and calculate the approximate cost of cleaning,A specialist can go straight to the site and count everything together with you, despite the fact that this service is often provided for free. Well, those who will directly carry out cleaning will do it as soon as possible.

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