Classic vinyl stretch ceilings


Classic vinyl stretch ceilings: Stretch ceilings are among the most modern ceiling finishing technologies. Especially popular are the ceilings of the second group. They are a construction of polyvinyl chloride film (PVC or vinyl) and a profile that is mounted around the perimeter of the room at a distance of 5 cm from the base ceiling. In this framework of profiles, the film sheet is refilled using a special technology. The result is a completely flat surface on which, thanks to the quality properties of the film, no cracks are ever formed due to the precipitation of the building and other deformations. A unique feature of the vinyl material is water resistance. This property of PVC stretch ceilings is a good help for residents of multi-storey buildings, especially those who live on the lower floors. In case of possible leaks in the plumbing system, the film sheet will not let water into the apartment and, accordingly, the room and all the objects in it will remain dry.And where is the water? And it will gather on the ceiling and due to the elasticity of the material it deforms it into a bubble shape. Do not worry - everything is fixable. It is only necessary to call in specialists who will eliminate the consequences of a pipe break. They gently drain the water from the film surface, dry it and then restore the look of the canvas. Everything will become the same as before - with a perfectly flat surface and the original look. To install a tension ceiling system, you must call the measurer and discuss with him all the nuances of the future product, the cost of the order. All this is displayed in the contract, which is made on the spot, signed by the customer and the performer. On the scheduled day and time, a team of builders, equipped with everything necessary for installation work, will arrive and install suspended ceilings. For a medium-sized room, the installation of a stretch ceiling of the classic version will take 3-4 hours. Vinyl stretch ceilings are recommended to be used in heated premises, since their operating temperature range is from 0 to 60 degrees. The quality of film ceiling coatings corresponds to the international and Russian certificates of conformity provided by the company for use in residential premises,certificates of fire safety and sanitary and hygienic conclusion.

  • Matte canvas resembles a regular painted ceiling, but it is a completely flat and smooth surface without flaws. Such a product fits into any interior, decorating and complementing it with its perfection and impeccable elegance. Most often, matte paintings are installed in children's rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, which are decorated in a classic style. In office space, matte texture emphasizes design rigor and commitment to tradition. In combination with other textures it is widely used in multi-level ceiling systems.
  • Sateen film due to the micro-relief on its surface looks very elegant and beautiful. A special coating gives the surface a pearly shine. Such an invoice is available in price and is indispensable as a decoration for both living rooms and public buildings.
  • For those who love a lot of glitter and light, advises to pay attention to the lacquer texture. Such material of finishing of ceilings is in demand both from private customers, and eminent designers.Decorated stretch ceilings with a lacquer texture look not only luxurious and expensive, but also allow you to visually expand the room, make it brighter and brighter. Designs with this texture decorate the interior of the house, apartment, and are especially combined with modern interior styles.

In addition to excellent decorative and technological qualities, suspended ceilings attracts with its reasonable price and, thus, is the most optimal way to ceiling trim.

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