Classic rock music of the whole era

Classic rock is a whole layer of musicalculture of the second half of the 20th century. Stylish rhythmic music appeared in the early 50's from the so-called black blues. And since Black Negro blues is divided into several musical directions, one of them was transformed into rock. It was rhythm and blues, the structure of which could not be better suited for dynamic, expressive rock. Rock and roll originated in the US and did not go outside the country for about ten years.

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Elvis Presley is the king of rock and roll

New musical style needed performers,talented and necessarily with an impressive appearance. This was the nineteen-year-old Elvis Presley, who with great success performed rock on open air, and also recorded his songs at the RCA Victor studio. He was a singer, as they say, from God, with a strong beautiful voice of a wide range. In addition to rock, Presley performed slow lyrical compositions, such as "The Chain of a Broken Heart" or "Drowned in Love". But the main direction of his work was a crazy rhythmic classic rock: "The big hunt for love," "I'm stung," "She left me."

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The development of rock in the US and on the shores of foggy Albion

Almost simultaneously with Elvis for concertChabbi Chekker, the author and performer of the twist, a variety of rock, came out. Thus, classical rock music has been replenished with a new direction. Then came the shake in the performance of Hank Ballard, as well as the songs of Gene Vincent, a mixture of rockabilly and ballad. At this time, across the ocean, in the UK, there was a young rock'n'roll performer Cliff Richard. He began to rehash the already popular songs of Presley and Chekker, but did it in his own manner. The success of the Englishman was amazing, the classical rock in his performance received a special emotional coloring. The concerts took place only on the open stage, as no hall could accommodate hundreds of thousands of fans of American rock.

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English rock bands

And finally, in 1960, in the English cityLiverpool appeared epoch-making band The Beatles. Strictly speaking, the style of playing the Beatles did not reflect the traditions of rock, their music, rather, was a kind of roar. But the four "Beatles" soared so high on the wave of popularity of rock that few people thought about the subtleties of her work. In addition, their repertoire included songs that represented classical rock: Rock-n-Roll Music, Honey Don, etc. The same is true of the Rolling Stones group with the expansive soloist Mickey Jagger. compositional content and good lyrics.

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Hard Rock

In the sixties of last century, rock smoothlypassed from one phase to another, became multifaceted and varied. The style of hard rock was significantly different from classical rock, it was characterized by the heaviness of arrangements and prolonged guitar parts, but the professionalism of the performers put hard rock in the first rows of musical preferences of the public of that time. Groups Black Sabath and Deep Purple, and later Nazareth and Led Zeppelin brought hard rock to the level of unprecedented popularity. The next stage in the development of rock classic was the style of heavy metal as a continuation of hard rock. Added rigidity to guitar solos, foreign classical rock became psychedelic.

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