Christmas tree garlands for the New Year 2017 do it yourself

Every housewife wants her home for the New Year to be as beautiful and elegant as the green Christmas tree, decorated with toys and festive tinsel.

Truly solemn and fully prepared for the New Year are those rooms that are decorated with festoons: with luminous electric, and multi-colored paper, all kinds of shiny and other original festoons.

Of course, you can buy a lot of different decorations and decorations for your home in supermarkets and specialty stores, but it is much better to makeChristmas lights do it yourself. Thus, long before the main winter event - the celebration of the New Year 2017 - you and your family will have an excellent New Year's mood, which is able to charge everyone around with positive emotions!


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Christmas fir tree garland

garland manufacturing methods

Such a wonderful garland looks very stylish and cozy.

For the manufacture of garlands you will need:

  • cardboard sheet;
  • pencil;
  • pieces of fabric of different colors, preferably, not monochrome tones;
  • long tape;
  • thread, needle;
  • scissors.

Step 1.To begin with, you need to put the outlines of the Christmas tree on the cardboard and cut the template for further work.

Step 2.Using the template, apply the Christmas tree pattern on the fabric and cut a lot of Christmas trees on the basis of two blanks per tree.

Step 3.Attaching both sides of the Christmas tree to each other, stitch them from the front side. If there is no typewriter, you can use a manual overlay stitch, it will look even better.

Step 4.It now remains to sew the Christmas trees to the ribbon at the same distance from each other and the garland is ready!

Christmas garland of dried flowers

Paper garland do it yourself

This floral arrangement in the form of Christmas garland will appeal to almost every hostess. Especially good garland of dried flowers will look when entering the room above the doorway or above the window. If you use gypsophila flowers as a base, such a garland will give joy to its owners for a very long time.

To make a wonderful flower garland, you will need:

  • dried flowers;
  • thin threads for knitting;
  • cardboard light shades;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

Step 1.On a piece of cardboard you need to draw the silhouette of a bird. Cutting the first bird, it will be easiest to circle this pattern several times on sheets of cardboard of different shades and then cut the birds. And you can draw a new bird every time.

Step 2.Dry flowers disassemble into small bunches and tie them into a dense garland.

Step 3.It is necessary to attach threads to the cardboard birds and tie the other ends to the flower garland. In general, the garland will look more beautiful if the birds “float” at different levels, so the length of the thread should also be different. Garland is ready!

Gentle plastic garland

DIY garlands for the new year 2017

This amazing garland resembles ice flowers and is a very relevant decoration of the house, preparing for the celebration of the New Year. You can hang the garland horizontally, but it looks best if you hang it vertically.

To create a garland you will need:

  • plastic transparent bottles (as much as possible);
  • stationery knife;
  • scissors;
  • fishing line;
  • clean sand;
  • pan.
Christmas garland ideasgarlands new year 2017Christmas garlands for the new year of the roosterSimple DIY garlands

Step 1.Cut the bottom of the bottle with a stationery sharp knife.

Step 2.Use scissors to remove noticeable irregularities.

Step 3.In the pan you need to pour sand and heat it on fire.

Step 4.Immerse the edges of the billet of the future ice flower in the hot sand for a few seconds so that the petals are smooth and smooth. Do this with all the color blanks.

Step 5.It remains only to combine all ice flowers with a thin fishing line and hang the resulting garland.

It would also be ideal to paint the bottoms of the bottles and attach them to the electric garland. In addition to the bottoms of plastic bottles, you can use the tops with caps. You just need to cut out the flowers from the tops and paint them, and then attach them to the electric garland.

Colorful Christmas garland of felt and leather

Christmas lights do it yourself

This wonderful garland will easily add a festive mood to all your household and guests.

For the manufacture of elegant garlands you will need:

cool garlands do it yourselfChristmas lights master classgarlands manufacturingDIY garlands on NG 2017
Christmas garlandChristmas paper garlandChristmas garlands step by step instructionsChristmas lights do it yourself photo

Step 1.Cut out not too thick strips of the same size from felt patches, and then cut each strip in half.

Step 2.Tie each knotted strip to a knot so that it is clearly in the middle.

Step 3.With a flap of artificial leather should do exactly the same as with felt.

Step 4.Now with a needle and thread sew all knotted patches, stitching knots. Garland can be hung!

Garlands of paper for the New Year 2017

garlands on NG 2017 with your own hands

The paper garland from the rings well known to everyone from the kindergarten will favorably emphasize the New Year's decoration of the apartment or house, especially if you take not ordinary colored paper for its manufacture, but with some interesting print on the topic.

For the manufacture of garlands you will need:

  • paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

Step 1.Cut paper into strips of the same size.

Step 2.Take the first strip and glue the ends in such a way as to make a ring.

Step 3.Thread the second strip into the ring and seal the ends. Thus, links of one chain are obtained. Collect a paper garland of such length that you have conceived and hang on a wall or a Christmas tree.

A garland of hearts

DIY garlands

This garland is ideal for celebrating the New Year together, as well as for those families in which love reigns.

For making a romantic garland you will need:

  • bright paper;
  • glue or stapler;
  • scissors.

Step 1.First you need to cut not too long strips of the same size.

Step 2.Using a stapler or glue, fasten the heart-shaped strips as shown in the photo. Make the garland long enough, and feel free to hang it on the wall!

Rainbow christmas garland

Christmas lights 2017 do it yourself

Such a garland is able to bring even the most gloomy and boring room light and good, festive mood. All you need is colored sheets of paper, preferably very bright colors, glue and a drop of imagination that will tell you how best to combine the colors in your garland.

Snow garland

Christmas lights how to make

From the usual cotton wool rolled up by balls, an incredibly delicate and airy garland is obtained. It is only necessary to take a white thread with a needle and sew cotton balls, leaving a space between them.

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