Choose heating radiators and not only

February 7, 2018
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Choose heating radiators and not only

In our cold climate, without full-fledged radiators, which work almost all year round, it is almost impossible to survive. How to choose a radiator we will tell you in this article. In particular, this problem is acute if an extremely cold winter falls. That is why it is so important to choose inexpensive and simply practical liquid radiators for heating for your own home that can work confidently throughout the winter season. All these simple criteria are fully met by cast iron models of radiators.

Choose heating radiators and not only

The cast-iron versions are highly rated by most consumers for their exceptionally high durability, which is explained by the properties of the metal - cast iron, which has an increased level of carbon in its composition, tends to resist with high efficiency against corrosive effects. If the corrosion of steel in modern heating systems averages 0.1 mm / year, the corrosion rate of cast iron is much less. If the thickness of the cast iron radiator walls will be standard 3 mm, then in reality it will mean one thing - the radiator in rural conditions will last up to 50 years, whereas in the urban environment it is two times less.

There is an explanation for this variation - in rural realities, a better-quality heat carrier is used (often it is ordinary water), whereas almost the entire periodic table is often fixed in an urban heat carrier!

Cast-iron radiators are also valued in terms of lightweight assembly, since they are assembled from sections MS-140 and then joined together with the help of sealing gum. Each of the above sections, if the temperature of the coolant is high, is capable of heating at least 2 m2 of adjacent space.Directly on the sales area you can assemble a radiator of the required capacity for free To overpay for unspent heat, especially if there are calorie consumption meters in the apartment, you don’t have to.

Choose heating radiators and not only

When choosing and installing cast-iron radiators on the bearing walls, it is important not to forget to buy bearing brackets and paronitic seals. The first, made of steel, can easily withstand many sections. For example, to install a battery of 8 sections, two mounting brackets are enough. Paronit seals are needed for mounting on nuts. In the latter case, you can firmly ensure that you can completely avoid leakage of the coolant during its supply. Using the fum-tape in the latter case is considered not always a reasonable solution - the coolant will necessarily drip!

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