Children born in 2018 Dogs: what will be

Valorous and noble defender of the signs of the zodiac - Dog. She is always on the alert, always ready to rush into battle in the name of the weak and unjustly offended. She can unmistakably recognize falsehood and pretense, easily identifies who the friend is, who is the enemy. These traits will be traced in children born in the year of the Dog - 2018. If in the horoscope of a child there are few strained and unfavorable aspects, then he will fully characterize the noble and affectionate astrological patron. And there are a lot of them. In the year of the Dogs, Elvis Presley, Stephen King, Mother Teresa, Sylvester Stallone, Bridget Bardot, Voltaire, Sir Winston Churchill, Michael Jackson, Sharon Stone and many others were born.

Children born in the year of the Dog 2018: a general description of the sign

2018 will be the year of the Yellow (Ground) Dog. When planning to have a baby for this period, parents will be interested to find out which children will be born in 2018, what personality traits and personality traits they will have.In the year of the Yellow Dog, mysterious personalities will be born. Having the usual appearance and unremarkable physical data, they will conquer others, awaken the interest of the opposite sex. What is their secret? In a harmoniously developed personality, poise, calm, stability and inaccessibility. Such a person always wants to win, conquer, offer him more. Therefore, children born in 2018, mostly matured, will find great love and happiness in life.

They do not tolerate fuss and insincerity, so they avoid “problem” people and individuals with an explosive temper. From an early age, babies show love for the beautiful. From them grow great connoisseurs of art. Parents should prepare for the fact that the baby will have good intuition, insight. It is worth thinking about the right choice of education. Earth Dogs are excellent economists and bankers, financiers. They rarely make mistakes when it comes to material gains. Therefore, children born in 2018 can easily provide for their families in adult life. Material problems will not affect them.

Boy with mom

Earthen Dog gives the child and the ability to easily convince people. His arguments are always reasoned, clear and indisputable. Such individuals are indispensable during diplomatic negotiations, so they often make an excellent career. The management appreciates their honesty and openness. But to become leaders, they need to learn to be cunning. Parents need to show the child how to "play in their favor." The determining factor of what children born in 2018 will be is the atmosphere in which they grow (then they work, they live). It depends on what features the child will show.

Positive traits of a child born in the year of the Dog:

  • a developed sense of duty and justice;
  • courage and resilience in the face of trouble;
  • the ability to survive even very difficult moments;
  • self-confidence (children born in 2018 soberly assess their strength and abilities, know their own worth);
  • optimism, ability to keep secrets;
  • a developed understanding of the concepts of good and evil;
  • loyalty to close and dear people, dedication and convictions;
  • politeness, attentiveness, modesty, compassion and playfulness;
  • love of people and nature.

Negative traits child-Dogs

Develop in children who are in an unfavorable environment or born with adverse aspects in the horoscope. The peculiarity of the astrological sign - with the right upbringing, it is very easy to control the development of bad character traits, since children born in the Year of the Dog are among the most receptive and sensitive. This aspect distinguishes the sign from other representatives of the horoscope. Suppress the negative qualities of character is very simple. Need a caress, care and discipline.


The child can be traced the following negative character traits:

  • increased anxiety, fussiness, interference in the affairs of others;
  • irrepressible anger and despotism;
  • foolish courage and selfishness;
  • emotional isolation and uncommunicability;
  • penchant for squabbling and pettiness;
  • coldness and alienation, mercantile spirit;
  • excessive talkativeness.

What to look for when raising a child born in the year of the Dog?

The baby, born in the Year of the Dog, is very attached to his family and friends. He will endure insults, will justify acts, will always come to the rescue, because he is a great altruist. But do not forgive betrayal.It will break his heart. Parents should remember that such situations should be as small as possible, otherwise the child will close "from the whole world." It is better to prepare the baby for the fact that people can and will disappoint him. Explain that such situations should be treated more loyally, forgiving the “traitor”.

Child-Dog almost always forgets about their needs, caring for others. On the one hand, this is a remarkable trait of character, on the other - not. It does not hurt to teach practicality and care about yourself. Problems may also arise from the moralistic and philosophical nature of the character.

Small child

The kid, often confronted with problems, becomes either overly sociable or extremely withdrawn. Both states are not characteristic of true dogs. Watching one of the children, you need to "sound the alarm." Find out the cause of concern can be talk, tenderness and care. And most of the “problems” of Dogs are solved at the stage of conversations. This is due to the suspiciousness and sensitivity of the baby, who “tries on” even the hardships of his friends.

The dog is a team player with the big skills of a leader.Therefore, the parents of a baby born in 2018 should prepare for their knees knocked down, for getting into trouble, activity and child’s mischief. He will always be in the thick of things, stuffing cones, fighting for justice.

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