Child benefits in 2018

First child allowance

This is a radically new kind of financial assistance, which, from January 1, 2018, can include families in which the first baby will appear!

Vladimir Putin himself spoke about the introduction of a new type of payment at the coordination council for the implementation of the National Action Strategy for Children. The President focused on the difficult demographic situation of the country and set the primary goal to help families for whom low income is the decisive factor in the issue of family planning.

Not all couples will be eligible to receive monthly payments that will accrue during 18 months from the moment of childbirth, since the main condition for receiving benefits for the first child will be income. The figure separating the “needy” and having “sufficient income” will differ for different regions of the Russian Federation, as well as the size of the subsistence minimum.

Thus, the Moscow family will be able to qualify for state assistance if their income does not exceed 84,339 rubles.per month, since the subsistence minimum for the region for the second quarter of 2017 amounted to 18,742 rubles.

In Ingushetia, in order to be entitled to payments on the occasion of the appearance of a firstborn, the family income should not exceed 41,935 rubles. (based on the subsistence minimum of 9 319 rubles.)

The President did not specify how exactly the income of citizens who do not have official employment will be established. But, according to the press secretary of the Ministry of Labor, payments for the first child will be charged regardless of the form of employment of the parents.

Families in which a 2nd or more child will appear will not be offended by the attention of the state in 2018 either. Such parents are granted the right to subsidize the state interest rate in mortgage loans in excess of 6% per annum.

Maternal capital

Maternal capital is a program to support families raising more than one child. At the birth of the second or subsequent babies, the mother or father can register the maternity capital using the convenient registration system on the “Gosuslugi” portal or by contacting the Pension Fund directly.

Families awaiting replenishment in 2018 can count on this type of assistance from the state, since Vladimir Putin signed a decree extending the Maternal Capital program until the end of 2021.The news was published on the legal portal 12/29/17.

In 2018, to implement the presidential initiative, 1 billion rubles will be allocated, program support in the amount of 37.9 billion rubles is planned for 2019, and 39.7 billion rubles for 2020.

According to the laws in force, the funds accrued at the birth of the second baby can be used for such purposes as:

  • improvement of living conditions;
  • payment for the child’s education (when the child is 3 years old);
  • preschool education (before the age of 3 years);
  • social adaptation of babies with special needs;
  • replenishment of the account of one of the parents opened as part of the accumulative pension program;
  • monthly payments (only for especially needy families).

We propose to listen to what the president said about the program "Parent Capital 2018"

Monthly child benefits

In 2017, inflation data provided by the statistics service was submitted in early January. Thus, since February 1, taking into account the available information, the Government of the Russian Federation has been able to satisfy the demand of all families in need of social payments, having revised their previously established amount.

A family

The benefit amount is likely to increase again, given the current state of the economy in Russia. According to experts, the likely level of increase will be 3-6 thousand rubles, depending on whether the child is the first or not.

Benefits in 2018, issued to mothers for the care of the first child, will, as expected, be based on the previous meaning, which is taken for granted. If earlier for the first child under 1.5 years old a mother could receive 3065 rubles with kopecks as compensation, then soon another hundred or two more will be added to this level.

Experts agree that the possible rate of inflation, calculated by the beginning of 2018, will stop in the region of the bar 105-110%. This means that with regard to the value of child benefits the following will be undertaken: a surcharge of 5-10% will be prepared.

Now let's calculate the possible amount of child benefit to mothers in 2018: 3065 * 1.05 or 3065 * 1.1. The result is: 3218-3371 rubles. with a penny.

If we talk about the second and subsequent children, the earlier child benefit for this type of social benefits was set at 6131 rubles. with a penny. Most likely, soon the amount of the monthly child allowance will increase to 6,744 rubles.

Lump-sum child allowances

The lump-sum benefit can also be calculated by taking on the indicators from 2017. Then, from January 1, the minimum amount for 24 months, which includes the duration of pregnancy, childbirth and the subsequent care of the child, the mother could at one point receive help from the state in the amount of 34,520 rubles. From July 1, about 1.5 thousand rubles was added to this amount.

Maternal, he is family capital, previously amounted to about 453,026 rubles. Most likely, from 2018 its level will reach the level of 500,000 thousand rubles.

A family

Naturally, together with the types of social payments listed above in the text to mothers and families with children, the order of benefits will change for many others. First of all, this concerns families, where there is no breadwinner, where the father is a conscript, where the child is somehow connected with the Chernobyl zone, etc.

How to get benefits and what you need to do

Apparently, the procedure for receiving child benefits in 2018 will not change. So, for each type of social payment has its own rules.

Mother with baby

For example, a woman wants to get a maternity allowance, then she needs to prematurely agree with her employer that 70 days before the birth she can not by law come to work.If the pregnancy is multiple, plus two more weeks of legal rest are given to these 70 days.

After giving birth, a woman has the right not to go to the service for 70 days. If she has complications during childbirth, then in this case she is given an additional two weeks and two days. She is entitled to receive 110 days from her superiors if she has given birth to twins and more children.

Absolutely for all days off, a woman who has undergone pregnancy and childbirth receives a benefit in the amount of 100% of the average earnings.

In order to receive benefits and maternity leave, a woman must be provided with her boss:

  • disability certificate;
  • application for leave;
  • other documents, if required (for example, a certificate, including information on earnings, from other places of work).

Also, a woman who has registered with a medical institution in the early stages of pregnancy should already then try to get a medical certificate stating the number when she actually got registered.

This is with regard to the monthly payments of child benefits.

To make a lump-sum payment of child support for the birth of a child, you need to prepare the following list of documents:

  • application for a benefit received earlier;
  • certificate and a copy of the child's birth certificate;
  • other documents, if required (for example, a certificate stating that the other parent does not receive any allowance).

Naturally, for registration of a package of necessary documents with you need to take as well the originals, along with copies.

Getting benefits occurs in various ways:

  • or through the accounting department of the company where the mother works;
  • either money is credited to a card issued in advance, transferred by the state to the mother’s account;
  • or any other possible options.

Depending on the situation, the options and possibilities for obtaining child benefit for the mother may be different. Therefore, we recommend that you learn in advance important information about your next steps in relevant instances, for example, from government representatives, from lawyers, from your employer, or simply from knowledgeable acquaintances.

The size of child benefits in 2018, established by the state, carries the message of support for families who really need help. Children are the future of the country, and the better they are raised, the more beautiful the nation as a whole. It only remains to hope that they will never need anything, since they will always have everything in prosperity.

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