Ceramic sink for the kitchen: types, review of manufacturers + what to look for when choosing

Modern kitchen is difficult to imagine without a spacious sink designed for washing dishes. The sanitary device connected to the sewage and water supply can be made of various materials: stainless steel, artificial or natural stone.

One of the best options is a ceramic sink for the kitchen, which we describe in detail in our article.

The difference between sinks and sinks

First of all, find out what the kitchen device is different from the capacity used in the bathroom. Although these products are similar in appearance, they have a completely different purpose. The first is used to wash dishes, and often some types of products, the second - to wash and brush teeth.

Features of the application left an imprint on the design features of these types of plumbing.In the kitchen bowl put a large number of dishes, including large items, such as pots, bakeware, pans. Therefore, it is usually deeper than the sink in the sanitary unit.

Deep ceramic sink
The depth of the kitchen sinks, as a rule, is greater than the sinks: this not only increases the capacity, but also prevents water from splashing

An important factor is the comfort of use. To provide convenience when washing dishes, a variety of additions can be made to the design of the device: additional compartments, spaces for drying, butchery surfaces.

Types of ceramic sinks, their features

Ceramics are materials made from kaolin, refractory, or other types of clay into which sand, feldspar or other additives are added.

Stages of ceramic production

The recipe and technology may be slightly different, but in general for the manufacture of products using the following procedure:

  1. First of all, the raw material is prepared, which is purified from impurities and sieved for uniformity of particles.
  2. All components are mixed, strictly following the recipe, then poured into the form; using pressing is the formation of a shard.
  3. Completes the process of multi-stage firing, which is carried out in several stages with a certain dwell time at different temperatures.

In modern conditions, coloring pigments are usually introduced into the composition in preparation for firing. Some firms specializing in exclusive products, carry out decoration and painting upon completion of roasting.

Features of different types of ceramics

All products belonging to the ceramic group can be made from the following materials:

  • faience;
  • porcelain;
  • porcelain stoneware.

Earthenware plumbing is quite popular due to its budget cost, although its performance is inferior to porcelain due to a higher water absorption rate.

Porcelain Kitchen Sink
Sinks made of porcelain look very aesthetic. The delicate walls of such products are perfectly white. With proper care, it lasts for decades, not acquiring a yellowish tint over time.

Since the earthenware has a porous structure, it is able to absorb odors, moisture and dirt, and eventually becomes covered with small cracks. Special glazes help to overcome these shortcomings. The product is coated with a thin layer.

Porcelain bowls have much better characteristics, their porosity and water resistance are 9-12% lower than that of earthenware.

They are much more expensive, but are more durable. In addition, due to its perfectly smooth glossy surface, porcelain has an attractive appearance.

Ceramic ware also includes porcelain stoneware sinks. For the manufacture of this material in the mixture of clay and sand is added filler - granite chips.

Porcelain stoneware sinks
Kitchen products made of porcelain stoneware are in high demand due to the combination of high performance, diverse attractive design and affordable prices.

Products have excellent performance characteristics: increased resistance to mechanical stress, low water-tightness coefficient, low porosity.

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic sinks

Ceramics kitchen sinks owe their popularity to a combination of positive qualities. These include:

  1. Great appearance that persists for a long time.
  2. Reliability and long period of operation.With the exclusion of mechanical effects, they can serve for decades.
  3. Environmental friendliness. For the manufacture of products used natural materials that have no harmful evaporation, even when exposed to high temperatures. Ceramics can safely be allowed to come into contact with food.
  4. Resistant to moisture and chemicals. Sinks perfectly tolerate prolonged exposure to water, regardless of its hardness. They also have resistance to all kinds of household chemicals, if the latter do not include abrasives.
  5. Lack of deposits on the walls. Thanks to the perfectly smooth surface, even minimal pieces of food do not linger on the walls.
  6. Noiselessness Ceramics extinguishes sounds well and does not resonate, due to which even with a functioning mixer there is almost no sound.

For greater protection against moisture, a special coating is applied to the surface of the bowl, thanks to which water flows along the walls and does not accumulate on them.

Solid ceramic surface
The hard surface of ceramic devices is extremely difficult to scratch. This allows plumbing to maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time.

At the same time, sinks have several disadvantages.First of all, this is a high density of the material: even compact shells are rather heavy, which makes them difficult to transport.

Products of this type are difficult to install. For high-quality installation of washing is better to invite experts. Ceramics is fragile, so all products from it should be protected from mechanical stress.

The most fragile material is faience, indicators of resistance in porcelain and porcelain stoneware are slightly higher.

Due to the peculiarities of the production process, a wide edging often passes around the perimeter of a round or rectangular sink of a standard design.

It is better to give preference to the option with hidden installation: in this case the strip will be located below the table top, which will hide it from the view.

Factors determining the choice of product

To choose a convenient and aesthetic option, it is important to pay attention to many factors, including shape, depth, size, color, and many others.

Two options for installing a sink

First of all, you should decide on the type of sink that will be installed in the kitchen. All such devices are divided into two categories:

  • mortise;
  • invoices.

The first version is mounted directly into the hole made in the tabletop. Especially often this design is used if the kitchen is an elongated common work area.

Depending on the specific model of this type of sink, it is possible to install both under the table top and at its level.

Mortise kitchen sink
Mortise options are often installed on built-in furniture, while they are made to order by pre-removed sizes. There are also standard modifications of such devices.

Overhead products are simply placed as a cover on a special cabinet, replacing the tabletop. This type of washing is great if separate modules are used as kitchen furniture.

This option is cheaper than the mortise, but significantly loses in terms of aesthetics.

Shell bowl shape

Ceramic containers can have either the standard or the most bizarre form. True, the original interpretation is inherent in products made to special orders, where designers can realize the most courageous fantasies.

Classic options are round, square and rectangular,oval and triangular containers are somewhat less common.

Ceramic round sink
Choosing the form of washing, it is necessary to take into account the features. So, the most capacious are round bowls. In addition, you should consider how the configuration of sanitary ware will match the interior

For corner structures, both standard and special versions can be used, including several compartments.

Such devices are ideal for small spaces, as they allow you to fill an empty corner and save space. In addition, they have a spectacular appearance.

Ceramic sinks with compartments

A sink with a single container is easy to clean, but not very convenient if you have to perform several types of work at the same time, for example, washing dishes and defrosting products.

Sink from two compartments
The number of boxes in the sink varies from 2 to 5, while they can be placed in different ways: in a row or at an angle

For the comfort of users, many manufacturers have adjusted the issue of sinks with several bowls.

Especially popular are the so-called one-and-a-half option, which includes a large capacity for washing dishes and a compact compartment, which is convenient to use for defrosting or for other purposes.

Another popular modification is the sink, which has two large bowls and one miniature, located between them.

Size and depth of capacity

The choice of sink parameters depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the size of the room.

In a miniature room, a large sink with several compartments is unlikely to be appropriate. Although it is certainly very convenient, it would be better to look in the spacious kitchen.

Corner sink model
In a compact space, it is better to restrict a small ceramic sink. Corner models that can include one or more compartments look impressive.

An important parameter is the depth of the bowl. If it is too small, a lot of dishes are unlikely to fit there, and drops from water will spray on the surrounding space.

Too deep and too deep sinks: in this case, the hostess has to constantly bend over, which can cause pain. According to experts, the most comfortable operation is provided by bowls 14.5-18 cm deep.

When choosing, you must also take into account the distance between the back and the front wall of the ceramic container.It should not be greater than the depth of cabinets or other furniture, which is supposed to install the sink.

Car wash color and design

In specialized outlets you can find ceramic products made in a variety of colors.

In addition to the traditional white car washes, models of beige and black have gained popularity. By special orders, exclusively decorated products are executed with a painting or ornament.

Exclusive model of ceramic sink
Designer model of ceramic sink can be a central part of the kitchen interior. A number of enterprises are taking orders for the execution of similar original projects.

Classic white kitchen sink options fit almost any style. Especially well they are combined with the interiors of retro, country, minimalism.

Models of a streamlined shape look good in rooms in the avant-garde style, and options with painting and ornament in ethnically decorated spaces.

Additional shell elements

For the convenience of users, a number of models provide specially connected sites that can be used for storing clean dishes, cutting food or other purposes.

Determining the quality of the model
To determine the quality of ceramic products, it is enough to knock on washing with a pencil or similar object. A dull sound indicates a possible defect - a void or crack, and a ringing sound indicates a good quality product.

There are two types of similar structures:

  • sink with "wings" - the additional platform is a single unit with the sink;
  • device with the "beach" - one or two parts are connected to the bowl with fasteners.

In various versions of kitchen sinks, extra seats can have both a flat and ribbed surface.

Top Ceramic Manufacturers

As in other similar cases, it is better to give preference to goods of reputable companies. In order to verify the quality of products, it is advisable to ask the seller to provide a certificate and discuss the issue of the warranty period.

Ceramic products for the kitchen are relatively few manufacturers. Among the reputable companies we name several brands.

SystemCeram: a young concern with a long tradition

The German company engaged in the production of molded ceramic products, was founded in 1928.At the beginning of this century, major structural changes took place in the company that changed its owner.

The new owner has relied on the development of high-tech industries, expanding the range of manufactured products. Now the catalogs include a wide range of diverse products, including porcelain-made laboratory glassware.

Kitchen sink from SystemCeram
SystemCeram offers kitchen bowls that have a different color and shape. The company's products have an elegant design and are also very convenient to use.

A wide selection of ceramic sinks, which are produced in medium batches or are made by special orders.

The company's models are traditionally characterized by high German quality; they have a well-thought-out construction, in which additional compartments, “wings”, and dryers are provided.

A diverse range of company Blanco

Ceramic sinks of the German brand Blanko, which are characterized by a combination of excellent quality and aesthetic appearance, are widely represented on the profile market.

Founded in 1925, the company specializes in the production of kitchen and medical equipment: the catalogs include accessories, faucets and sinks made of various types of materials.

Products with excellent performance characteristics are available in a wide range of sizes and colors - from rich black to soft blue and pearl white.

Ceramic sinks Blanco
The manufacturer pleases buyers with a wide range of products. The catalog contains models with various design features: round, angular, rectangular, with additional bowls and other additions.

The complete set for installation of equipment, including the protective valve and bypass fittings, and also the instruction where are given all instructions on assembly is attached to a set to a sink.

Blanco products are available in a wide price range, they are practical and easy to maintain: fairly regular easy cleaning with conventional detergents.

Swiss quality from Franke

One of the leading manufacturers of kitchen sinks is Franke AG, which has 80 enterprises located in 40 countries around the world, including Russia.

The activities of the company began in 1911. For a long time she specialized only in the manufacture of metal products, but in recent years has significantly expanded the range.

Now under this brand produced a large number of productsfirst of all kitchen equipment: hobs, range hoods, accessories, faucets, dishwashers, coffee machines, refrigerators.

Kitchen sink Franke
Together with the sink, all necessary fittings and linings are attached, in some cases a convenient “discharge-overflow” system is also provided. The downside is the high cost, which is relevant for most of the models presented.

A significant place in the catalogs is also occupied by all kinds of shells, which are made of different types of material, including the ceramic mixture Fraceram, which is resistant to mechanical loads and is resistant to stains.

The advantages include a wide range, which covers models of various shapes, dimensions, design. Presents products with original decorated surfaces, for example, bowls with microdecora.

Especially popular are deep tanks with a small internal slope, due to which splashing can be almost completely avoided.

Budget option from IKEA

In the catalog of a well-known Swedish company you can find ceramic sinks at a democratic price, but only concise white models are available to the Russian buyer.

Nevertheless, in terms of practicality, quality, capacity and price, this is a very attractive option, especially given the 25-year warranty.

Model "Dumche" from Ikea
The disadvantages of IKEA models include the appearance of “cracks” at the bottom, although the surface of the walls itself remains still smooth.

The laid-on sink from IKEA is perfect for decorating the kitchen of Provence or Country, but you need to consider that the thickness of the countertop in this case should exceed 3.8 cm.

Mortise modification has modest dimensions and the optimum depth of the bowl - 18.3 cm. This option would be appropriate in a room decorated in any style.

A pleasant surprise from the manufacturer: a cutting board made of solid wood and a steel colander are attached to the sink for free.

Longran: English traditions

The Longran brand produces sinks, accessories and household appliances, which are distinguished by high working qualities, functionality and stylish design. Excellent product characteristics are confirmed by international certificates.

Kitchen Sink Longran
For the manufacture of ceramic products, the company uses wear-resistant, environmentally friendly materials. All products are checked for compliance with the physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics.

Longran sinks are made in different colors, but white and glossy black products are especially popular, which contrast nicely with the mixers and accessories made of chrome-plated steel.

Ceramic products are unpretentious in operation and resistant to damage due to the special coating that prevents the formation of stains, scratches, chips.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video below contains details on various types of sinks, their advantages and disadvantages:

On the video you can see various models of ceramic sinks from the famous manufacturer Blanco:

Ceramic sinks have a long and reliable service. In compliance with the rules of operation, they will retain their qualities and appearance for decades.

For such a purchase should be taken extremely seriously. When choosing a product for the kitchen, it is important to pay attention to both the technical qualities and the aesthetic advantages of the model. In this case, it is necessary to take into account how much it will correspond to the size and stylistic features of the room.

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