Ceiling in the kitchen.

Repair in the apartment we do infrequently. And, probably, the kitchen is the only room that requires more frequent restoration of appearance. And if everything is quite clear with the walls and the floor when finishing, then how to make armstrong ceiling is still not very clear. After all, the requirements for the ceiling in the kitchen are quite serious. It must withstand temperature extremes, high humidity. In addition, it is aesthetically pleasing to look and, if necessary, to transfer a wet wash. The simplest way to design a ceiling is to paint it with white paint or with some shade.

Of course, at first it will look great. However, be aware that it will look neat, if the ceiling is perfectly aligned and evenly painted. In addition, temperature drops will contribute to the appearance of cracks on it. And moisture and splashes of fat will eventually make the ceiling an ugly yellow color. Thus, this ceiling is not suitable for any of the criteria. By the way, ceilings bedroom can be viewed at the link above.

In contrast, modern stretch ceilings have all the qualities. Due to the fact that they independently form the surface, there is no need to level the ceiling. The variety of colors in which the ceiling can be made is amazing. They easily withstand changes in temperature and high humidity, moreover, if desired, they are amenable to wet cleaning. Another positive feature is that they will save the walls and the floor if neighbors suddenly flood.

In addition, the ceiling itself will not suffer at all. In addition to all the above, they have a camouflage function. With their help, you can disguise most of the communications and wires, which, as you know, are numerous in the kitchen. The only disadvantage of stretch ceilings is their cost. But if you focus on practicality and durability, it is better not to find them.

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