Cartoon Gav-meow (2019)

How many modern cartoons can be listed created for the smallest viewers? Disney Pictures creations immediately come to mind.

But the work of this studio has a relatively large timekeeping, and it is difficult for small children to keep their attention throughout the entire cartoon.

Therefore, Russian cinema has prepared for all parents the perfect salvation, how to entertain your child - funny stories about animals!

What is known about the animated series?

“Gav-meow” is an animated series, and the release of the first season is already scheduled for March 2019. Each series of “Gav-meow” will last seven minutes, so the baby will not have time to get tired and be distracted by something else, but devote enough time to the plot. Especially since he will immediately entice a bright, magical picture of the world created in this animated series.

All the characters there are kind and lovely talking animals who live in society and how people get into the most unexpected, and even funny situations, from which they constantly have to get out.

The main characters of the cartoon are cats Musya and Vasya, who live next door to ... dogs! In real life, Musya and Vasya probably would have moved far away from annoying and aggressive dogs, but not in Gav-meow.

Here they are the real friends, therefore it is not at all strange that Musya and Vasya begin their day with a meeting with friends - Rex, Boxer, and also poochs Sharik and Barbos. These animals are very curious by nature, because they constantly neglect the safety rules and are embroiled in interesting situations from which you can not just take and run.

However, the animals always have an escape route - a smart rabbit that walks with them! He, of course, warns his friends, they say, in some situations it is better not to plunge ... but do the curious cats and dogs listen to him?

woof meow animated series

So the rabbit always has to save them, and it turns out he is always brilliant - because he is very clever. In seconds, he can come up with a new miracle of technology. Make a helicopter from improvised means, for example? Yes, easily!

The series “Gav-meow” not only can take a child for a while, it also instills important life values ​​from a young age.So, despite the external differences, dogs and cats get along together perfectly, they are always ready to help each other, and never quarrel, friendship is always more important to them than minor troubles.

Kind and funny characters will immediately appeal to both the child and parents, they can be sure about the leisure of his child, because this is a much better alternative to the same YouTube or Smeshariki, for example.

Who is involved in the creation of the cartoon "Gav-meow"?

woof meow 2019 release date

The director of the future animated series will be Aleksey Kotenochkin, who once took part in the creation of many cartoons.

Take, for example, the legendary "Well, wait a minute!" He worked as a production designer in such short films as “Got that bitten!”, “Kitten from Lizyukov Street”, “Island of the Rusty General”.

Alexey Kotenochkin was also the screenwriter of the short films “Merry Go Round # 32”, “Who is the first?”.

As for his directorial work, he managed to create already nine animation projects (not counting the future of Gav-meow).His last work is the animated series “Tishka Train. Back on the road, ”which tells about the life of small steam trains.

woof meow cartoon

Just like the heroes of “Gav-meow”, they constantly come up in bizarre situations and try to get out of them with the help of wit and a pinch of luck.

Also in 2017, he participated in the creation of the Russian animated series in collaboration with France - “The Incredible Adventures of Niels”, which tells about the friendship between a boy and a goose-pilot.

To voice one of the main roles in the animated series will be Veronica Sarkisova. She is the voice of the many heroines of Hollywood blockbusters, as we hear them in the usual Russian dubbing. So, she voiced characters in the films “Jumanji: Call of the Jungle”, “Blade Runner 2049”, “Geostorm”, “The Secret Life of Pets”, “Suicide Squad” and even “Twin Peaks”.

Another actress dubbing - Anna Shtukaturova voiced female heroines in such films as "Pretend My Wife", "More Than Sex", "Scott Pilgrim Against All", "Double Life Charlie Sun Cloud", "Lovely Bones" and many others.

Full crew

cartoon woof meow trailer

  • Producers: Alexander Mitroshenkov (“Nils's Incredible Adventures”, “Tishka Train”), Artashes Ayvazyan (“Tishka Train”), Norayr Guzyalyan (“10 Rabbit Friends”).
  • Writers: Dmitry Mansurov, Maria Tereshchenko, Oleg Kozyrev (“Tishka Train: New Adventures”, “Pilot Brothers Sometimes Fish”).
  • Artists: Alexander Sikorsky (“Tim and Toma”), Rinat Gazizov (“The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik”, “Cinema Childhood. Machines of a Fairy Tale. A Humpbacked Horse at a guest at the storyteller”)
  • Composer: Timur Vedernikov (“Everything will be fine”, “Philip's Bay”).
  • The roles were also voiced by: Nikita Prozorovsky (“Lord Comrades”, “My Personal Enemy”), Marina Bakina (“Breaking Bad”, “Followers”).

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