Brownie Day - cool wishes poems and prose

Good day! February 10, according to the ancient Slavic traditions, celebrate "Kudesy" - the day of the house goat treat. On this day, it is customary to treat and appease the present owner of the house. If you have never talked to a brownie or do not know whether you have one in your house or not, February 10 is a great time to find out and make friends with him.

On the night of February 9-10, put a plate with treats in a secluded corner: a spoonful of cereal, a piece of cake or a sweet bun, candy or a piece of sugar. From candies brownie loves caramels, pads or candy. Coins are also placed on the plate with treats for the birthday person. Coins - this is a request to the owner to take care of prosperity in the house. In the morning, these coins are collected, put in a beautiful bag and stored in a secret place until next year.

The housewife usually treats the housewife (housewives are more sympathetic to women), and she says three times:walk, help me (my name) and my family, protect you from misfortunes and illnesses, help live in prosperity and wealth! ”After each appeal, you have to bow before the house to the ground. After that, the whole family goes to sleep, so as not to interfere with the home-made meal.

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Congratulations greeting card for Brownie Day

Congratulations on Brownie Day in verse

Today is a brownie holiday -
Beloved and dear.
You heartily congratulate him
One hundred grams and leave the bread in the corner.

Let it mark this day
After all, all year round he is not lazy
You do the housework help,
And guard your threshold.

From bad news and misfortunes,
From all addictions,
From the evil people, damage, the evil eye,
From all diseases and leprosy.

He works, not working hard
He deserved this holiday!

Get to know - this is my
Personal kind brownie.
Helps with housework
Without conceit and deceit.

Protects, protects,
The house is leading as follows:
All in the affairs, concerns - he and
Brews, washes, cleans, water!

Yes, of course, kidding -
So congratulations, I want to:
I wish you joy
Brownie welcome!

Today we honor the goblin
He is a full member of the family,
After all, they know everything - he can much
And the benefits and harm to bring home.
Today you prepare a treat for him,
That he was favorable to you all year.
Thank for the good and ask him forgiveness,
May he never give you trouble.

He thrashes around in pots,
He catches sleep at night.
Orders bring, clean
And sit down a song to mumble softly.
From the moon's rays weave a pigtail,
Will listen to the rustling in the night
And she will conjure a daughter il son
Hosts on the flame of a candle.
The keeper of the house is our restless
Prankster and naughty. Yes you are!
Take our respects favorably.
Funny, sweet, kind Brownie!

Congratulations to my reason
Over which sometimes laugh
Not a fad or a damn thing,
And zapuznoy national hero!
My little speech is ready:
To your answer, hoping hardly,
I congratulate you on the day of the brownie -
May he also hear my words!

Cool greetings on the Day of Brownie - February 10

Happy Brownie, keeper of the wonderful!
He protects our comfort and peace!
So treat him well - dear, wise,
To always be with you!
Let him sometimes play pranks
In the saucer, leave him some milk!
For all the same, our brownie tries,
So that life was pleasant and easy!

I congratulate you on the house of the brownie,
Keeper of happiness, comfort simple!
I wish that he was always pleased,
And the house avoided any trouble!
To make money, you lived in abundance
And never trivial over trifles
With the "master of the house" only friends
And he gave you help and joy!
Brownie modest -
Know yourself watching the house
So as not to drip water
And the order was always.
But today for the boy,
Good fellow,
Prepare you a treat:
Pies, compote, cookies.
He will answer you well
Like the best magician ever
Put things in order everywhere
Stop beating dishes
On the threshold will not let the cruel
And even peel the onions!
In general, you live in harmony
And treasure each other!

Wonderful day -
Feast of the brownie!
We want you friends
Were all healthy!
To happiness in the house was,
Miracle and smiles,
To make wishes fulfilled
Goldfish! And also - we wish money
And in general - wealth,
So that you live, dear,
And warm and sweet!
Let homemade brownie
Joy will bring
Forever in the world this
From the problems will save!
To have order at home
And calm and well
Congratulations to the brownie!
He will be terribly happy
And I congratulate you,
And I advise you to be friends,
With that who protects your house
Peacefully to live in it.
Prepare him for the holiday
Congratulatory cake
To the invisible prankster
Brought further use!

SMS greetings on the Day of Brownie

Who protects our house every day?
Who cares for peace and comfort?
The brownie is the real master
He gives us happiness and joy!
On his holiday we congratulate each other,
We wish love and warmth!
Do not forget about a dear friend
And we pour him milk!

Happy Brownie Day congratulations to you!
Be a friend to him and sometimes indulge.
What would he bring happiness to you, I wish
And you please him with your kindness.
May the house always be clear and bright
Let joy come to any corner.
You're a friend of homemade sweetie,
And he will give you happiness, my dear!

Someone in the kitchen under the window
Sparrow scattered crumbs.
Cleaned the upper room with a broom,
Our sleep is strong all night guarded.

This house settled brownie,
Affectionate, gentle, soft as a kitten.
Do not forget to congratulate him
At night, put the milk on the table.

Today is a happy moment
For home today joy is time.
And if they suddenly hear an angry cry,
Then immediately they go there.

Whispering quietly: "Do not be angry, my friend."
And now there is peace in the soul.
A little brownie will jump over the threshold
And run to her soon home.

Brownie need to honor
Sometimes feed him
And then, as they say,
There will be peace and harmony in the house.

He will help you in everything
The enemy will not let in the house,
From adversity will save
He, too, lives here.

Remember Lafan with Kuzey,
Even if they nashyat
Then they will help
And the losses will be reimbursed.

Poems for the Day of Brownie. Holiday Velisichi

Happy Brownie Day, little drums,
He protects our family comfort and peace,
Treat him, respect, sweet and wise,
So that he always stays with you!
To live in prosperity, I was happy,
Not sad, not sad, not trivial for trifles,
I wish only to be friends with Domov
And he answered you, gave help and joy!

Today I congratulate you on the Day of Brownie,
So ridiculous, simple, funny
The keeper of the family hearth, happiness and comfort,
Having a Brownie is so cool!
And if you have, he is always pleased,
Your house will bypass the side any trouble
Bravely he saves our sleep and rest,
I wish that he was always with you!

Somewhere in the middle of the worst month of February,
The holiday gives us a piece of the calendar,
The guardian of the family, happiness and comfort simple,
This unusual holiday - Brownie Day!
Respect your friend today, prepare a treat,
He loves milk and will not give up strawberry jam,
Always thanks for serving your family,
In peace and peace, he keeps your house!

In the corner of yourself quietly and very modestly,
Brownie lives and carefully monitors the house,
Congratulations maybe he is not waiting,
Know yourself working, family comfort saves!
The best family wizard in the world,
For good always answer you well
In general, live with your Brownie,
Respect each other and cherish the friendship!

Prepare today to Domovom the best treat,
He has a holiday today! Take out the cookies!
After all, he is the master of family happiness and prosperity,
Try that the owner ,, at home was sweet!
The order is able to support it everywhere,
Happens, sweeping floors, washing dishes,
And in his defense against evil spirits, do not hesitate
When you see him, smile heartily!

Happy Birthday Greetings - February 10

If at night you wake up
Knocking and howling around the apartment
Just do not be scared people:
It is in the house of the brownie.

He has fun at night
The norov manifests its:
Well, that settled
In our house brownie.

We are your presents at night
Bring - your gift,
We all love you very much:
Congratulations, brownie.

All shaggy brownies
I send congratulations
I'll leave them in the corner
Crumb biscuits,

And in a thimble pour
Vodka a little.
Let them celebrate today
Feast of the brownie!

On the day of the brownie in the corner put
We have a muffin, fresh milk.
And the brownie let our house protects
From evil, and let it increase good.

He is a grandfather, master and keeper.
Family holy hearth.
So that the house was in order, there was happiness -
You call grandfather and then

Lost things are all there
And the child will stop crying,
Spouse make up. Only grandfather
Leave some candy sometimes.

Who in the well-being keeps our comfort?
Who do fairy tales write, sing songs?
Who shelter guards day and night?
Brownie of course! He is waiting for work from work!

Congratulations to all the wonderful holiday!
In each house, let Kuzya live his adorable!
Let your good housing keep you from harm
Gives you peace, gives you let it warm!

Who in the house is the main helmsman?
Probably think you?
And no. Boss - Brownie,
After all, only he will save from the poor.

He runs the whole household,
Only sometimes he takes something for himself.
Having played enough everything returns
And also the house in order leads on.

Every home has love and there is a hearth
And their keeper lives freely in the house,
In discord and loss, he gives the exact sign
He is not in oblivion and slumber,

He is on guard all day and night,
So pay tribute to you homely,
Try to help him in everything -
Bring harmony and peace to any home!

Brownie Day - SMS Greetings

Brownie! Brownie!
This day is yours!
And do not be offended at us,
Pie you help yourself!

We are grateful to you
For everything everywhere,
For calm, comfort -
You have time here and there.

Protects every home
Brownie serious
Make friends sometimes
It's not easy with him
Brownie on his day
The helmet we all bow,
May our master be kind
It will be supportive!

The house of the brownie comes to us,
You need to meet with kindness,
After all, the old man is white haunted,
He gives us comfort and warmth with warmth.

Make friends with the brownie
It is very important.
He will help you out
Not even once.

And in the magic of this day
I wish you,
Share with brownie
Pie and tea.

It will then be in the house fret
Happiness and good luck
Know your helpers
Brownie assigned.

Little homely spirit
Our hearth protects
Can fool around a bit,
But always good wishes!

Brownie! Today is your
The holiday has come cheerful!
That accept bread and salt
From friends and newcomers!

Beautiful prose on the Day of the Brownie (Velesichi Holiday)

On this wonderful day, the world celebrates an unusual celebration - the Brownie Day. So let your house-spirit always maintain warmth and comfort in your house, let love and care always reign there, let happiness and joy always live in it and sincere laughter sound and let your hearth
On the holiday Velesichi (Brownie Day) prepare treats in order not to offend and cajole your brownie. Congratulations and congratulate your hero of the occasion! Even if the good keeper of the hearth and the owners of the house have a table overflowing with delicacies and delicacies. May there be peace and good-neighborliness among all inhabitants of the home. And in the thoughts and in the rooms the ideal order reigns!

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