Bottle fixture

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From ordinary wine bottles can get a very beautiful and unusual lamp. Making it yourself is so simple that even a beginner can handle it. When it is cold and slush outside the window, it is very great to light such night-lights and make your home especially warm and cozy. Well, for their intended purpose, they serve no worse than the finished ones - soft light due to thick glass becomes diffused and muffled. In complete darkness, bottle fixtures look very cool.


What do we need?

  • empty translucent bottle of wine (or any other glass container with thick and slightly turbid walls)
  • bottle caps
  • decorative elements (twine, beads, etc.)
  • LED garland on 25-50 light bulbs (it is better to take an autonomous, but the standard one with a plug is also suitable)

How to make a lamp?

Bottles need to be thoroughly rinsed with a brush, and then dried. It is very important that the containers are completely dry. If in doubt, it is better to wait a day or two, so that each drop exactly disappeared. It's about electricity, so be careful!

We will decorate the bottle.You can do this with twine. We have already told you how to do this.


Let's make a stand. If you have the opportunity to collect dry twigs, do it. Glue them together with a "well". If this is not possible, use wine corks. Just put them perpendicular and glue with superglue. Pebbles, cinnamon sticks, twine, beautiful beads, etc. can be added to this composition.

It is better to glue the bottle to the stand, so that it is more stable.

The night light is almost ready, it remains to add only the main element - a garland. If you have an LED that does not need to be plugged in, then the job is already done: just put it inside the bottle, close it with a cork, and then reach for the garland as needed. If you have a garland with a plug, you need to tinker a bit. Take a cork and make a neat cut: approximately to the center of the cork. Now place the garland in the bottle, and pass its cord through this very hole in the cork (more precisely, attach the cork to the cord). Close the bottle, turn on as needed.


You can put artificial petals or decorative foil in the bottle.This will allow you to give the product some shade. Make a few such bottles and decorate your room with such lights.

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