Among the numerous holidays devoted to military affairs, one particularly stands out - the Day of the Border Guard, a holiday dedicated to real defenders of the fatherland. It is celebrated by all those who devoted themselves to the protection of the borders of our Motherland, all those who served and serve in the border troops, and the frontier guards themselves, and their friends, and members of their families. What number of the Day of the border guard in Russia, how this holiday appeared and how important the border troops are for the security of our country - you will find out in this article.

Border Guard Day in 2018

Border Guard Day is a way to say “thank you” to everyone who defends the borders of our Motherland. Anyone who is not afraid to stand on the record of peace of mind of citizens of the country, who day and night protect the integrity of the state, those who serve in the border troops of Russia.

The Day of the border guard in Russia is annually celebrated on the same day - May 28th. In 2018, this holiday falls on Monday.

Border guards

history of the holiday

The Day of the Border Guard in Russia in 2018 is celebrated on May 28. On this day, the holiday has been celebrated for a whole century - the historical date appeared in 1918.It was then, immediately after the appearance of the young republic - the RSFSR, which replaced the Russian empire, and the border troops were created. On May 28, 1918, the Council of People's Commissars signed the Decree on the establishment of the Border Guard. The basis of the new kind of troops formed a separate building of the border guards of the former empire.

In 1958, in order to emphasize the importance of the border troops, the Day of the Border Guard was established. He was widely celebrated on a scale of shit, and a few years later became one of the most popular military holidays.Border troops

With the collapse of the USSR, the holiday has not lost its relevance. The Day of the Border Guard in Russia was approved on May 28, 1993. The date was chosen in honor of the appearance of the first border troops in the RSFSR, the successor to which was the modern Russian Federation.

History of Border Troops

The first mention of the professional protection of borders belong to the beginning of the XII century. The inhabitants of Novgorod, Pskov, and Yaroslavl organized abatis on their borders, a system of defensive installations in the path of their enemies. By the middle of the XIII century, the zaseki became more complex, turning from separate structures into multi-kilometer - or verst - zasechnye lines.After another century - by the XIV century - permanent posts of guard posts, that is, soldiers engaged in guarding the borders of the principality, appeared on the hedge lines. Zasechnaya guard and became a kind of prototype of the border troops.

In the first quarter of the 16th century, the intersection guard became professional — only trained, professional warriors were sent to the frontiers. Ivan the Terrible became the first tsar, who organized guards for border guards and checked the work of the guards on the spot, that is, on the border line of the state. To facilitate the work and supply the border guards, guard camps or serfs (fortresses) were put on the border, later transformed into full-fledged cities - this is how Kaluga, Murom, Kozelsk, Serpukhov appeared. First, serf guards lived in the serfs during their service, then “service people” and servants appeared in them — cooks, horsemen, gunsmiths; later, most of the warriors began to live in the notch constantly and their family members joined them. The fortress cities grew steadily, the border of Russia expanded, the line moved further and further, and the former serfs became the major cities of the country.So, the border guards in some measure can be called the ancestors of many modern settlements of Russia.

Border guards

The border service has been systematized and expanded. By the 18th century, customs functions were added to the security service. Catherine II completed the unification of the border and customs services, creating a full-fledged state structure that resolved all issues. Concerning the security of state borders.

In one form or another, the dual function - border security and customs issues - has been inherent in the border service for many years. The final separation of departments occurred only in 1922, when, under the auspices of the Cheka of the USSR, a special corps of border troops was created. So at the beginning of the 20th century, the guards of the frontiers were allocated to separate troops - the border service was almost completely formed.

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