Biomutant - 2018 game

  • release date: during 2018
  • Developer: Experiment 101
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Genre: action / RPG
  • Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The release of the game Biomutant is scheduled for 2018. She has already conquered many of those present at gamescom, which was held in late summer in 2017. It is something strange and desirable, familiar and incomprehensible, colorful and scary at the same time. Interesting?


In general, we begin by introducing you to those behind it all. The developer of the role-playing open-world action movie, the creators themselves called something like “Kung Fu Tales”, was made by the Swedish studio Experiment 101. If you don’t know anything about it, then this is nothing: it was formed quite recently.


The company was founded by people involved in the development of gaming hits such as Just Cause and Mad Max. They come from Avalanche Studios, another Swedish company developing computer games.

Will issue the same "Biomutant" THQ Nordic. This Swedish computer game publisher can be known to gamers by the Darksiders series.

At gamescom in August 2017, in addition to Biomutant, he brought back the Black Mirror quest and the action adventure Aquanox Deep Descent.

But back to our "biological mutant."The game uses the Unreal Engine 4. Visitors to the international exhibition in Cologne appreciated the spectacle shown to them.

So, here it was as if the recklessness of Just Cause and the post-apocalyptic Mad Max were connected. And it looks cool!

Survive the post-apocalyptic world!

The open game world allows you to experience in your own skin what life is in a post-apocalyptic world where you need to act without interruptions in order to survive in this situation.


The main character is some kind of raccoon. He lives among mixed forests, where, in fact, the main action of the game takes place. Although the plot here is such that from time to time our little animal still has to get out of these "jungle" in order to get the cherished answers to questions.

His fate will throw him into the polar world, and into the desert, and even into Asia. However, only where there were only echoes of all these areas.

BUT! Since the game is called “Biomutant”, this means that here you can, as they say, “cheater”. The player will be available to all sorts of vehicles inherent in the post-apocalyptic world. For example, it will be possible to use wooden wings or a jet engine, or even a whole hydrocycle, although very heaped up.

A player can easily:

  • run,
  • to fly,
  • to swim.

Our fluffy is a biological mutant. At gamescom we were not presented fully armed, but the developers assure that by the time of their offspring all the declared things will appear in it.

For example, upgrade raccoon can be anything. Do you want him to attach a tum - please, want to paint it pink - please. You are here - God!

Create your hero in his own image and likeness. Well, if you do not have fangs that you personally would like to have, then fulfill this long-standing dream at least in the game.

Another interesting detail is the ally of the raccoon. This is a grasshopper. But he is not easy. Maybe even gold. High-tech, so to speak in his attitude. A bunch of implants are implanted inside his body. With such a friend, any foe will be left behind, agree.

Karma and fantasy

We also would like to draw your attention not to the following: there is a Yin-Yang karma system in the game. That is: if you have committed a certain action, then it will definitely come back to you soon. Therefore, it is better to think again before you commit a particular act. And then you can easily turn into a bad guy, as, in fact, you can easily become a role model again.


As for the battles in which the protagonist of the game will have to take part without fail, they are, so to speak, smart. You will need to conduct both close combat and long-range combat, constantly switching between them in order to find the right solution, which will lead to the desired victory over opponents. Elements of all kinds of martial arts, for example, kung fu, will help you with this.

Of course, without fantasy it will not do. Mutation allows you to shoot, for example, lightning, fire or ice. Another raccoon able to master telekinesis.

In general, the game is extraordinary, as you can see. A detailed study of the gameplay it turns out that the developers of Experiment 101 did not discover America. It’s just that they took all the best from their own experience and filed it with the game addicts in a very attractive attention wrapper. Such a "chocolate" many wanted to eat immediately. Agree, this is what happens in practice when someone tries to offer the world something extraordinary.

Game release date

The release date of the game - in 2018. No specific data on the release of Biomutant yet. Stay tuned to the site, so as not to miss all the fun,not least connected with the history of the mutating raccoon, in the arsenal of which there is a grasshopper with implants and much more interesting.


It is planned that the game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Its genre is action / RPG.

The player has the right to get a completely open world, where he can not just run where his eyes look, but also modify his character at will, using the latest developments in biomechanics, as well as master the possibilities of psi mutation.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Even in the game there is such a feature as "the fatigue of the narrator."

That is: if you play it one or two hours, then it will of course disturb you with its speech inserts, but if you dare to continue the gameplay, without being distracted by a break, then he will definitely get tired of what is happening, with the result that will be left alone with your thoughts. So here it is.

Although, of course, you will not be able to fully listen to your own thoughts only, since at a certain stage of the game the player simply needs to be familiarized with the current storyline.

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