Beer Bud: history of origin and modernity

In the whole world, there are a lot of varieties andvarieties of this foamy beverage. This brand is widely known in Europe, and in America, and in Russia. Today Bud beer is positioned as a classic American, and its advertising can be seen in many places. The slogan of the drink: "The King of beer." And it is sold in almost a hundred countries!beer bud

A bit of history

And it all began in 1876, in a family breweryBush in St. Louis. One of the owners, Adolfus, visits Bohemia, studying the recipe of the drink. On his return to the States, he decides to make beer according to Bohemian recipes from the masters from Ceske Budejovice. It, accordingly, was called Budejovicki (in German it sounds like Budweiser, and then it's simple: Bud beer). Over time, this will cause conflict for the right brand name between European and American masters. But we'll talk about this later, but today Bud beer is perceived by many consumers as exclusively American.bud beer degrees

Continuation of development

In those days, Bud beer, cooked according to European standards, was not exactly like the popular in America, the elite. However, this camp fell to the taste of the inhabitants of the New World.

Beer Bud - bottom fermentation. In 1881 artificial cooling technologies were introduced, which gives the drink an extra freshness and aroma. In the days of the dry law, an effective solution was found - the production of non-alcoholic "Bada", which did not reduce the company's turnover and profit. In 1936, the production of the famous beer in the banks was being adjusted.

Today "Bud" is brewed at twelve plantsonly in the States, another dozen enterprises are located all over the world and work for the local consumer under licenses, strictly observing the recipe and composition. In our country Bud Bud appears in 2010 at the facilities of SUN InBev (now in seven cities of Russia). So it's quite possible to talk about the mass character and wide popularity of this drink with bud price

Composition and strength

In the composition of the drink - only natural products, carefully selected:

  • water;
  • malt of barley;
  • hop.

As an additive is used Fig. Bud (beer) has a degree of 4.8%, and a calorie content of 42 units. According to the manufacturer, a multistage (240 steps!) Technology is used for production, each element of which is strictly controlled by masters-brewers.

Zest - beech shavings

At the stage of malting, beech chips are added to the mass, which softens the bitterness of the final product. This technology is completely unique and protected by appropriate rights.

50-year war

More than half a century lasts a dispute over the rights to the brandbetween the Czechs and the Americans. On the one hand, in the States this beer began to boil earlier for as much as 19 years. And on the other hand, already in 1531 the beer named Budweiser was served to the table of Frederick the First. Today, the rights to the brand are divided between companies in different countries in different ways. The Americans decided to introduce a new name "Bad" under the murmur, but the Czechs did not like it, so the disputes continue to this day. One thing is for sure: at the price and taste, Czech beer differs from the American one.

Beer Bud: price

By the way, about the cost of the present drinkstate production. It is about a dollar for 0.33 liters in a bottle. A 0.5 liters in the bank, for example, are worth one and a half US monetary units. Of course, in the CIS countries the price is subject to significant correction, and the "Bad" of local production under the license is bud reviews

Beer Bud: reviews

As for the tasting of the magic foamAmerican drink, then the reviews are very positive. The drink has a thin foam, located on the perimeter of the glass, the original flavor and taste, a pale yellow color on the color scheme, a rather unusual aftertaste. According to the tasters, after eating, there is a feeling of dry mouth. But, maybe, when drinking beer this is very much in the topic. After all, you always want to drink another one or two glasses.

With what and how to use

When using "Bada" it is necessary to take into account thatthe product has American roots. This applies to snacks, which are used as, for example, river salted fish (preferably salmon or trout). But a traditional roach or a ram will do. Well, the classic American fast food (where without it?), That is fried potato fries, burgers, and numerators. All this will create the necessary entourage when drinking "Bada". Experts advise to consume a drink at a temperature of plus 8 degrees, which is optimal.

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