Beautiful hair - hair care at home

Attractive appearance worries everyone. Surely there is no such person who would not look after himself.

This skin care, nail care, teeth, and hair. Moreover, hair care is important for women. However, men also do not hurt to take care of the hair.

Beautiful hair - hair care at home

Hair care includes haircuts, hairstyles, washing, root care, the use of cosmetic preparations for strengthening, the use of masks.

Simple rules, following which, you can keep your hair in order

  • Wash your head with warm water.
  • Wear a special hat in the sauna
  • It is better to dry the hair not with a hair dryer, they should dry themselves. To do this, wrap a head with a towel.
  • For emergency or quick drying, turn on the hot air dryer
  • Once a week, the head needs a massage, and twice a week apply oil on your hair.

Care for different types of hair

Only from the outside it seems that everyone has the same hair. In fact, they are different.There are normal, fatty, dry, mixed. Therefore, before applying this or that type of care, determine what kind of hair you have.

  • Normal. Shiny, not split, silky, elastic. Easy to comb and fit. Retain freshness for several days after washing.
  • Fatty. Have a dull shine, quickly pollute. As the sebaceous glands are active, oily dandruff appears
  • Dry Dim and lifeless. Badly combed, confused, torn, split
  • Mixed. Fat at the roots and dry at the tips

Beautiful hair - hair care at home

How to find out the type of hair

To check what type of hair you have. Do a simple test. To do this, take three napkins. The first is pressed against the roots, the second is carried out in curls, and the third - at the tips.

  1. If there is a greasy mark on all three wipes - oily hair
  2. If there are no traces on any of the napkins, then this is the normal type.
  3. If there are no traces on the first napkin or dandruff is found, and the next two have broken tips, then this is a dry type.
  4. If there are greasy marks on the first napkin, and nothing else on the rest, this is a mixed type.

Dry hair is most susceptible to damage.It is recommended not to wash too often, while using shampoos based on herbal extracts. Suitable extracts of chamomile, mint. However, it is recommended to make a hair mask for 29 minutes before washing. At the same time, include vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Beautiful hair - hair care at home

Unlike dry, greasy hair is washed daily. For washing, use shampoos on an oil basis. Recovery funds are not needed here. It is better to use cosmetics based on nettle extracts and coltsfoot.

Mixed hair is washed much more often - up to three times a week. Balsams are suitable for masks, it is recommended to use regularly.

As for normal hair, they do not need special care. The head is not washed more than twice a week. The main thing here is the use of vitamins.

How to properly care for your hair is described in the video below.

How to wash your hair

Now, as for washing. Say - and what's wrong with that, wet, soaped, washed and ready! But it was not there. If you want your hair to be always normal, you should also wash it according to the rules. After all, washing is the same care as combing, masking.

Beautiful hair - hair care at home

Standardly, hair is washed no more than three times a week. However, if the hair is oily, then it is possible more often.

If they are long, then before washing, you need to comb. Combs that comb your hair, the same need care. They need to be washed periodically. You only need to use your hairbrushes. Never take a comb from others, even if quick.

Water. Usually, everyone is washed with tap water. It is understandable, they went into the shower and washed. But water is everywhere different in hardness. In addition, bleach is added to it. If the water is hard, it means there are a lot of ions of iron and calcium. It is recommended to use distilled water. But if it is not there, then boiled one will do.

After washing your head, rinse it with a decoction of herbs. By the way, the temperature of the water should not be hot, nor even cold. But as for greasy hair, the fatter they are, the cooler the water is.

Beautiful hair - hair care at home

How to wash your hair? At the beginning of urinate with warm water. Then we collect shampoo and soap our hands. Rub the shampoo on the head should be in front, and then move to the back of the head.

Foam on the head distribute in circular motions, rubbing it into the skin with your fingertips, as if you were doing a massage.

Keep shampoo on your head for a long time is not recommended. After you rubbed it all, rinse with water.That's the whole procedure.

Hair masks

To strengthen the hair there are cosmetics. True, many of them are somewhat expensive. But there are folk remedies. Among them are popular juice of melon, cabbage, carrots and cucumber, from aloe leaves and onions. Well-proven decoction of nettle, St. John's wort, a decoction of the buds of birch or poplar.

If we talk about masks, then from sage or nettle - ideal for strengthening hair. Prepare a decoction is easy. Mix herbs, you can add to them more oregano. Everything develops into a container - a pot and filled with a glass of boiling water. Defended hour. The field of this broth is filtered. To make a porridge mass, add a slice of black bread - the pulp and mix. Mass applied to the hair with warm, two hours later, wash off with water.

Beautiful hair - hair care at home

Strengthening of hair is associated primarily with the prevention of loss. Drugs that are used in this, affect, primarily on the hair follicles. If they are normal, then the hair will be normal. Yeast, black bread, garlic help very well. It is recommended to wash it with live beer once a month. Even better, make a mask of honey, which is diluted in warm water.

An archery mask is used for growth.

We make juice from onions. Next, on two tablespoons of this juice, add a spoonful of honey and the same kefir, brandy and salt. The mixture is stirred, applied to the hair. Head wrapped with a towel. After the end of the procedure, in order not to smell the onions we wash with a solution of apple cider vinegar (half a liter of vinegar is diluted with half a liter of water).

Popular folk remedy - kefir. Such a mask is made simple.

Beautiful hair - hair care at home

A glass of kefir is heated on the water bath. Further, warm kefir is applied to the hair. At the roots it is necessary to massage the skin. After that, a plastic bag is put on the head, and the head itself is wrapped in a towel. After 20 minutes, washed off with water. Apply kefir mask once a week.

For hair growth, in addition to kefir mask is also used yeast. But kefir is also needed here. In a glass of kefir mixed slightly less than a teaspoon of yeast. This mixture is infused for 20 minutes, after which it is applied to the head. Top dress package. Keeps the mask for 30 minutes, then washed off with water.

Well recommended burdock oil. Mineral salts, vitamins, protein, as well as stearic and palmitic acids, which are part of this oil nourish the hair and strengthen them.The oil is applied starting from the hair roots and gradually over their entire length. Polyethylene is put on the head, the mask is kept on the head for three hours. After that it is washed off. What would be better to wash off the oil applied shampoo. The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week.

Hair masks can be prepared on the basis of a variety of components. Two types are more often distinguished from them: on the basis of essential oils and without them.

Essential Oil Masks

Essential oils are good for hair. They help growth, relieve dandruff, loss, add thickness and shine to hair.

Among the common essential oils emit such as juniper, clove, fir, lemon balm.

Hair oil

If the hair is oily, use masks based on bergamot, clove, cedar, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, pine, sage, eucalyptus, lemon.

Mandarin, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, orange or chamomile are suitable for dry hair.

But these are additives, and oils are the basis for them anyway. They can be castor and cedar, hemp and corn.

For example, a recipe mask for growth and strengthen hair.

To prepare such a mask, take 50 grams of any base oil, i.e. the basics.Olive, burdock, castor or even their mixture. This oil, or a mixture of oils, is heated in a water bath, after which a composition of firming and stimulating blood circulation essential oils in the following combination is added: 3 drops of rosemary oil, 3 drops of lavender, 2 drops of cinnamon and 2 drops of thyme. The finished mask is rubbed into the scalp and lasts 40 minutes.

Another one for greasy hair. In this mask, the base is jojoba oil and almond oil. We take 50 ml of these oils (in the same proportion), heat them, add five melissa, bergamot and eucalyptus oils to the hot mixture.

This mask is applied to clean hair. Holds for half an hour, then washed. After that, the head is rinsed with a weak solution of apple cider vinegar.

Below is a table by which you can choose the essential oils, depending on the structure of the hair and application.

Table selection of oils for masks

Masks without essential oils

Masks without essential oils are natural masks. This gives them a greater advantage. And it is much easier to prepare, most of the ingredients are always at hand. And essential oils still need to look.

For example, egg and honey. It gives plasticity and shine to hair.Prepared as follows: mixed raw egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey. One feature - the mask is applied before washing, and not after. Holds up 10 minutes. Washed off with a simple shampoo.

Egg and honey mask is universal, it can be used for different purposes. For example, for hair restoration, this mask is used daily for two to three weeks. However, it is not washed off with alkaline soap or shampoo. Moreover, during its application you can not use any varnishes, mousses, etc.

Natural hair masks

Lactic masks are suitable for greasy hair. To reduce the greasiness are used from kefir, yogurt or sour cream.

To make a moisturizing mask, take one yolk, mix it with 75 ml of kefir. After that, the mixture warms slightly and rubbed into the hair. A cap is put on top of her head. After 15 minutes, rinse with any detergent and rinse with water and vinegar.

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