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The mirror is the element of decor that is relevant at all times and in almost any functional area of ​​the room. With particular care should choose a mirror for the design of the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors carry in themselves rather than aesthetic, but practical value. Thanks to the reflection in the mirror, we put our appearance in order and conduct evening and morning toilets.

Cloth bathroom mirrors, its shape, size and design - the scope for the implementation of the most daring design ideas. As a rule, a mirror in the bathroom is placed above the sink.

Under the microscope?

It is practical and convenient to have built-in mirrors in the bathroom or a mirror on the handle, with a double-sided magnifying effect. This mirror is convenient for styling hairstyles and viewing the result from the back of the head. In addition, the increasing effect helps to carry out separate cosmetic procedures, for example, shaving in men and applying makeup in women. Thanks to such a mirror - the result will be perfect.It would be great if such a mirror would be a slightly stretched shape with adjustable tilt and angle of rotation. Halogen mirror lights with a zoom will increase its functional effect.

Ideal would be a combination of a mirror with the styling of the bath and its individual elements (for example, a washbasin or a shower stall).

Pay attention when choosing

When choosing a mirror for the bathroom, be sure to consider:

  1. The growth of all the inhabitants of your home.
  2. The mirror must have a moisture resistant coating. It is desirable that an additional layer of lacquer is present on the mirror, which will allow the mirror surface to be resistant to aggressive environment. Now produce models of heated mirrors, to combat fogging.
  3. Optional built-in lighting.
  4. Do not attach the mirror tightly to the wall. Be sure to leave a gap that will help protect the mirror from the fungus, moisture. The gap will perform the function of ventilation.

Offered assortment

Decorate the space of the bathroom will help mirrors elegant shape. When choosing a mirror, move away from the traditional rectangular shapes. An oval mirror will give the interior a new interpretation of the old classics.

Non-traditional mirrors, framed in massive frames, will create a classic style in the bathroom. Such bathroom mirrors should be supported in the form of a bathtub on antique, or antique, legs, faucets with quaint antique patterns and other stylish classic items.

To decorate the bathroom in a minimalist style, choose mirrors in chrome high-tech frames, made in a modern style.

Mirror cabinets

For small bathrooms in their area fit cabinets with mirrored doors, with built-in lighting in them. This cabinet saves space and allows you to have inside all the necessary things, combining both aesthetic and practical functions. Such mirror cabinets are often called cabinets. In the modern market of home furnishings presented their wide range. The width, depth and height of these cabinets are different, and allow them to pick up based on the individual sizes and area of ​​each bathroom. Conveniently, lockers can have several functional working sections, basically two or three. The classic model of a mirror cabinet with threemain sections. The central part is a wide mirror-door, on the sides of it there are two mirror “leaves” already. The sections are supplemented with various shelves and convenient parts and objects, built-in soap dishes and cups ...

Conveniently, if a mirror or a mirror room is completed with different types of shelves and have built-in sockets.

The doors of such cabinets have the possibility of various disclosures. The opening of the doors can be of the classical type or the original convenient movement up and down, right and left.


Equally important is the presence of built-in lighting. Lighted bathroom mirror visually expands the area, it looks advantageous and impressive. In addition, it provides an excellent opportunity for comfortable use of mirrors during cosmetic and hygienic procedures. Bulbs for additional lighting embed special, not exposed to moisture.

Mirror tile

Original and beautiful will be the design of the bathroom mirror surface around the perimeter of the area of ​​the room. It is not necessary to install mirrors in the bathroom, they can be replaced with mirror tiles, which can be ordinary and tinted.Mirror tiles are well combined with any other ceramic tiles, allowing you to create an unusual exclusive interior in your bathroom.

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