Banner - as effective advertising

April 11, 2018

Advertising is the best way to influence the human mind. Interesting and capacious advertising - the key to success of the advertised product. Banner advertising is one of the most popular types of large format printing.

All owners of a small or large business sooner or later face the need to advertise their product or service. Everyone wants to bring quality information to the consumer. The banner does not have a lifetime, I use it for advertising, both for a short and for a long time. Printing house in any city will offer a lot of options for doing the work.

Banner - as effective advertising

Banner - all the benefits

The material that is used for banners, copes with the influence of the surrounding weather, which ensures long operation. Technological printing of banners, fast production, without loss of image quality, will please the customer. Production and use of banners for outdoor and indoor advertising is gaining momentum, because the manufacture is no more difficult than other materials.Installation and dismantling is carried out in a matter of time, without requiring complex metal structures.

A wide range of advertising on the banner: the decoration of shop windows, stands in offices, for the interior and any points of sale.

Баннер – как эффективная реклама

High-quality 3d wallpapers

There are several types of ink that are needed to print a banner:

  • ecosolvent;
  • solvent;
  • ultraviolet.

The main types of banner

  1. Cast banner - the most popular form for advertising among consumers. Having elastic properties, good durability before temperature changes, tensile strength is a type that occupies a leading position in the market. Well suited for larger banners, since edges are easier to work with, pockets for installation last longer.
  2. Laminated banner is more gentle during transportation, at minus temperatures it hardens, it becomes like hard plastic. The installation should take into account these important factors. On glossy surfaces it has a significantly brighter image, but at the same time it quickly burns out.

The choice of fabric directly depends on the location of this banner:

- Vinyl banner is perfect on the roadway, for viewing information from two sides, since this material is characterized by two-sided printing;

- a polyethylene banner does not have a long service life, but opaque polyethylene perfectly explains the very essence of the banner.

- banner grid is intended only for large parts in the image. On closer inspection, small holes are noticeable, for a long service life in bad weather conditions.

Баннер – как эффективная реклама

Printing on canvas - the most durable and high-quality type of advertising.

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