Awning fabric: description and application

Awning fabric is widely used in many industries: for the production of tents, special shelters, coatings for cars. It is durable, strong, resistant to wear, fading and waterproof. A detailed description of the above material is read below.

A brief description of the awning fabric

Awning fabric: description and application

This material is a PVC material, which is impregnated with a special polymer and coated on both sides with varnish. Among many individual consumers, the above material is very popular.

Awning fabric is made of synthetic fibers, which are based on polyvinyl chloride.

It should be noted that PVC materials are of high quality, they are reliable and durable. After all, rides, pools or awning coverings that are made from them, of course, must meet high standards and safety requirements.

The above material is used to shelter items that mainly take on a lot of physical activity. It is also often used in adverse conditions. Awning fabric can provide reliable resistance to such natural phenomena as rain, snow or hail.

Properties awning fabric

The above material is characterized by the following advantageous characteristics:

  • has extremely high form strength;
  • it has a fairly large performance indicator for the gap.

That is, awning fabric - durable, reliable in operation, characterized by high wear resistance. Fixing the form in relation to the form, which is pressed down, in the direction of the jerk in comparison with other materials (for example, tarpaulin or other fabrics of this category) in the awning fabric is significantly higher. This indicator, experts say, is essential in the process of mounting the material, as well as during its operation.

Thanks to the plastic coating (polyvinyl chloride), the awning fabric has good water-repellent properties. It is resistant to aggressive environment. Also awning fabric does not fade in the sun for a long time.

Experts note that the above material is not subjected to deformation in the event of a sharp temperature drop.

Awning fabric is soft, elastic, well bent. It is easy to dangle, for a long time retains its structure.

Also awning fabric has another unique property: it is subject to temperature welding. Experts note that the welding seam for a long time perfectly retains its durability. Therefore, the material is often used for the construction of hangars and other prefabricated structures.

Awning fabric "Oxford": description

This type of material is actively used in tourism. This is basically a universal tent fabric that can be welded with glue, electric current or hot air. It is impregnated with special acrylic and teflon varnishes. The latter guarantee the Oxford tent fabric high resistance to fading, pollution, getting wet. Due to the above impregnations, this material perfectly retains its characteristics for 20 years.

This is a fairly high quality wear-resistant material, which at a relatively low cost provides high performance. Polyurethane coating gives this fabric a reliable protection even from a heavy rain, not letting water inside.

Canopies for street cafes, cars, pools, boats and boats are made of such material.

Awning fabric "Tarpaulin": description

The above material is made of fairly dense polypropylene mesh. Awning fabric of this type is laminated on both sides with a film that has a high resistance to ultraviolet and water.

Awning fabric "Tarpaulin" has found its application, due to its lightness and durability, in tourism. From it quickly and without problems, you can build a cover for the car, or shelter from the rain.

Awning fabric of this type is securely stitched and reinforced with a special durable polymer cord. This material is often used for the construction of covers for yachts and boats, because it can protect them from strong gusts of wind.

Where does the above matter apply?

The production of awning fabric is carried out to provide this material in different areas:

  • for trucks (trucks);
  • awnings for trailers and small trucks;
  • for inflatable attractions;
  • coverings for hangars, exhibition pavilions, granaries;
  • for the production of curtains and capes;
  • for the manufacture of tents, marquises, tents, awnings.

Awning fabric is an excellent solution in terms of the construction of any kind of shelters and covers. Reliable protection of cars, yachts, boats, pools from adverse weather conditions is guaranteed.

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