Awesome room decoration for the New Year with paper snowflakes.

The most magical holiday of this year requires special preparation. So that winter - winter came into our house and settled in it, bestowing us with a fluffy New Year's mood, we suggest you make an amazing winter decoration of the room for the New Year with paper snowflakes, recharge your magic with the New Year holidays and turn your apartment into a real snow fairy tale.

Cutting snowflakes is easy and fun, and the number of patterns and stencils for cutting out paper snowflakes increases every year. Paper for cutting snowflakes is better to take office. It is dense and holds its shape well.

The main decoration of each tree is snowflakes.

White and tender paper snowflakes are perfect for any green beauty. The sizes of snowflakes can vary from very small to large. They can simply be spread out on fir paws, or hang up by strings.In any case, the white decoration of the New Year tree always looks stylish.

how to decorate a christmas tree with snowflakes

Magic snow chandelier

The idea to decorate the chandeliers and the ceiling was born a long time ago. I want the snowflakes to fall from the sky. And if you have a suitable chandelier (there is something to hold on to), you can make the dream of a snow cloud a reality. Such decoration of the room for the New Year is always fabulously magical and great for a child's room.

Awesome New Year's tablecloth

To make a festive tablecloth of snowflakes is very simple and beautiful. Choose beautiful stencils for cutting paper snowflakes, or create them yourself. Lay them on the table, and a meal at that table will bring you closer to the New Year.

Real snowfall at home

To arrange a snow blizzard in the apartment is easier than it seems. To do this, you will need a lot of paper snowflakes, a thin white thread and tape to fasten the thread to the ceiling.

Frosty patterns on the windows

To paint the windows and wait for Santa Claus is especially loved by young children. You should not wait for the onset of frost, you can draw any patterns with snowflakes. You can make such a home decoration for the New Year in 1 evening.

Ballerina's incredibly aerial snowflakes

Silhouettes of ballerinas in snowflake skirts look very graceful. If you are thinking about how to decorate a girl’s room for the New Year, then make these ballerinas. To do this, draw and cut out the silhouette of a dancer and put a beautiful paper snowflake on her waist.

Snow Queen's House

Snow decor in the apartment can be located everywhere - on the shelves, in the corners, the head of the bed, the walls. All snowflakes combined into one large composition will create a New Year's mood in the room.

On the threshold of a fairy tale

If you plan to celebrate New Year in the country or in your house, then snowflakes on the street and in the courtyard can be a wonderful way to decorate the house for the New Year. Such a snow decoration will look even more magical if you add street electric lights to it.

Small Christmas trees made from snowflakes

Festive paper Christmas trees can be made of openwork paper napkins, which are strung on wooden skewers. Such a cute home decoration for the New Year will fit into any festive interior.

We pack New Year's gifts!

Real Christmas gifts always look fabulous.To do this, just cut a beautiful snowflake out of paper and decorate it with a gift. Even wrapped up in a newspaper, it will look like a winter one.

Snowflake festoons to decorate the apartment for the New Year

What could be simpler: cut paper snowflakes, string them on a thread - simply and beautifully.

3D paper paper snowflakes

To such 3D paper snowflakes appeared in the house will have to sweat, but they are worth it! And in fact, how to decorate an apartment for the New Year is simply irreplaceable. And you can even make them from thin multi-colored magazine sheets. The main thing is to choose sheets, where there are a lot of blue drawings. Then they will be sooo New Year's. And on top you can sprinkle varnish with sparkles.

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