Annunciation 2019

In the midst of spring, when nature pleases us with warmth, Christians celebrate a great holiday - the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos. It remains to find out how many triumph falls in 2019, and the ancient tradition will whirl in the cycle of events. For this, it is not necessary to be a believer, because the Orthodox welcome the suffering. On a bright day, it is enough to open the heart of the Lord and his mother - the Virgin Mary, so that your heart becomes calm and joyful. If there is a desire to comply with customs, then you should not neglect the advice that indicates that you can eat, how to behave and what you can not do, and the curious signs of life and fortune-telling divinations will certainly fill up the piggy bank of worldly wisdom.


What number meet the Annunciation and why?

Together with the awakening of the surrounding world from hibernation, spring holidays come, among which the Annunciation of the Day takes a special place. From the folk calendar of the Slavs, he moved to the church calendar, remaining one of the most revered.The Twentieth Celebration has a fixed date - April 7th and falls on Sunday in 2019.

An interesting fact will help remember how many Orthodox Christians praise the Most Holy. The Annunciation arrives exactly nine months before the Christian Christmas - January 7th. The same principle works for Catholics. Only they mark the birth of Jesus on December 25, so the day when the Archangel Gabriel brought the good news to the future Theotokos falls on March 25.

Annunciation 2019

Biblical parable of hope

Mary from childhood was pious and God-fearing. Three years old, the only daughter of elderly parents went to the service in the Jerusalem temple. The girl devoted herself to God and in her adolescence made a vow of celibacy, but the Almighty ordered otherwise. Through the years of obedience to the nun, the archangel Gabriel appeared and announced the fragile conception.

The second person who received the sign was Joseph, the descendant of King David. He did not doubt the message and married Mary. So the Son of God acquired the earthly father and mother. In the Holy Scripture it is said that the message from heaven turned out to be good not only for the elect, but also for all mankind.In the past, the holiday had several more names:

  • The beginning of the atonement;
  • Conception of Christ;
  • The Annunciation to Angela Maria

Theologians say that the Most High planned the coming of the Savior long before the events indicated. After the creation of the people, he told Adam and Eve about his decision. The birth of Jesus and the sacrifice of the Lord are interpreted as the gift of hope, which determined the transition from the Old Testament fall to the New Testament righteous life.

Mother of God Orthodox traditions

As in any other great Christian holiday, believers try to avoid important and hard work during the Annunciation. In the morning, people go to church to thank the Lord and the Most Holy. In addition to visiting the temple, the Orthodox accepted:

  • bake the promiscura and light it in the temple;
  • put a loaf to the icon of the Virgin;
  • prays for successful delivery

It is not forbidden to ask for health and help for children, as well as for all who are connected with their birth. Celebrate the celebration made at home with your family. Visiting is included in the list of things that should not be done on the Annunciation. In the holiday also should not:

  • swear and sort things out;
  • goes on a long journey;
  • weave and shear braids;
  • work on the earth;
  • start things and put on new clothes;
  • lend and take anything out of the house

Such an impressive number of prohibitions is due to the beliefs of ancestors. It is necessary to break one, and bad luck certainly comes around.

Annunciation of the Most Holy Mother of God 2019. What is the number of Orthodox

Solemn feast, symbols and signs

The Annunciation falls on the period of Lent, so the Orthodox clearly know what can be eaten so as not to break the vow. The closer to Christ's resurrection, the more severe is the temperance. This does not mean that it is impossible to make exceptions in honor of the celebration, adding to the Lenten menu delicious and healthy dishes, fish and pastries.

In ancient times, hostesses decorated the meal and the house with birds, because the main symbol of the holiday is the white dove. He personifies the good news. Hence the tradition of launching flyers into the sky, so that they would ascend closer to the Most High, conveying the aspirations of the inhabitants of the earth. The second sign - cookies in the form of larks. This concoction is not only possible to eat, but also made to distribute. The guests are family and friends. Little is left in the barn so that the beast is healthy. According to legends, the Blagoveshchensk water, obtained before the sunrise, has healing properties.If the fine morning spoiled the rain, the peasants did not get upset, as this would be a sign of a rich harvest.

The Orthodox faithfully believe that on the day of the proclamation of the conception of the Son of God, heaven opens and all prayers reach the Lord. On April 7, any desires are fulfilled, and conciliation descends upon the flock, which rewards not only believers, but also sinful souls.

Ancient divination descendants for the edification

What to guess? What to find out? Description
On prosphora For luck In the temple, they bought prosphora. In one hid a coin. Then they gathered all the households together, so that each of them would choose a consecrated prosphora. Whoever gets a penny, he will be happy all year, all that he doesn’t think is sure to succeed, and he will have good luck and success all year.
On a twig Fulfillment of desires In order to fulfill any dream, the girls looked for an elastic sprig on the street that day and put it under a pillow before going to bed, after making a wish. The next morning, they took it out and looked, if it broke, then everything will come true this year, if the twig remained whole, then the dream will not come true.
By birds For the future Going out into the street, the girls carefully watched what birds they most often encountered on the way. If, for example, pigeons, then the whole spring will pass happily and happily, if a crow, then vice versa is depressing and boring. Sparrows and swallows promised peace and stability, but wagtails and dead birds promised fuss, financial problems, instability.
On the rag To harvest In order to find out what the harvest would be, the hostesses hung out wet rags for the night. If it dried completely overnight, then wait for a bountiful harvest and warm summer. However, when the rag was frozen in the morning, according to legend, there will be no good harvest, and the summer will be very cold.

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