An interesting breed is a fox terrier

American toy-fox terrier is very activea dog who is truly satisfied with life. This dog makes the owners wonder at their behavior. The fox terrier of that one causes a smile, he does not get angry for a long time.

fox terrierThe dog is the perfect companion in any business: rest on the couch, walks in the park and more. The life expectancy of such dogs on average is thirteen - fourteen years.

Emergence of the breed

In 1936, a breed of the toy-fox terrier was bred. This happened in America by crossing small fox-terriers (smooth-haired). At the final stage, Mexican chihuahua and English toy-terriers also took part in creating the breed.

Nature of the breed

The dog does everything that they want from him. He likes to be praised for the execution of commands, as well as diligence. The Fox Terrier will be happy to learn something new. If it is specially trained, you can get a great companion or an excellent assistant for the deaf who can recognize different sounds, for example, a doorbell or a phone call.

American fox terrierThe fox terrier of that one seems frivolous, infantile, but if given to him, he will with great pleasure hunt in rats or drive protein.

From the very early childhood it is worthwhile to show who is the master in the house so that the dog does not sit on your neck.

These dogs are fearless, they are self-confident. Dogs can even try to protect the owner.

breed of dogs American that fox terrier description size priceWith other dogs are not particularly communicative. With cats, such a dog can make friends.

Children like the breed, but their interaction should be controlled.

Species, standards and species of the breed

Representatives of the breed are miniature, height at the withersis 25 cm. The weight of one such dog is from one and a half to three and a half kilograms. The constitution is strong, graceful, the legs are slender. The dog's head is small, the ears are erect. The eyes of the representative of the breed are large dark. The coat is smooth, glossy, unpretentious in care. The color of the representatives of the breed is usually three-color (white-black with tan marks). Dogs can be black-and-white and red-white.

Features of care and maintenance of the breed

This dog at home is unpretentious. Therefore, for doggames, it will be enough for even a small apartment. Long walks are important for the breed. So let's have a lot of exercise.

In rainy and cold weather, it is better to abandonwalks. Representatives of the breed do not tolerate strong humidity, low temperatures. Therefore, it is worth buying a warm fashion coat for winter walks.

breed of the fox terrierBehind the fur of a dog is to look after. It is necessary to clean it with a special brush twice a week. You can bathe your pet as needed. Frequent hygiene procedures are not recommended. You can, if desired, use a dry shampoo to clean the coat.

Moult passes quickly. But the representatives of the breed lose a lot of wool for this period.

Training and training of representatives of the breed

Fox Terrier is happy with the active breed of dogs. Its representatives need active physical activity, and in regular ones. But you need to take into account the size of the dog, so as not to overwork it.

American dog breed that fox terrierDogs are easy to learn. Therefore, they should be socialized on time. It will also be useful to pass a course of obedience with the representatives of the breed. Then there will not be any problems with such a pet. Also these dogs easily get used to exhibition shows. But it should also be taught from the first months of life.

The health and potential problems of representatives of the Toy-fox terrier

This breed is healthy. But some representatives are prone to Perthes' disease, as well as suffocation. Still an exception - occurrence of an allergy, and also other problems with a skin.

the fox terrier priceToe-fox terrier: price

How much does a puppy of this breed cost? The price for one representative of the breed ranges from 1500 dollars to two. Although the cost depends on many factors (pedigree, titles of parents and another).

A small conclusion

Now you know what constitutesAmerican toy-fox terrier. Such a dog is suitable for a traveler, as well as a homebody. The dog has a lot of positive qualities, but needs active loads.

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