Alexander Litvin: forecast for 2018

In anticipation of the New Year, people traditionally ask themselves what the future will be for everyone and for the country as a whole. Well-known astrologers and mediums answer this difficult question. For the upcoming 2018, Pavel Globa, Julia Wang, Vera Lyon, Alexander Sheps and other well-known soothsayers have already voiced their predictions. Alexander Litvin, who became the winner of the 6th season of the popular TV show “The Battle of Psychics”, shared his predictions.

Alexander Litvin

Biography of Alexander Lytvyn

Many Russians discovered the name of this extraordinarily intelligent man, endowed with a special gift only after watching a TV show, in which Litvin demonstrated the full power of his extrasensory capabilities. But, in a narrow circle, this name was known long before its owner hit the television screens.

Alexander Bogdanovich Litvin is not just a talented hereditary psychic with profound knowledge in the field of astrology.He is an experienced doctor and scientist, whose unique system of perception of the world is widely known, as well as a lawyer, physicist, chemist, biologist, successful politician and writer.

Litvin's predictions are of a special nature, because they are based not only on his gift, but also on the ability to analyze the complex processes occurring in various spheres of a person’s life or society.

Litvin's predictions for Russia

Speaking about the coming year in an interview for Elle magazine, Lytvyn emphasizes that 2018 is a kind of fortress surrounded on all sides by walls of numerous rules and regulations erected by centuries-old prejudices.

The year will be restless for Russia, which is quite natural, as presidential elections are coming and serious changes are taking place that have been brewing for years. The preparatory period is coming to an end, and with it the process of developing bills, which should give impetus to positive developments.

Although defensive position is more typical for 2018, it will not do without conflicts either. It is important to remember that the stars do not favor those who are the first to show aggression in this period. An attacker (most often provoked by a third party) will inevitably lose the battle, and therefore it is best to avoid open conflicts with all his might.

For many European countries, in the opinion of Litvin, this year will be really difficult, but for China it is quite prosperous.

Litvin's forecast for 2018 for Russia

Litvin on Energy December 2017

In a radio interview, Alexander Bogdanovich said that the last month of the outgoing 2017 will sow some chaos, from which, like the universe that was born out of chaos, the New 2018 will be revived.

For most people, December combines:

  • pre-New Year bustle;
  • natural desire to complete important matters in the past year;
  • planning for the coming year.

According to the famous psychic and astrologer, this December 2017 will be favorable for families who are expected to give birth to babies. Children born during this period will be highly intuitive, which will definitely help them achieve success.

The main task of December should be planning, because everything that will be planned during this period will be charged with special energy, which will contribute to the implementation of the plan.

Listen to the full version of the interview with Litvin and take the planning of your life in your own hands, follow his life advice.

Litvin's forecast for 2018 monthly

Although we perceive the time cycle as a whole, the calendar year has its own periods, each of which is characterized by certain features. Spoon centuries astrologers were able to determine the favorable and adverse periods of the year. By combining his gift to see the future and knowledge in the field of astrology, Alexander Litvin made his forecast for the coming 2018, describing in detail what each of the 12 months will be.

January forecast

Although the new year 2018 will begin on the calendar, we will still remain energetically in the old one (at least until the 7th). The energy of most people is aimed at correcting errors. Much will be rethought. Someone may have a feeling of disappointment because of unfulfilled hopes, traditionally assigned to the New Year holidays.

Tip:Lytvyn recommends that in January travel be abandoned (especially by sea) and categorically does not recommend Egypt as the destination for a winter holiday.

February Forecast

The main task for February is to correctly take everything that is happening around. The month will have two images:

  • trap hunter;
  • fair referee.

If this month you will be commended, you can be sure that it is 100% deserved.

Tip:Arm yourself with restraint, do not make sudden conclusions and in any situation be honest with others.

Forecast for March

The first month of spring will be difficult in terms of relationships. Conflicts between leaders and slaves are inevitable if someone has not decided on his attitude to freedom.

Tip:Strengthen control over the elderly and children in need of care.

Alexander Litvin

Forecast for April

Mid-spring will bring difficulty at work. Each boss will seek to squeeze the maximum from his subordinate.

Tip:The period is favorable for those who know how to communicate with the authorities and beautifully ask. Proud and freedom-loving must be patient and learn to keep quiet when the situation requires.

Forecast for May

The time of temptations and trials. Do not expect special softness and understanding from people. The period is favorable for eastern countries (in particular, for China).

Tip:Do not depart from existing arrangements. Strengthen control over employees and students.

June Forecast

This month is to learn to wait and live unhurriedly.Vanity is dangerous because it will lead to explosive consequences.

Tip:Relax and rest. Perhaps when watching the next football match.

July Forecast

The key word of the second month of the summer will be the word “no”. Any promise. This period must be weighed especially carefully.

Tip:Learn to refuse without explanation or excuse. Discussion of the causes of failure may cause failure.

August Forecast

The perfect time to sharpen your acting skills. Favorable period for negotiation and signing business contracts.

Tip:Be farsighted. Do not strive for immediate results, and under no circumstances promise what you cannot accomplish.

Alexander Litvin

Forecast for September

The beginning of autumn will coincide in time with the serious changes that will occur in society. Under the spotlight will be people in leadership positions. Family conflicts that originated during this period can ruin relationships.

Tip:Look for common interests and points of contact - this will strengthen your union (personal or labor).

October forecast

All the energy of the conservative year will be concentrated in October. The month will be especially difficult for those who are far from home and family. Such peculiarities of character as inability to forgive and unwillingness to obey are aggravated in people, which will force many to adopt a defensive position, provoking conflicts.

Tip:Show restraint. In a difficult situation, refer to the wisdom of the ancestors, re-read the basic commandments.

November forecast

November is a kind of indicator by which you can determine what the next 2019 year will be.

This month, many people are prone to emotional lability and mood swings. Meeting with friends will help get rid of the blues and regain a taste for life.

Tip:Do not visit earthquake-prone regions (especiallySoutheast Asia).

December forecast

The defense period, which lasted almost a year, will finally end and the time will come for plans and the development of development strategies.

Tip:Do not wonder if plans and wishes will come true. Think about what needs to be done in order for the desired to be realized.

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