Advise the Voronezh region!

Advise the Voronezh region!

  1. malyshevo village good air, forests, school I advise there to live services there are houses there are new just built
  2. Districts of Voronezh:
    - The railway district is the second largest city district.
    The structure of the Zheleznodorozhny district includes the territorially detached microdistricts Krasnolesny, Somovo (including Borovoe, Polynivka, Stakhanovsky, Kozhevenny), Repnoye 1 (former Repnoye settlement) and Repnoye 2 (former village of Repnoye).
    One of the main streets of the district, as in the Levoberezhny district Leninsky Prospekt.

    The railway district is a district (together with Levoberezhny and Leninsky) where there is not enough vegetation from the point of view of ecology.

    - Kominte # 769; Rnovsky district # 769; and Voronezh is the most rapidly developing district of the city.

    The population of 249,3 thousand inhabitants (2008) is about a third of the city's population. In the district, you can distinguish a clearly expressed residential area of ​​the Northern Microdistrict, a residential sector of private buildings and an industrial zone.
    This is the most industrial city of the city:
    * Voronezh excavator factory
    * Plant Electrical signal
    * Voronezh plant of radio components
    * Chemical Textile Factory
    * Plant of heavy mechanical presses (TMP)
    * Avtogenmash plant
    * 2 Hormone Combine
    * Voronezh repair tram and trolleybus factory
    * Machine-Tool Plant
    * Furniture factory
    * Fruit water plant
    * Plant Polyus
    * Bakery 7, etc.

    - Levoberezhny district on the left bank of the Voronezh reservoir. The population of the district is 169,6 thousand people (at the beginning of 2008 year) 1. Area area according to 1 January 1999 year was 12389 ha
    In the Left Bank district there are:

    * Aircraft company Voronezh joint-stock aircraft building company (VASO)
    * Voronezh Tire Plant LLC Amtel-Chernozemye
    * factory Voronezhsintezkauchuk
    * ZAO Voronezhstalmost
    * LLC Voronezh yeast (enterprise producing bakery pressed yeast.) 8
    * Rudgormash plant (GOO)

    - Leninsky district of Voronezh region on the right bank of the Voronezh reservoir. The area of ​​the district on 1 January 1999 was 1853 ha.
    The character of the terrain influenced the nature of the building of the Leninsky district. In most of them, all the beams are occupied by the private sector, and even plots are built up with multi-storey buildings. The main transport arteries pass either along inter-beam ridges or perpendicular to the beams.

    - The Soviet district of Voronezh is located in the south-western part of the city, founded in 1973 year source is not specified 550 days.

    The area of ​​the district at 01.01.1999 was 15660 ha.
    This is one of the most green areas of Voronezh, from the west and south it is surrounded by forests. On the territory of the district there are industrial enterprises: RIF, Etalon factory, Ceramic factory, toy factory.

    - The central district of Voronezh is the administrative district of Voronezh, named for its location in the city.
    The area of ​​the district at 01.01.1999 was 6396 ha. The district is the smallest in the population in the city. Here the historical part of the city is concentrated. Active building is being conducted.

    So evaluate yourself all the areas. You can choose an area closer to work, or choose a more green area.

  3. Good and quiet Soviet)
  4. I advise you to live in the Komintersky district. At the moment it is one of the most developed and industrial districts of Voronezh. Everything is close: shopping centers, kindergartens, schools, hospitals. In particular, I recommend everyone to the street Shishkov. Across the street is the Moskovsky Prospekt, the Voronezhsky market, children's playgrounds, shops, confectionery shops, pharmacies, parking lots in each yard (there is parking in each yard. Now a kindergarten is being built for 300 places. Very good and well-maintained street. Nearby stop, park. Near the Gymnasium 2, shops with sweets, fruits and vegetables. There are many children in the houses.

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