Advantages of laying shingles

May 23, 2018
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The brightest representative of the roofing niche is shingles. This is a real standard of roofing masonry for roofs of houses with an angle of up to 12 °. Limiting the angle of inclination is the only drawback of the material. In all other cases, it is just a godsend.

The neat appearance of shingles attracts the attention of consumers in the first place. What is the salt there, you can see on the page Indeed, the material looks very concise and complete. And this is not his only virtue. A full list of advantages and features of the use of shingles can be found in this material.

Advantages of laying shingles

Structure and application

The basis of the material is high-strength fiberglass fabric. This is a kind of reinforcement to which layers of modified bitumen are attached on both sides. The outer front layer is covered with decorative colored granules. The reverse side is equipped with a self-adhesive layer with easily removable film.

Shingles are used in the construction of new and restoration of old roofs.The use of shingles is limited only by the angle of inclination - up to 12 °. And then, if necessary, to organize a roof with an angle of more than 18 °, it is quite possible to correct this roughness by placing the planting carpet over the entire roof area. This will eliminate the problems with installation and provide high-quality waterproofing.

Преимущества укладки битумной черепицы

Advantages of use

The list of benefits of shingles is really great. Generally speaking, this is the best solution for roofing. And let the cost of a flexible roof is somewhat higher than usual, the purchase is definitely worth it, since the bituminous roof provides:

  • excellent sound insulation;
  • anti-corrosion protection;
  • immunity to biogenic environment;
  • chemical resistance;
  • high temperature resistance;
  • element replacement flexibility;
  • ease of transportation.

Indeed, shingles after installation is a reliable shell that is not afraid of any winds or excessive rain. In contrast to metal roofing, it is completely antistatic, which eliminates contact with lightning.

Преимущества укладки битумной черепицы

Flexible bitumen provides longevity of the roof, as well as ensures its comfort.You can forget about the noise from the coming rain or the more hail. Sound insulation here is just on top.

In the appendage to everything, the material is very light and an automobile will be quite enough for its transportation.

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