Adoptive family: payments in 2018-2019

Raising foster children is no less responsible and honorable than relatives. For many people, this is the only chance to realize themselves as parents, and for some it becomes an honorable duty, which they choose for themselves, already having children of their own. The state takes an active position in relation to foster families, supporting them with social benefits and benefits.

Over the past years, the government has actively implemented a line to increase support and funding for this social sector. The period 2018-2019 will not be an exception.

Types of benefits

The types and amounts of benefits paid to foster families during 2018-2019 will depend on several factors:

  • age of the child;
  • amount of children;
  • family status (secured, low-income);
  • medical status of the child (health group);
  • region of residence.

Family with child

Maternity allowance

Despite the fact that there are no physiological births when receiving a baby, in fact, the paid sick leave is provided to the parent.This applies to those cases where the registration of parenthood or guardianship for an infant occurs.

The number of days of sick leave will be:

  • 70 calendar days - in the case of the adoption of 1 infant;
  • 110 days - with the simultaneous adoption of 2 or more children.

The amount of the allowance payment will depend on the previous place of work and income during the 6 months preceding the transfer of the adopted baby to the family.

Lump sum

This type of payment is made regardless of the age of the adopted children up to their majority. For working citizens the amount of 16.350 thousand rubles is charged, and for unemployed people - 15.512 thousand rubles.

You can receive this payment if the adoptive family submitted an application within six months after the official court decision on the transfer of the adopted baby to parents or guardians.

If the object of adoption was a disabled person over 7 years old or brothers (sisters), the amount increases to 124,929 thousand rubles. for everyone.

Maternal capital

Foster parents have the full right to receive maternity capital on a general basis. Previously, this opportunity could be realized only by families in which a second, third and more baby appeared.

The large family

Starting from January 2018, a number of changes have been made to this mechanism, so during 2018-2019, maternity capital will be paid to those foster families that will formalize parenthood or guardianship for the first baby.

The amount of this amount over the next two years will amount to 453.026 thousand rubles. At the moment, the program for indexing these funds has been suspended, so these numbers are not expected to increase yet.

Compared to previous years, the list of target areas for maternity capital has been expanded:

  • improvement of living conditions (home purchase, repayment or mortgage lending);
  • reconstruction of existing housing property;
  • payment of children's education;
  • specialized education or adaptation in society of children with disabilities;
  • opening a retirement account for a mother or father.

During 2018, it is planned to supplement this list of maternal capital spending with several more points:

  • lump-sum payment of a fixed amount;
  • monthly subsidies from maternity capital for household needs for low-income foster families;
  • purchase of a car or land plot.

Family in the car

Consideration of these target areas is planned to be held in the first half of 2018. If these items of the program are approved, then adoptive families will be able to use them from the beginning of 2019.

Monthly payments up to 1.5 years

Parents will be supported monthly until the 18th month of the baby. The adoptive family is entitled to monthly payments in the same amount as their parents. This amount determines the earnings for the last 24 months in the amount of 40%.

This charge is limited to the minimum size (3.065 thousand rubles) and the maximum amount (23.120 thousand rubles).

Monthly allowance up to 3 years

After the baby is 1.5 years old, one of the parents receives a monthly payment from the employer, which is 50 rubles.

If the adoption concerned 2 or more children at the same time, the amount that the family received up to 1.5 years is saved for the next 1.5 years.

Reward for parental labor

In addition to payments for the maintenance of foster children, one of the parents in such a family receives payments as a reward for the performance of parental duties. The size of this monthly amount will vary in different regions of the Russian Federation.In Moscow in 2018-2019, this amount will be equal to 16.7 thousand rubles. or 28.39 thousand rubles. in case of adoption of a disabled person.

Child by the window

For a large family (3 or more minors) this amount will be paid to both parents. Such remuneration for labor is accrued only to foster parents, guardians cannot claim this right. Receiving this remuneration does not interfere with the work of the adoptive parent in the main place.

Natural Benefits

In addition to cash payments and incentives for foster families, assistance is provided in the form of in-kind benefits. Their list may vary in different regions of the country, but many of them are standard for the majority of territorial entities:

  • foster children under 2 years old are provided with dairy products;
  • up to 3 years - the allocation of free medication according to the prescription of the doctor;
  • 50% discount on attendance of a nursery or garden;
  • free trips to resorts and in a sanatorium;
  • free meals in preschool and school institutions;
  • priority right of turn for adopted children to housing after coming of age;
  • benefits for admission to universities.

In some regions, assistance is added to this from the federal budget for the payment of utilities, the periodical gratuitous provision of clothing or furniture,free travel in transport and other types of benefits.

The full range of measures undertaken by the state in the direction of social support of foster families will help ensure that during 2018-2019 more children can find parents and get the opportunity to be brought up in comfortable conditions.

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