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Dear and charming our readers!

Welcome to visit us, on the pages of our online magazine"QuLady"that we create for YOU and exclusively about YOU!

635108-1680x1050_miniOur publication is focused on answering the most diverse questions that arise daily for women of the beautiful half of humanity. We try to give you useful, interesting tips, contained in our articles on various topics, which include such sections as:

  • health;
  • beauty;
  • psychology;
  • a family;
  • a house and a garden;
  • fashion and beauty;
  • cooking;
  • sport;
  • horoscopes.

We set outthe most delicious culinary recipes, with detailed descriptions of dishes, visual photos and video workshops, as well as articlesabout diets and home economics.

Young mummies will be interested in sections aboutpregnancy and raising a babyat different his age.

In our articles we also touch upon such an important topic aswomen Health, we give examples of the most common ailments and give effective advice on how to deal with them.

To be attractive, every woman needs not only to eat right, but also periodically to visit fitness to maintain normal shape parameters. Our magazine contains a lot of articles and recommendations.on sports and training.

Because thefemale beauty- This is one of the most powerful success factors in the life of any woman. Our women's magazine devoted a voluminous section to this issue, in which we consider the secrets of the correct use of makeup, give recommendations on skin care, share the basic rules for choosing clothes and accessories.

You will learn a lot of useful information.about love and sex, about how and where you can get acquainted with a man, how to keep close to a loved one and maintain feelings and passion in family life.

On the pages of our gloss there is reliable information about a variety oftoosmetical and medical proceduresthat offer medical facilities and salons. Our publications will help you figure out which procedures are worth resorting to, and which ones will not suit you.

Our authors try to give detailed answers to any questions that interest real women. Through the Internet, we track the statistics of your requests and write only about what is really interesting to you, real ladies.

All our publications are supplemented with informative videos, vivid photos,as well as true reviews of real people about the use of a product or undergoing any procedure. We care about you, dear readers of the magazineQuLady, and we want to give you a maximum of information, saving you from wasting time visiting dozens of other sites.

On our website you can discuss your problem with other women in the comments to the articles, leave your impression or opinion about this or that publication, share your valuable experience in any direction, and suggest topics for the next articles that we will write for you, lovely lady.

FROMWe have collected valuable, useful and best information for you on the pages of a bright, original and interesting online publication."QuLady".

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