A new generation of 2018 Nissan Leaf model year

According to critics, the current version of the former winner of the titles of the best cars in Europe and the World in 2011, unfortunately, is far from what was actually expected of her.

Instead of the third Tesla and the second generation Chevy Bolt EV, the second generation flagship of the electric car market, could threaten pushing into a corner, they showed something rather gray and very average in terms of their parameters - with just a 40-kilowatt battery and a power reserve of a shameful 240 km.

But, as it turned out, this brainchild of the Japanese car industry, which first debuted at the beginning of autumn 2017 at the Frankfurt salon, would immediately put a fat cross too prematurely - not long ago, designers from Yokohama were pleased with the news about the upcoming premium version of the model .

E-Plus Version will be much more powerful and durable, and externally - more recognizable. The same assembly, similarly, is going to be dispersed according to the emphasis on a specific sales market: for the USA - in Tennessee, in the British Sunderland for Europe and on its own islands for the Asian public.

But if she succeeds in repeating the unprecedented success of that long-standing debut, time will tell.

Exterior and construction

This electro-hatch will retain its layout, and naturally it will use a platform similar to the usual “leaflet”, that is, it will be 1.4 inches longer than its predecessor, and only 0.8 inches wider.

Car body features will become sharper and more expressive, since the creators do not lose hope to conquer the hearts of a young audience.

The exterior design compared to the base model will be more collected and dynamic - still, after all, the famous Nissan tuning division Nismo worked on it, the pen of which once belonged to incredibly bright masterpieces - precisely those who were destined to bear the heavy burden of sporting glory of the brand.

nissan leaf specifications

According to the design bureau itself: “The exterior of the old Leaf was too boring ...”. And this is how it justifies the fact that the model was so sluggishly sold. The same version will seem wider and squat, which will give it a certain resemblance to race cars with the charm of their undeniable romance.

The five-door compact will retain the front-wheel drive, and the charging port will now be completely masked by a V-Motion-style mesh false grille.

There will be the same floating roof, edged with a flirty black trim in the rear pillar, and the rear lights will completely change the look, which will turn from vertical to horizontal. But while visually the shape of the windows and rear racks will remain unchanged.

Upgrading the cabin and equipment Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf 2019 review

The cabin, finally, will adjust the temperature control system, but, in general, its design will be almost the same as the basic current version. In general, everything will be much more luxurious and more comfortable than in the first generation, because here every detail has been thought out taking into account that both the owner and the passenger can enjoy the sensual atmosphere that favors complete relaxation.

Surfaces will be much softer, and materials - more pleasant to the touch. It looks very stylish contrasting line of finish, repeating on the steering wheel, the dashboard in the area of ​​the control unit and on the seats.

The steering wheel can be adjusted by tilting it, however, it cannot be telescopically advanced. On the electric car of the same machine in the interior reminds only a mushroom-like transmission drive lever.

nissan leaf new

The Nissan-advertised E-Pedal technology will be present, allowing you to select a mode that enhances regenerative braking, and a standard compatibility package with common mobile systems. As well as the seven-inch sensor in the center of the dashboard, which has become much clearer and more practical, has completely changed its graphics, taking into account the complaints of the owners.

The equipment will also be significantly enriched by the ProPilot Assist package, which the Japanese are running on this model for the first time. It combines the functions of single lane centering and adaptive cruise control.

Specifications cars

new nissan bodice

In all respects, as it turned out, the basic 2018 edition of the improved version is going to be “done” almost one and a half times, and suggests, respectively:

  • power reserve - 362 km;
  • battery capacity LG Chem - 60-64 kW * h;
  • 160 kW motor;
  • acceleration to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds;
  • onboard charging at 11-22 kW;
  • front-wheel drive;
  • accelerated charging.

Nissan Leaf in Russia

These parameters already look almost at the level, and if we consider that the price tag even for this “charged” version is not going to be too bullying anyone (it will start somewhere from $ 35,000,which is only five thousand more than the cost of the second generation base), most likely, it will nevertheless find its niche in the market and will justify its hopes.

Although, to say nothing, she will have to withstand more and more fierce competition every year, unlike the times when she was born, and when the Japanese themselves proudly called her “the first available” and “unique of their kind.”

Now, every self-respecting auto brand seeks to release on its own the same "unique".

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