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9 simple truths to remember


1.Law of Parkinson You can do what you need, much faster. The more time you devote to the task, the more you spend. And if you tend to postpone things until the last minute, then regardless of whether you have allocated yourself a week or a month, the work will be done anyway in the last 2 days.

2. Give first and then receive. In that order, and not vice versa. Over time, you will get more than you gave. Rejoice for the world. Every second desires are fulfilled on earth. Tomorrow yours can be fulfilled. No one who committed a worthy act, never received a reward less than he gave.

3. Errors and failures are good. They allow you to gain invaluable experience, learn a lot of interesting things and become successful, as success in life often comes only if you did not succumb to failures and mistakes. He comes only to the insistent.

4. Get to know and communicate easily. Treat every meeting as if your best friends are there. If you start communicating with such an installation, you will be more confident, more open, and have new people to yourself. Not to mention how important the first positive impression is.

5. Your attitude changes reality Pessimism can hide behind the mask of realism. That is why you are right every time. On the other hand, it may be better not to always be such, as over time we learn to find only what we are looking for ...

6. Thanksgiving is an easy way to feel happy This is a wonderful tool to maintain a positive attitude towards the surrounding reality and to focus on the right goals. And also make others happy. Which in turn will make you even happier - emotions are contagious.

7. Do not compare yourself with others. If you compare yourself with others, you allow the outside world to control yourself. Mood swings are provided. Much more productive to compare yourself with yourself. To see how far you have advanced and how you have grown above yourself.

8. Fear has big eyes 80-90% of what you fear will never happen in reality. They exist only in the head. And even if something happens, then everything is not as bad as you imagined. Worry is just a waste of time and effort.

9. Don't take things too seriously. You hardly remember most of today's problems in a couple of years. If you take yourself, your thoughts and emotions too seriously, it will only lead to a breakdown. Relax - and your mood will change in a wonderful way.

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